Sure, but

January 06, 2023 10:46AM
I realized he was new, but not 2nd char ever new. Which if so, great.

I'm glad this dude is playing and making chars and sure, we'll give a pass to non-battle knowledge. But it doesn't give him a pass for ruining someone else's char, begging for help/gear all the time (have you ever looted the dude of 1 or 2 pieces he needs? It's Kanye in training wheels), only abiding by parity when/if it's convenient.

And even though this is technically battle knowledge. Bro stop jerking off fort/empire(he was, not so much anymore, but I think that's more an Empire thing than a him thing)/orcs to defend/raid/help you.
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How to totally ruin someone's fun just because you're an ass

Shtenzz 620 January 04, 2023 03:53PM

Don't sweat it. Ravln was a POS villager and worse commander!!

abernyte 223 January 29, 2023 08:27AM

lol what a total dickless wonder

The Forsaken(VIP) 396 January 06, 2023 06:22AM


jalim 330 January 06, 2023 10:35AM

Newbie or not he uninducted a guy like an Imperial

abernyte 240 January 29, 2023 08:34AM

Dude you bitched a ton when you weren't a reborn newbie.

jalim 211 February 02, 2023 12:52PM

Sure, but

Shams 341 January 06, 2023 10:46AM

lot of this going on...

Derps 277 January 10, 2023 12:19PM

Feels kinda like your situation is different.

jalim 277 January 11, 2023 05:36AM

Re: Feels kinda like your situation is different.

Derps 266 January 11, 2023 10:18PM


jalim 237 January 13, 2023 05:47AM


jalim 244 January 13, 2023 06:14AM

What was a lie?

Derps 239 January 13, 2023 01:01PM

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