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Olana - wishore last year

Ooh! Yes! YES! Grokko out! Good! GOOD! - Kstatida last year

Almost nailed it: 102/16 - Kstatida last year

need to get the kills at the same rank - Quas last year

Re: need to get the kills at the same rank - jhyrbian last year

I had an assassin do that. Fun times, assassinating a hero at level 36. - Quixotic last year

Ah 6 months of killing lowbies :D - wishore last year

What does his death toll have to do with alignment? - Matrik last year

No Idea - didnt interact with this character at all - wishore last year

Gotchya. - Matrik last year

or... - Telufial last year

and, i'm kidding obviously. - Telufial last year

You could strangle - Kstatida last year

Really liked grokko - Quas last year

Thanks, dude - Kstatida last year

WELL DONE! - xrus last year

I was the Galadon shoppie's best customer :) - Kstatida last year

I was one of the champions, yes! (n/t) - xrus last year

Obviously you, but still a fun character. GLYWN, you fucking commie bastard. (n/t) - Frosty last year

I'm quite easy to identify - Kstatida last year

It doesn't matter if you're easy to spot, especially when the character is fun. - Frosty last year

If there were actually IMMs playing you'd have been turned evil a while ago. - jalim last year

Help goblin - Kstatida last year

Nope. I usually only call out berserkers for that, and that's just to shame them into dying to me. n/t - jalim last year

Any berserker shamed by "coward" deserves dying to you - Kstatida last year

Any berserker deserves dying. - Murphy last year

Reminds me of - Murphy last year

I didn't know Vree wasn't evil either. n/t - jalim last year

You never typed "score"? Wait nevermind it wasn't you. - Murphy last year

It was Amora - Kstatida last year

whose pbf is that from? nt (n/t) - Isildur(VIP) last year

Vree. (n/t) - Murphy last year

Agreed - Telufial last year

He was basically the Blorg from Stellaris. "You will be befriended, resistance is futile." - Murphy last year

pos link dropper - The Forsaken(VIP) last year

Hey numbnuts, goblins have hide - Kstatida last year

wrong. dropped link, vis in room, not on where. dropped link. - The Forsaken(VIP) last year

Log then - Kstatida last year

don't bring facts into ktostito's delusions (n/t) - jhyrbian last year

Interesting character - Java last year

I stated it before and I stand by this - Kstatida last year

He wasn't selfish? - Java last year

Nope :) - Kstatida last year

In your opinion - wishore last year

I don't buy this team good team evil thing - Kstatida last year

Oh I have, probably close to 15k hours on CF - wishore last year

Sorry, I don't believe you've had 15k hours and lots of immteractions playing Grokko (n/t) - Kstatida last year

Heh - wishore last year

Noone ever noticed - Kstatida last year

Yeah - wishore last year

Re: Oh I have, probably close to 15k hours on CF - wishore last year

Just another cheating player. You never killed me but what your kind do is rather sad. Shows the character of the few players that still play. Triggers and nothing else. (n/t) - funnyone last year

Hello, funnyone - Kstatida last year

Absolute genius you are. Well, if I were playing a paladin and jacking off in the guild, you can rest assured knowing that a clients triggers aren't jacking me off. I do that all myself without the need of help. (n/t) - funnyone last year

Oh man, you sure told him (n/t) - NbM(VIP) last year

Still have nothing working for you in your life so you keep with this urge to troll. I must protect my internet, message board friends that also havmake my same values. Go you! (n/t) - funnyone last year

All Russians are my enemies, even the ones with havmake values, you are just an enormous douche and deserve the negative attention you whine for. (n/t) - NbM(VIP) last year

Have you considered adding to the forum rules, "being Russian is forbidden" and then just banning them all? - Murphy last year

Great job. (n/t) - TJHuron last year

We met to rank in AoN at l15. You looked at me (shifter. No forms) and said "Maybe I kill you instead". I (sphere courage) said "your call" and stood there. It was a good fight until fly went down. Then I asked you to group since we "settled it". :D (n/t) - saagkri last year

