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Baltashmir rocks!!! - alex ten years ago

Like how he says why did you stay so long and then ends up dying because he stayed to long. nt - sleepy ten years ago

"too" long. nt - sleepy ten years ago

Probably upset that he barely hit you with his offense form and suicided. n/t - lightmage ten years ago

By the way he hited me more than all shifters I can remember:) - alex ten years ago

Removed pointless subthread. nt - Nivek(VIP) ten years ago

Booo... nt - Bryan ten years ago

Funniest log I've seen in a while. WTF was he thinking???? NT - Sam ten years ago

Sigil of Pain is OP - trewyn ten years ago

Kornuel gets away yet again. - trewyn ten years ago

Raid BS (Sometimes life hates you and loves you at the same time) - trewyn ten years ago

Don't come to "watch" imperial bard fighting - alex ten years ago

I have to say it: What an idiot. nt - Yhorian(VIP) ten years ago

What a train wreck. No wonder everyone hated that guy. - theepic ten years ago

Hrindar, got that log of you and the orc? - LogFiend ten years ago

RE: Lowbie Looters... - Yhorian(VIP) ten years ago

I bet I can guess which lowbie looter you're talking about. nt - Isildur(VIP) ten years ago

Now now. Let's not heckle him anymore. nt - zen ten years ago

I was right, by the way. Before I actually looked at the post to verify. nt - Isildur(VIP) ten years ago

Khurga vs Chuck... Cought by suprise. - LogFiend ten years ago

Why is Kostyan's condition always so funky. - WarEagle ten years ago

No, he just knows (from experience) that he can make those last 200 hp last longer than the normal Texan martial art sensation. - Sam ten years ago

His second legacy is soul of the mountain nt - Scrimbul ten years ago

Yeah, I knew. He defense towards the end make me think he might have gotten Fires as a gift from the Arena competition. NT - Sam ten years ago

Fire giant with vuln_cold not covered? wtf? n/t - max ten years ago

Lazy one nt - zanzarin ten years ago

The real log, Humbert vs Stupid Chuck. - LogFiend ten years ago

Humbert vs Kostyan (half hp) - LogFiend ten years ago

Silly rabbit. You can't kill Chuck! nt - Isildur(VIP) ten years ago

Addendum: Only Chuck is powerful enough to kill Chuck. See above log. nt - Isildur(VIP) ten years ago

That's either STSF or Fires...not sure if he has Fires n/t - jmc ten years ago

Have you paid attention to his HP totals lately? That's not all from gear. - Scrimbul ten years ago

No no, I'm talking about him beating the snot out of the giant when he had like 100 hp. Not surviving n/t - jmc ten years ago

You were winning, and would have won if not for both legacys. - theepic ten years ago

I don't play Humbert - jmc ten years ago

Whopse, didn't mean for it to come out that way. Humbert anyway not jmc. - theepic ten years ago

This is why the char is so tough, there's a ton of things combining to win fights n/t - Kamuela ten years ago

A Day in the Life of a Nexun - trewyn ten years ago

That edge is fucking awesome. NT - Sam ten years ago

Which one? /nt - Rodriguez ten years ago

Healing "sunray", that edge is fucking fucking bullshit, because sunray is already bullshit nt - zanzarin ten years ago

I'm not a druid lover, but even I can see how the edge is limited and is fair. Only works for a short part of the day. nt - kravidian ten years ago

I wouldn't post this, but it's sooo classy and really ***** cheap - trewyn ten years ago

As an aside, I was really impressed with Klurak's consistent and superior RP. He made me feel like a chump in that department. nt - trewyn ten years ago

One of my Favorite Grecken Logs (Desert Ambush, Whirling Simoon In Action) - trewyn ten years ago

Ugh dude, did you want to slap Malrokael for not singing Vibrato? -nt- - Mek ten years ago

He edited (kindly) the approriate verbal smackdown :P NT - Vyn ten years ago

Glad to see you playing buddy. NT - Sam ten years ago

I told him we coulda killed two or maybe all three if he had. nt - trewyn ten years ago

Druid vs Druid (Right after crash) - trewyn ten years ago

Cool raid vs Imperials (Throkk as surprize guest) - trewyn ten years ago

I knew I should have Anathema'd Klurak. - BattleCharmed ten years ago

True. But you know that there was my attempt to wake you right? nt - Yhorian(VIP) ten years ago

Viper FTW n/t - hopelessdwarf ten years ago

That viper sucks ass. And what a way to wake up for Khrathyn. NT - Sam ten years ago

Hey VIPs and what not... - trewyn ten years ago

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