viera: rp log, proposing to vaskal <3

November 20, 2023 01:42PM
*** I'd captured only the communications here sadly, no sexy emotes for Faeha to enjoy.

You say 'I think you have talent like me when young also. I look forward great things 
from you'
You say 'Now last thing, is not about Chasm or about business'
You say 'I live long life, and many giant man love and admire me. They want be with me, 
or maybe just have sex times with me'
You say 'I already enjoy many. But, never I find any worthy giant man who is adventurer'
You say 'I think you and me, both smart and strong fire giants, should make couple'
Vaskal says 'Wow! Vaskal not expect that.'
You say 'I am too old to make child now. But, I was look for companion who was my equal 
for a long time'
Vaskal says 'Chancelor still much stronger than Vaskal. Much more famous.'
You say 'Now this have no effect on you being Scion and other thing. If you not want, I 
go back to many young giant men I have for funs. Also fine life'
You say 'If you interests. Then I ask Tennaxa from Heralds to marry us'
Vaskal says 'Vaskal think be most famous couple!'
You say 'Ya!'
Vaskal says 'Vaskal agree!'
You say 'Ya! I..'
You say 'I very happy'
Vaskal says 'Vaskal happy too!'
You say 'Looking forward show world this great news'
You say 'Two most famous giant smart magi of Chasm'
Vaskal says 'Them tremble!'
You say 'Ya!'
You say 'Them jealous and tremble'
Vaskal says 'Vaskal even gave ring! It were meant be!'
You say 'Ya! You are right. I never thought of it'
Yalagora tells you 'In all my excitement.'
You say 'Now we make famous couple. Later I will write Tennaxa'
Vaskal says 'Tennaxa be happy. '
You say 'I ask you question now of other thing. Do you know Yalagora well?'
Yalagora tells you 'That's Better. The propper Missive.'
You say 'Ya Heralds like marry things'
Vaskal says 'Yalagora defend much. Wake lots. Fall often and not complain.'
You say 'Well, last time Thera hear of it was Tree. Pvask and Mystrillania. Both deads 
You say 'I preciate those kinds. Have spirit'
You say 'I hope she learn to fight better also. But that will learn in time'
You say 'I go to speak with Yalagora'
Vaskal says 'I see soon!'
You say 'I say goodbye to you, new and strong lover'
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viera: rp log, proposing to vaskal <3

starbright 172 November 20, 2023 01:42PM

vaskal > xzelyx. who has a baby with the enemy cabal leader? suck it sulirye (n/t)

starbright 94 November 20, 2023 01:43PM

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