I was totally going to rank you there - Kstatida last year

Your kids. You mean, someone helped you reproduce?! - Quixotic last year

Excuse me, Is that a personal attack on me as a person? - Kstatida last year

Also, most "murder-everyone" roles are evil, not neutral. Doesn't mean your RP wasn't valid, just should have chose evil at character creation. NT - Sam last year

Like I give a fuck about what you think. (n/t) - Kstatida last year

If you REALLY don't care, you wouldn't bother saying this. (n/t) - Frosty last year

I enjoy having him annoyed, that makes a difference (n/t) - Kstatida last year

So you died and deleted? - wishore last year

k/d/a stands for? - Kstatida last year

kills/deaths/assists maybe? - zannon last year

Oh you get a message now when ever you get a kill or assist. - wishore last year

I was always distended - Kstatida last year

Didnt look like it to me - wishore last year

Keep in mind I was a goblin - Kstatida last year

Multi killing, chase triggers and constantly logging in and out. You brag about anything? A simple flying potion nullified you even with the cheating. Stop bragging and play the game. (n/t) - funnyone last year

Aliases aren't chase triggers, your brain just lacks the processing power required to react with speed. (n/t) - NbM(VIP) last year

I did chase triggers until I think late 10s - Kstatida last year

They slayed you for it? - Rhyaldrin last year

Yup - Kstatida last year

AAHAHAHAHAHAHA Triggers - LUL (n/t) - wishore last year

My triggers are not something to laugh about - Kstatida last year

no, they dont - wishore last year

Act bravely while trembling with fear inside, so typical (n/t) - Kstatida last year

Is that why you use triggers? - wishore last year

I use triggers because they are convinient - Kstatida last year

Gonna guess they fucked with distention some what while I was gone - wishore last year

Levelled up constantly of course - Kstatida last year

I estimate 80/15/5 - Kstatida last year

I liked Grokko. But, I don't think he knew what 'help' and good' meant. Thumbs up! (n/t) - saagkri last year

Well, that's probably true :) (n/t) - Kstatida last year

Loved Grokko! - regreath last year

I remember that one, was hilarious - Kstatida last year

I'm tentatively impressed... - laearrist last year

I tried to find your Greebit goodbies to give a link and failed - Kstatida last year

The only thing I definitively recall is that I found trip really unreliable... - laearrist last year

Definitely not an I WIN button - Kstatida last year

Goblins are odd, and their skillset is pretty awful - zannon last year

Goblins live to their name - Kstatida last year

Goblins are fun for RP, not for PK. - zannon last year

I would mostly second that - Kstatida last year

I didn't get to see Grokko - zannon last year

Great job Kstat. Again. - Matrik last year

Thanks, I appreciate it - Kstatida last year

Because you're great at knowing how to follow rules and order to recognize his greatness. =P n/t - jalim last year

I don't know how my post ended up way down here :( (n/t) - Matrik last year

Did you just admit to looting weapons you couldn't use? By your own logic and posts, you're an asshole. - Sam last year

Nothing wrong with punishing someone you cannot beat for coming after you. Now, if they get you, then be prepared to pay. (n/t) - saagkri last year

Never said there was...Kstats however did say that. NT - Sam last year

Ohhhh, snap! (n/t) - saagkri last year

Shams was quite persuasive in that discussion - Kstatida last year

No, he would sell them to people for cash. The little guy was obsessed with cash and killing. Even if not how is that different from weaponbreaker or other such skills/item progs etc. ? If it makes people not want to attack him then job well done. N/T (n/t) - regreath last year

Nah, Kstats has bitched in the past about how if someone loots weapons from his corpse, he'd full-loot them in return because of "they are an asshole". NT - Sam last year

