Creeds have been introduced as nature-oriented immless empowerment.

March 24, 2013 09:06AM
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Helpfile for Greenways:

Many in Thera have do not associate with an organized religion, but instead
follow animistic or nature-based forms of worship. Formally known as
Tharerisian Spirituality (as named by theologians from the ancient name for
Thera - 'Thar-Eris'), members of these spiritual traditions most universally
self-identify as 'pagan' or collectively as followers of 'the Greenways'.
Outsiders favor the term 'pagan', though those who hold nature-worship in
contempt may use the term 'heathen'.

All Pagans share a common bond with nature, though not necessarily loyalty
to each other or any particular deity. In fact, many Tharerisian priests and
druids can even worship no god at all, preferring to honor nature spirits or
a general pantheon of deities that reign over nature. These priests seek
empowerment in the wild places, opening their soul to find connection
with whatever nature god or spirit might answer the call.

As a disorganized manner of worship at large, the faith of pagans can manifest
in any number of ways. The most stable and established would be the Coven
of the Harvest Moon, in which worshippers follow the Three Aspects of the
Goddess Amaranthe. Ancient dwarves and svirfneblin might follow Nordiach,
th First Lord of Earth that is so ancient and removed from mortal experience
that highland clans and svirfneblin of the deepholms honor him in a form
of antiquated earth-worship. Tribal nomads and jade-elves find affinity
with a personal spirit animal unique to each soul, while wayward mystics
follow the forgotten rites of fire, earth, air, and water. So innumerable
are the Greenways, that it would be impossible to know them all.

(For a concise tutorial, see help 'PAGAN ROLEPLAY'.)

Helpfile for 'Pagan roleplay'

Tharerisian Spirituality, Paganism, the Greenways or whatever folkway you
might choose, this broad religion structure is an experiment designed to
bring custom or archtype nature religion concepts into the hands of players
in a way that is formally recognized and rooted in Thera. Either empowerment
or non-empowerment classes are encouraged to roleplay with a pagan belief
system if they wish, but obviously this has only practical implications for
empowerment classes.

When making a nature-focused druid, healer, or shaman, you can now exercise
the acknowledged and universal option to not follow a specific immortal.
Alternative options are as follows:

- Follow an inactive deity
- Follow a defunct nature deity
- Adopt animistic/pantheistic beliefs
- Define a tribal or clan-based religion to which your particular
character is familiar.

If choosing Pagan roleplay you are required to have a clear role entry
that outlines your character's beliefs succinctly. Characters who fail
to do so are ineligible.

In addition, sphere choices for Pagans are restricted to the following:

Earth Air Fire
Water Spirit Para-elements
Storms Seasons Death
Fertility Vivimancy Revelation
Music Healing Protection
Creation Strength Poetry
Destruction Peace Chaos
Balance Fate Wisdom
Beauty Passion Pride

You must then pick an appropriate wild location of your choosing from
which to pray.

If eligible, any imm online may respond to your prayer and grant you
empowerment, unless your role is linked to a specific active God.

The disadvantage is you may not necessarily receive continuous
interaction with the same immortal, and likewise, your empowerment
also remains fair game for any participating immortal to lower or
remove should they have reason (With traditional empowerment, your
patron imm is your advocate.) The advantage, however, is that you may
define your character's belief system around your own concept and may
in theory become empowered more quickly.
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Creeds have been introduced as nature-oriented immless empowerment.

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