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I set up a chat room. DALNET server. Room is #CFTravian - communicate with the CF Alliance here. n/t (1 Posts) - Nivek ten years ago

Why are you reading this forum? - Stevers four years ago

Why are you posting on this forum??? (n/t) - pendragon_surtr four years ago

I've lost control of my life n/t - Stevers four years ago

Travian is cancer. (n/t) - DurNominator(VIP) four years ago

Recent Msgs bro (n/t) - Elystan four years ago

Who hacked your account? - Matrik six years ago

Context - DurNominator(VIP) six years ago

Hey, what's going on below here? You guys are destroying the layout with your words. (n/t) - Coumidin six years ago

That's because you belong to the blind kobolds horde. - Engurd six years ago

Hello, Engurd! n/t - Stevers six years ago

Phew, glad you got your account under control. The world would be terrible with you : () : (n/t) - Matrik six years ago

Damn. You truly a moron, heh. (n/t) - Engurd six years ago

Are you a bad person? Am I a moron for really liking you? And you were my hero... :(... (n/t) - Matrik six years ago

I do not get it. Not that it matters though, but... - Engurd six years ago

The best part about your IP. - Batman six years ago

Allright, i have a goatie irl, so what? I'm not photographying, neither have a camera on my PC. Funny shit, eh? (n/t) - Engurd six years ago

I definitely don't get it. I rarely do. However, I won't ever be angry at you. (n/t) - Matrik six years ago

Uhh, are you a medically cared person for some reason? If so, i'm sorry. (n/t) - Engurd six years ago

I used to medically care for people. I'm not anymore. However, I'd medically care for you any day. (n/t) - Matrik six years ago

I'm still thinking that you, with the bunch of extremist sounding idiots on this forums,are quite a bit some sort of a socially integrated rehab. - Engurd six years ago

I don't understand why you are so mean to me : (. We hurt the ones we love? (n/t) - Matrik six years ago

Emo boys is just not my cup of tea, sorry. )) (n/t) - Engurd six years ago

Dude.. I'm a girl... (n/t) - Matrik six years ago

Tits or... Well, you know. - Engurd six years ago

But what to when the unfolding from the pages that you know - Batman six years ago

Impressive. Did you come up with that yourself? (n/t) - PaulO six years ago

Now what was that? Do you scumbags really thinking that the retarded shit of which you are trying to build an argument worth a damn? - Engurd six years ago

Listen to the slavery man yell at the muzzled horse - Batman six years ago

No, you are the idiot. Though being a tool, in the worst mean for this word. - Engurd six years ago

Look of breakfast in your shit mouth. - Batman six years ago

Anyone else is thinking this looks much like the gibberish-like e-mail text spam, which waved about two years ago or so? - Engurd six years ago

Here is violin music for you - oh wait you are monkey music. - Batman six years ago

Ahhh, that's more like it. - Stevers six years ago

You guys sure got serious about travian n/t - Stevers seven years ago

CFs Travian alliance had its own forums as well. (n/t) - DurNominator(VIP) seven years ago

I'm cashing my chips in gentlemen. - Thrall ten years ago

Huh... can we get a further explanation? No mordy poo:( nt - hopelessdwarf ten years ago

For the people who are all pissed off... - Java ten years ago

I'll tell you what irritated me and frustrated me... - reject-o ten years ago

Same here. Exact same here. nt - Krilcov ten years ago

I would prefer if people who don't have a dog in the race would STFU about it - Rade ten years ago

If there's a problem, present a solution. - Java ten years ago

I presented the solution. The solution was for people who aren't involved to shut up about it. Since you're not involved, that means you - Rade ten years ago

Yeah, we get it, you don't want me talking about it. - Java ten years ago

First of all, stop saying we when it's really just you - Rade ten years ago

The only thing about this that annoys me... - Falstaff ten years ago

You really need to elaborate on what you think it means to "want to win." - Balrahd(VIP) ten years ago

I've said this so many times.. - Java ten years ago

Because that doesn't communicate your standards. - Balrahd(VIP) ten years ago

Kicking CFers down to the scrub league is lame. - ORB ten years ago

Probably long-winded, but my statement... - Rhuean ten years ago

Why can't we all be in the same big alliance? txt - Isildur(VIP) ten years ago

It's all about apperance. - Java ten years ago

This is really a legitmate argument - Lokain ten years ago

As a player in the 'big league' I'm considering dropping out because of this also nt - Rade ten years ago

Re: As a player in the 'big league' I'm considering dropping out because of this also (long rant) - Rade ten years ago