And you go fuck yourself (n/t) - Kstatida last year

Again, you played yourself. It was your own words, not mine. NT - Sam last year

I really liked interacting with you as one of my necros. - Rhyaldrin last year

That was one of my character's distinctive features - Kstatida last year

Halvgeir gone. - Rhyaldrin last year

In my day! - wishore last year

I've never seen a flurry fail (as in: you fail to build momentum) at 100% - Rhyaldrin last year

Re: I've never seen a flurry fail (as in: you fail to build momentum) at 100% - Kstatida last year

Metabolic slowing can make it fail (n/t) - starbright last year

I think you just can't flurry if slow - Kstatida last year

it's much simpler to say "I don't know." (n/t) - jhyrbian last year

Fuck you, jhyrb - Kstatida last year

Come on man. You have to admit that was funny. :) (n/t) - Frosty last year

I don't really care - Kstatida last year

What I find strange is that out of all the assholes on this forum he decides to hate on Sam and Jhyrb. There are way more deserving targets =) (nt) - PacMan last year

It doesn't matter who's deserving what, it's personal - Kstatida last year

=) indeed ;) (n/t) - Frosty last year

are you calling yourself as dumb as a wall? lol, i agree (n/t) - jhyrbian last year

Yeah yeah - Kstatida last year

is just game why you heff to be mad (n/t) - jhyrbian last year

I'm not mad, jhyrb, I'm actually enjoying - Kstatida last year

I'm not surprised it's a process for someone with verbal diarrhea (n/t) - jhyrbian last year

If you say so - Kstatida last year

The eastern road... Remember when it was like 8 paces? (n/t) - Frosty last year

Was Hamsah Midgaard or Ofcol or something else? Ahahah (n/t) - wishore last year

New Thalos. (n/t) - Frosty last year

All your coins are belong to us. ;) (n/t) - Frosty last year

In fairness, roles should be reflected IC - zannon last year

If I thought the role was a curse I'd have taken the flaw myself. - Rhyaldrin last year

Soooo true. Cainasir would have been 10x as deadly without his flaw, but would have also been 100x LESS cool. (n/t) - Frosty last year

jormyr couldn't even half-ass a reward for me winning the magekiller competition - The Forsaken(VIP) last year

Re: jormyr couldn't even half-ass a reward for me winning the magekiller competition - Telufial last year

Don't play battle, I tell you :) (n/t) - Kstatida last year

Was it strictly just a flaw or a flaw and a nice reward together? (n/t) - KoeKhaos last year

3 edges 1 flaw. - Rhyaldrin last year

Giving out useless edges as rolecontest prizes is a thing lately - Kstatida last year

What was funny to me was..... - Rhyaldrin last year

Embrace the suck. Lose with dignity. - Matrik last year

Is that why you deleted? That's kinda lending credence to my theory. NT - Sam last year

It's not why I deleted but it definitely didn't make me more excited about the character. - Rhyaldrin last year

Re: Halvgeir gone. - bufu last year

Once Jormyr announced that shit, I stopped entering role contests (n/t) - Kstatida last year

I actually think that's kinda cool, personally. Much better than giving a character Riddle of Resilience for writing "My character survived amazing injuries before he reached the Academy". - Sam last year

Now that pisses me off - wishore last year

Announced what shit? Because I was completely taken by surprised by it. (n/t) - Rhyaldrin last year

The last role contest results by Jormyr, he announced - Kstatida last year

Stupid. (n/t) - Rhyaldrin last year

That was for his though. Didn't Whiysdan run yours? n/t - jalim last year

Rinasth is gone - Welverin last year

Aw thanks. n/t - jalim last year

o_O You actually took my advice. (n/t) - Murphy last year

I did.... - Welverin last year

Just gotta suck it up for one of those 4 hrs sesh's that net you 10-12 ranks. NT - Sam last year

For you 4 hours is 16 heavily commented logs and 2 rage deletes. (n/t) - Rhyaldrin last year

Sounds right. (n/t) - Matrik last year

That sounds like a terrible ranking session. - Matrik last year

What were your forms? (n/t) - Murphy last year

Re: What were your forms? - Welverin last year

Ah, okay - Murphy last year

I made a thread on officials about the cabal leadership issues yesterday. - Rhyaldrin last year


