conjurer vs conjurer matchup

June 16, 2024 01:49AM
that fight is very lopsided because your archon is only a luminous

archon conjurer needs to flee every now and then, to let the archon heal you up

dismissal is king in conjie fights. archon keeps you alive for more dismissal attempts. dismiss enemy elemental (don't accidentally target your own), then the devil.

use your familiar if it's at all tanky. best time to use it is to absorb the hits from their elemental before you dismiss it.

don't use staff of striking prog when you're losing. flee and heal up instead

remember to use kaubris anchor on the thing you don't want dismissed, which is probably the earth elemental
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stlucian2debone 172 June 13, 2024 09:54AM

conjurer vs conjurer matchup

starbright 86 June 16, 2024 01:49AM

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