Probably long-winded, but my statement...

July 06, 2008 01:22AM
First of all...yes, I decided to pretty much turn it into a primary and secondary alliance. Call it the scrubs, minors, whatever you want, but that's exactly what the plan is to be. Seperate those who are being elitist and demanding, from those who want to play idly. That's where every single player who's left has come down to. They're wanting to win, and don't see it happening as it was. From what I saw, it came down to leave it how it is and watch our strongest players continually get seduced away, or try to regroup it into those who want to be part of a very serious alliance with it, and those who wanted to play casually. Hopefully then we might have less conflict, and can still keep "CF".

As far as a "scrub" league, or "minors", whatever you want to call it...what's wrong with that? The idea to having the "main" alliance was to have it be stronger, perhaps more competitive. For those who want to be in it, they have to step up more. Don't want to? Alright, we've got the secondary alliance. Less restriction, and hell, maybe that one we can keep inactives, ppl who want to check in once a week. As far as abandoning people...right now, the "main" alliance people are some of the ones sending resources to Lyug so that we can get both embassies up to size to have everyone.

Anyways, I suppose long story short...yes, I pissed people off. Yes, I could have approached it, and communicated it better. Have I "screwed" anyone by doing it? No. To me, it seemed the only way to hold ANY integrity to the alliance being "CF", and in all honesty, if this doesn't manage anything, I fully see that people are going to likely go off towards whatever large alliance they think will be best.

As for myself...yes, I want to win. No, I don't expect it to happen, but I'm going to damn well try, and it's obvious that many of those who're playing in our group aren't willing, or aren't able to play it how would be needed, so we need to have that distinction. Do I know nessecarilly who goes in which? No. Hence, show it, and we'll fix things.

Also,, I'm probably not the best leader in the world, but it's what's available, so I'm doing the best as I see it.

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Subject Author Posted

Kicking CFers down to the scrub league is lame.

ORB July 05, 2008 01:53PM

Probably long-winded, but my statement...

Rhuean July 06, 2008 01:22AM

Why can't we all be in the same big alliance? txt

Isildur(VIP) July 06, 2008 04:24PM

It's all about apperance.

Java July 06, 2008 05:01PM

This is really a legitmate argument

Lokain July 07, 2008 05:29PM

As a player in the 'big league' I'm considering dropping out because of this also nt

Rade July 05, 2008 07:00PM

Re: As a player in the 'big league' I'm considering dropping out because of this also (long rant)

Rade July 05, 2008 07:16PM

Let's cut through the hyperbole.

Balrahd(VIP) July 06, 2008 12:31AM

Competition is fun for some people.

Java July 05, 2008 07:33PM

Physician, heal thyself nt

Rade July 05, 2008 08:23PM

Umm.. no one said you can't play "just for fun".

Java July 05, 2008 08:29PM

You seriously need to stay in the Air Force for life, because you'll never make it out here in the real world

Rade July 05, 2008 08:55PM

Dude, are yo serious?

Java July 05, 2008 09:01PM

No seriously stay in the Airforce cause you are the most dense motherfucker on the planet.

ORB July 05, 2008 11:46PM

You guys are just getting personal and ridiculous

Lokain July 07, 2008 09:42PM

Good post. Nail on the head. ~

ORB July 05, 2008 07:27PM

Who got the boot? CF-E looks like it always has, at least. nt

The Forsaken(VIP) July 05, 2008 03:56PM

People in the main CF alliance. nt

Java July 05, 2008 04:18PM

It's not about being elitist. It's about trying to win.

Java July 05, 2008 02:56PM

What are you talking about?

ORB July 05, 2008 07:22PM

I didn't think it as that unclear.

Java July 05, 2008 07:32PM

I disagree

mblackthorne July 05, 2008 03:25PM

You're of course welcome to decide what is right for you.

ExPaladin(VIP) July 05, 2008 04:26PM

You DO drag them down.

Java July 05, 2008 04:18PM

I will step out here

mblackthorne July 05, 2008 04:44PM

I was speaking generally..

Java July 05, 2008 04:50PM

Dude, I respect your moxy and all

Jib July 05, 2008 04:29PM

Well, the CF group can be divided roughly into two groups.

Java July 05, 2008 04:39PM

Here I thought the whole purpose of a game was to have fun, silly me. ~

ORB July 05, 2008 07:26PM

You're fucking retarded. Some people have fun by playing. Others, by winning. nt

Java July 05, 2008 07:48PM

Re: Well, the CF group can be divided roughly into two groups.

mblackthorne July 05, 2008 06:12PM

You're taking it too personally.

Java July 05, 2008 06:20PM

Yep...too much trouble to send out a message

mblackthorne July 05, 2008 06:30PM

Dude, whatever..

Java July 05, 2008 06:47PM

Don't be defensive

mblackthorne July 05, 2008 07:21PM

Ok, that's just funny.

Java July 05, 2008 07:25PM

Re: Well, the CF group can be divided roughly into two groups.

Jib July 05, 2008 04:43PM

My bad.. my previous post was painfully unfocused.

Java July 05, 2008 05:01PM

It's not an issue

mblackthorne July 05, 2008 05:14PM

You're not the one dragging people down, per se.

Java July 05, 2008 05:28PM

"...ultimately better for everyone." - Phooey nt

mblackthorne July 05, 2008 06:17PM

You're acting like a jackass now.

Java July 05, 2008 06:22PM

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