Let's cut through the hyperbole. - Balrahd(VIP) ten years ago

Competition is fun for some people. - Java ten years ago

Physician, heal thyself nt - Rade ten years ago

Umm.. no one said you can't play "just for fun". - Java ten years ago

You seriously need to stay in the Air Force for life, because you'll never make it out here in the real world - Rade ten years ago

Dude, are yo serious? - Java ten years ago

No seriously stay in the Airforce cause you are the most dense motherfucker on the planet. - ORB ten years ago

You guys are just getting personal and ridiculous - Lokain ten years ago

Good post. Nail on the head. ~ - ORB ten years ago

Who got the boot? CF-E looks like it always has, at least. nt - The Forsaken(VIP) ten years ago

People in the main CF alliance. nt - Java ten years ago

It's not about being elitist. It's about trying to win. - Java ten years ago

What are you talking about? - ORB ten years ago

I didn't think it as that unclear. - Java ten years ago

I disagree - mblackthorne ten years ago

You're of course welcome to decide what is right for you. - ExPaladin(VIP) ten years ago

You DO drag them down. - Java ten years ago

I will step out here - mblackthorne ten years ago

I was speaking generally.. - Java ten years ago

Dude, I respect your moxy and all - Jib ten years ago

Well, the CF group can be divided roughly into two groups. - Java ten years ago

Here I thought the whole purpose of a game was to have fun, silly me. ~ - ORB ten years ago

You're fucking retarded. Some people have fun by playing. Others, by winning. nt - Java ten years ago

Re: Well, the CF group can be divided roughly into two groups. - mblackthorne ten years ago

You're taking it too personally. - Java ten years ago

Yep...too much trouble to send out a message - mblackthorne ten years ago

Dude, whatever.. - Java ten years ago

Don't be defensive - mblackthorne ten years ago

Ok, that's just funny. - Java ten years ago

Re: Well, the CF group can be divided roughly into two groups. - Jib ten years ago

My bad.. my previous post was painfully unfocused. - Java ten years ago

It's not an issue - mblackthorne ten years ago

You're not the one dragging people down, per se. - Java ten years ago

"...ultimately better for everyone." - Phooey nt - mblackthorne ten years ago

You're acting like a jackass now. - Java ten years ago

I'm out of the alliance - Java ten years ago

Also gone... - mblackthorne ten years ago

Palace or Residence? - Lokain ten years ago

Residence. - Java ten years ago

Ah okay. Makes sense now. Thanks n/t - Lokain ten years ago

Sending notes with style. - langston ten years ago

That's some funny shit. n/t - alansmithee ten years ago

That's a nice haul.. I think I'll farm you next. nt - Java ten years ago

English motherfucker, do you speak it? (anyone translate this?) - Rade ten years ago

Re: English motherfucker, do you speak it? (anyone translate this?) - Sosthenes ten years ago

Pravda means truth in russian. - DurNominator(VIP) ten years ago

I registered but haven't received the validation email. Been more than half an hour now. - alansmithee ten years ago

You're activated now. I updated the register message to make it clear emails aren't used. n/t. - Jib ten years ago

Great. Thanks. n/t - alansmithee ten years ago

Don't worry about it. Just log in with the info you provided. - Java ten years ago

OK, are we agreed that CFTravian no longer needs this forum? n/t - Balrahd(VIP) ten years ago

Yeah.. - Java ten years ago

Will do. Good idea. I asked Gabe to wait a few days, too, for stragglers. n/t - Balrahd(VIP) ten years ago

NEW ALLIANCE! - alansmithee ten years ago

Invite needed. nt - Yhorian(VIP) ten years ago

There is an invite for you. and the rest of the CF-SE TXT - Varrius ten years ago

Go Graatch n/t - Balrahd(VIP) ten years ago

Nice. NT - Thrall ten years ago

Also, Remember how much we HATED [EMPIRE] when it went in? NT. - Thrall ten years ago

Leadership! - Rhuean ten years ago

You had my nomination also. nt - istirith ten years ago

Re: Leadership! - mblackthorne ten years ago

Alliance question about leadership before I vote. - ORB ten years ago

Move your discussion about that guy to the confed board on the Travian forums .. n/t - Balrahd(VIP) ten years ago

Where is that? n/t - alansmithee ten years ago

Here you go: - Balrahd(VIP) ten years ago

Alot happened in IRC today.. - Java ten years ago

Ask Rhuean to recap on the official (i.e., Travian) forums. n/t - Balrahd(VIP) ten years ago

The new official forums will be announced once they are ready enough. - DurNominator(VIP) ten years ago

Excellent :) But mainly I'm curious what went down. n/t - Balrahd(VIP) ten years ago

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