The Avians have taken flight! Ayr'Trinil is now live (Arial city revamp)

April 01, 2013 05:30PM

Rayihn Mon 01-Apr-13 08:53 PM

After more years than I can really admit, Arial City's revamp, named Ayr'Trinil is live.

I tried to build a city that had a ton of culture in it. One that would really define the race. I wanted to give people fuel and foundations to build roles upon and I freely encourage people to use the base I've provided for inspiration. Anyone can take the last names of the bloodlines in the city.

Special thanks to the coders, to the players who contributed, to the reviewers etc etc.

I hope you all enjoy this area as much as I do.


'Mommy?' a little arial boy asked, flipping his brilliant blue wings open
and flipping playfully onto his back so he could get his feathers dirtier
as he balanced a ball on his beak. 'How come the people at the bottom of
the mountain are so poor and ugly?'

His mother hushed him indulgently, tucking her own pale blue wings back.
'That's where and how they were born, and what their mommies and daddies
can afford. You know they're meant to be poor because of their plain
feathers and heritage.'

'That means we're lucky?' he asked curiously.

She leaned down to tickle his talons. 'Yes, in a way. But our ancestors
earned us what we have, and we need to be grateful to them for it. In
Ayr'Trinil, the bloodline you're born of means everything.'

'But that's silly,' the boy declared with a child's innocence and naivete.

'It's how it has to be. Ayr'Trinil is a community. And true harmony in
society achieved when everyone does their part. The shepherds have to take
care of the sheep so we have wool to make clothes. The miners need to work
the mines so we can build strong nests.'

'But we have a lot of things that don't help too,' the boy said
practically. 'The Wilders, they're all dirty and they don't like our
money. And you always tell me to avoid the Grig'Agali's 'cause they're so
mean and might hurt me. Those scary Truy'Quiqalls in the crypt and daddy
is always saying how useless Haver'shm politics are.'

'They all have their place, son. Even if you don't see what it's for right

Perched high up atop the tallest peak of the Northern Mountain range,
Ayr'Trinil is one of the most contemporary and largest cities of Thera.
Its population is nearly completely arial, though some eccentric humans are
known to make their homes there and paladins on a quest to follow the
footsteps of Shokai are also welcome. There is a little something for
everyone in Ayr'Trinil, from those who embrace dark magic to those who shun
society to true beacons of light and everything in between. All the
essentials of daily life are found in the city and those with a thirst for
adventure will find enough oddities to add excitement to any undertaking.

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The Avians have taken flight! Ayr'Trinil is now live (Arial city revamp)

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