Dezuwaan assassinates Verglum 41

November 21, 2022 04:27PM
I think I only had 4 or 5 assassinates.  This one was 12/13 stalks or so.

<634/634hp 771/771m 598/604mv 5407tnl (68.38%) 12 AM> wilderness  
The Breaching of the Walls of the Ostalagiah Ruins 
[Exits: north south west]
Vergulm is here.

<634/634hp 771/771m 594/604mv 5407tnl (68.38%) 12 AM> civilized ast
Quickly stepping in front of Vergulm, you see the surprise on his face.
With a swift, fluid upswing you slice Vergulm's abdomen open.
Collapsing with shock and horror, Vergulm watches his entrails spill onto the ground.
Gripping your sword with both hands you quickly drive it through Vergulm's back as he falls.
As Vergulm gasps his final breath, you extract your sword.
Vergulm is DEAD!!
You land the killing blow against Vergulm.
Vergulm's feet are sliced from his dead body.
You have become better at assassinate!

<634/634hp 771/771m 594/604mv 5405tnl (68.39%) 12 AM> civilized g sleeves corpse
You step out of the shadows.
You get the sleeves of Harrapia from the corpse of Vergulm.

You are still breathing too hard to hide..39%) 12 AM> civilized 

<634/634hp 771/771m 594/604mv 5405tnl (68.39%) 12 AM> civilized exa corpse
The bloodied corpse of Vergulm lies here, a look of surprise frozen on its features.
The corpse of Vergulm contains:
     (Mithril) a set of polished mithril legplates
     a rugged-looking brown cloak
     a cowhide knapsack
     an amulet of the Viper
     a suit of red-trimmed black adamantite platemail
     a two-headed flail weighted with thick iron cylinders
     a large sack
( 2) a ring of braided silver and jacinth
( 2) a silver chain flail
( 2) a thick strip of red leather
     a pair of hardened leather gauntlets studded with violet crystals
     firewalker boots
     a circlet of dark metal
     the belt of strength
     (Glowing) a decorated mask of lizard skin
     (Mithril) a mithril chain tipped with spiked spheres
     (Humming) the severed tail of an electric eel
     a diamond studded whip
( 2) a pitch-black ring
     a raft
( 2) (Glowing) (Humming) a flail of Pestilence
     an onyx and obsidian bracelet
     a black silk cape adorned with a blood-red spider
     a rothe-hide water skin attached to a strap
     (Glowing) a shield of reflective white dragonscales
     (Glowing) a drake-scaled flail named, 'Crimson Slumber'
     a gold coin
     24 silver coins
     10 copper coins
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Dezuwaan assassinates Verglum 41

The Forsaken(VIP) 263 November 21, 2022 04:27PM

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