I think you meant to post this from my account. (n/t) - Frosty last year

Yeah I heard it works in real life too. Have a problem? Become immortal and the problem goes away! (n/t) - Murphy last year

This made me chuckle (n/t) - Kstatida last year

Nevermind, according to immortal response Trump is the issue here and IMMing wont fix that. n/t - jalim last year

Imms are handling Outlander inductions really well. If that's covered I don't mind them being reluctant about giving insects to an Imperial alt.~ - ibuki last year

Malfea dead - Ultec last year

I liked you very much! I wish you could stay/play more. - xrus last year

Heard about you OOC. In a good way. - Matrik last year

Interesting take on a character. I liked you (n/t) - Kstatida last year

Deleted Ezakyr - Java last year

Re: Deleted Ezakyr - scr last year

Yeah I got that feeling. - Java last year

Re: Yeah I got that feeling. - bufu last year

Re: Yeah I got that feeling. - Isildur(VIP) last year

Hey, jobs are fun kids. NT - Sam last year

You missed a chance to have some fun - zannon last year

I'm quite sure he'd grant SL on that - Kstatida last year

Re: I'm quite sure he'd grant SL on that - scr last year

This guy - wishore last year

Re: but you're evil and I'm not - Murphy last year

Re: Deleted Ezakyr - Isildur(VIP) last year

It's not about killing, it's about self-awareness - Kstatida last year

Re: It's not about killing, it's about self-awareness - Isildur(VIP) last year

How is that different from Maran? (n/t) - Kstatida last year

Re: How is that different from Maran? - Isildur(VIP) last year

Re: How is that different from Maran? - Kstatida last year

Re: How is that different from Maran? - Isildur(VIP) last year

And that's bullshit - Kstatida last year

That's what red aura means. - Murphy last year

Nuh uh - Kstatida last year

Re: Nuh uh - Isildur(VIP) last year

But - Kstatida last year

Helpfile disagrees - Murphy last year

Umm - Kstatida last year

Re: Umm - wishore last year

Bullshit again - Kstatida last year

You're missing an important aspect of Maran dogma. - Sam last year

This kind of reminds me of a short-lived religion a while back - Java last year

Muhadin - Matrik last year

Re: Muhadin - BlkDrgn last year

Differentiating Empire and Maran - starbright last year

Re: Differentiating Empire and Maran - wishore last year

Re: Differentiating Empire and Maran - Isildur(VIP) last year

Oh for sure - wishore last year

Don't worry, you wouldn't have gotten shadow lord, you're not in the perma. (n/t) - BlkDrgn last year

You could have just permagrouped with the other Imperials. (n/t) - jhyrbian last year

Re: Deleted Ezakyr - Kstatida last year

I get the goodie side of it - Java last year

Two Cents - Lokith last year

I get it, dude, I get it - Kstatida last year

Autodeleted Ada: positive experience with giant pole spec - starbright last year

I fought Ada. - xrus last year

No wonder - Kstatida last year

I blame skill practice - starbright last year

Until someone disarms you. - Murphy last year

Wasn't too worried about that - starbright last year

Patab and Barafel deleted - sleepy last year

Re: Patab and Barafel deleted - sleepy last year

Bored of KILLING RAGERS? You people are weird. - Murphy last year

Izarell is out! - subov last year

Sucks... - wasted last year

I've been waiting for someone to play an Emperor this way for years :) - Sam last year

I was warmaster before him and had a few characters under him - badboy last year

Screw that Russian perma by the way - Kstatida last year

Can't tell if serious and sharing the pain, or sarcastic and reveling in the anguish of others. *shrug* (n/t) - Frosty last year

Sure serious - Kstatida last year

You gotta get in on that action! (n/t) - wasted last year

Re: Izarell is out! - bufu last year

You're right, but we're not supposed to talk about such things. :) Shame on you. (n/t) - Frosty last year

