Arboria has been replaced with a new area, Eil Shaeria

February 06, 2012 07:15PM

A twisted reflection of Darsylon, Eil Shaeria sits in a parallel world beyond
the Veil of Shadow. There, the elves wage a doomed battle against their
undead kin, who have risen to attack the living with insatiable hunger. But
this is not a war the elves can win with mithril and flame, for when an elven
ranger falls, he will rise and join the undead hordes against his former
comrades. The elves believe that the source of this plague lies across the
dead vale to the South, where powerful sorcery weaves the forces of shadow
against them. But no elf has set foot into the vale and returned to rejoin
the living.

<b>Event Gechoes</b>

In a shadowy stone chapel near Arendyl, a dark-elven mystic crouches over a boiling cauldron, staring into its murky depths.

A stooped figure swathed in bandages shuffles toward the chapel through the Vale, holding a wrapped bundle in its undead hands.

Without lifting his gaze from the cauldron, the mystic reaches out a hand as the mummy lurches into the room.

Moments later a pale green light flares above the Darsylon skyline...

Far away, in a distant world across the void of time and consciousness, an elven scout kneels before a small brook and allows himself to daydream beneath the sun.

He fails to notice a scratch on his arm from a berry bush in the Vale .. and the black stain slowly spreading from that simple scratch across his fair skin.
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Arboria has been replaced with a new area, Eil Shaeria

DurNominator(VIP) 1102 February 06, 2012 07:15PM

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