tips for Gabley

June 11, 2024 06:34AM
Gabley: again good job on taking hard fights. this is actually very winnable for you. so as a maledict warrior you always check his gear first. is he covering 11 str 11 dex? if he is, impale/whirl won't drop his weapon or nerf his dex. let's assume he is.

your best bet is to beeline him the moment you see him. If he's prepped well (like you hit EVIS/DISMEMBER), you need to run immediately. if he's prepped AND he entwines you, don't worry, it is winnable. call blood immediately the moment he entwines you, and queue up pincer right after. if he didn't time his entwine right, you might be able to lag him while he has no mainhand wield, during bloodthirst. there's very little chance you lose the fight then, even if he's prepped. bloodthirst and deathblow are massively powerful

if he's smart he won't entwine you, so your options are different then. I wouldn't thirst too quickly. I'd engage each time checking for whether preps are down. If he's not prepped, then you're in business. try to catch a drum when he's like 50% hp, then immediately after the drum, call blood and pincer. that gives you 3 solid rounds of thirsted melee which may score a kill. it is very hard for warriors to stay prepped forever, so you're bound to eventually wear him down and catch him unprepped. even if he's smart and refuses to give an unprepped fight, you've won just by constantly burning preps
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tips for Gabley

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terrible advice

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