Dezuwaan assassinates Jandal, 41

November 21, 2022 04:28PM
7 or 8 stalks?

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They aren't here.

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East Sumner's Road 
[Exits: east west]
Jandal has arrived.

Sizing up Jandal, you pretend to stumble and sprawl into him.d 
Before he realizes what you have done, you slip your dagger under his ribcage.
Stepping back, you watch as Jandal vainly tries to prevent his life blood from running out of his chest.
Jandal slips to the ground as blood gurgles out from his mouth.
Jandal is DEAD!!
You land the killing blow against Jandal.
You have become better at assassinate!

<644/644hp 711/711m 583/604mv 5403tnl (68.40%) 9 AM> civilized exa corpse
They aren't here.

The slashed throat of Jandal's corpse still oozes thickening blood.
The corpse of Jandal contains:
( 2) a thick leather bracer
     (Mithril) (Glowing) the helm of brilliance
     (Humming) a coral amulet
     a cured hide sack made from the corpse of the male tresnore
     a pair of blessed whitesteel chainmail sleeves
     a rectangular buckler of demon chitin
     a pair of black leather gloves with red stitching
     a metal-studded cudgel
     (Mithril) (Glowing) (Humming) the plate of protection
     a light coracle
     a pair of black breeches
     a jagged short sword
     (Mithril) (Glowing) a suit of highly polished platemail
     journeyman's boots
     a skin from the snow leopard
     (Glowing) (Humming) a belt of ethereal tendrils
     a studded buckler
     a pile of sulfurous ash
     a small glass prism
     a potion of return
     (Glowing) a shimmering ornate silver scepter
     (Glowing) a colorful cloak covered with patches
( 2) a sparking band of interwoven silver
     a crude water skin made from the corpse of the male tresnore
( 2) a potion of transportation
     rear-claw extensions
     a practice staff
     a practice bardiche
     (Mithril) (Glowing) (Humming) a glimmering longsword
     6 gold coins
     146 silver coins
     281 copper coins
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Dezuwaan assassinates Jandal, 41

The Forsaken(VIP) 244 November 21, 2022 04:28PM

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