I remember when you got anathema for NOT quaffing away in a no-win situation at the palace. No, I'm not joking. Damn members berries. - Frosty last year

Pizzarell nooooo! You could've joined the Heralds! (n/t) - Murphy last year

What would Izarell do? - Matrik last year

Aint got no time fer dat bro. (n/t) - subov last year

I went from Anathema to Emperor. - Rhyaldrin last year

Re: I went from Anathema to Emperor. - scr last year

Or you can join nothing and just kill everyone around and have fun - alex last year

Yaay! - Kstatida last year

You're in the special club. It's very exclusive. - Frosty last year

Julondar is out. - Welverin last year

This reminds me of when Isildur was in an imperial perma with two imms and two vets. - Quixotic last year

It was.... - Welverin last year

Re: This reminds me of when Isildur was in an imperial perma with two imms and two vets. - Isildur(VIP) last year

If I remember right it was Kaestlyn, Forseaken and the other vet - Quixotic last year

not me, i had an outlander. - The Forsaken(VIP) last year

Of course he was following (n/t) - Kstatida last year

Hmmm, that would be a great think of the best council ever. - Sam last year

Re: If I remember right it was Kaestlyn, Forseaken and the other vet - Isildur(VIP) last year

Re: If I remember right it was Kaestlyn, Forseaken and the other vet - Quixotic last year

research on this: txt - Isildur(VIP) last year

tl;dr (n/t) - Rhyaldrin last year

here's the TLDR portion: txt - Isildur(VIP) last year

addendum: txt - Isildur(VIP) last year

addendum: - Rhyaldrin last year

i think ktaar was Balrahd's felar assassin? eventual emperor. nt - The Forsaken(VIP) last year

The day I fought you on 20s, I've said to myself - Kstatida last year

I do so enjoy you complaining about Paladins. I find that hilarious. Roll your monk, put avoid up and evade more than an arial does. The only class you can play, so play it and stop bitching. (n/t) - funnyone last year

You know... I would except... - Welverin last year

I wonder how do you manage to be both hilariously stupid and malevolent - Kstatida last year

Try being helpful sometime. Just TRY. I dare you. (n/t) - Frosty last year

3.....2.....1.... (n/t) - NbM(VIP) last year

Have a log of that fight? Out the griefers (n/t) - jhyrbian last year

It's obvious he's talking about Kotu Undemelm Shalic - Kstatida last year

Re: It's obvious he's talking about Kotu Undemelm Shalic - jhyrbian last year

No need to be that bitter because we kicked your ass in the world championship finals - Kstatida last year

i have a log of glik, polzar, undemelem, and shaysanth all logging in within 8 ticks together. - The Forsaken(VIP) last year

Re: i have a log of glik, polzar, undemelem, and shaysanth all logging in within 8 ticks together. - scr last year

probably. nt - The Forsaken(VIP) last year

Re: i have a log of glik, polzar, undemelem, and shaysanth all logging in within 8 ticks together. - jhyrbian last year

beeline to kill me, take head, and then the healer lost link for 20 minutes. - The Forsaken(VIP) last year

Re: beeline to kill me, take head, and then the healer lost link for 20 minutes. - jhyrbian last year

shay didn't, would've been overkill. - The Forsaken(VIP) last year

for the record, glik needed no help killing me. iron daggers + sigil were more than enough - The Forsaken(VIP) last year

This is why I miss players like Gaplemo. His last healer had both those items and more, yet nobody threw bitch fits about him. Because the guy had class and didn't crap on everyones' funstick. - Frosty last year

I blame jhyrbian. - subov last year

He didn't "need" PK numbers to validate his importance/value. NT - Sam last year

I had you pegged for Marshall. You should have kept going. - Rhyaldrin last year

NOTHING! ;) (n/t) - Frosty last year

when the magic is gone - The Forsaken(VIP) last year

Welcome to retirement - torak(VIP) last year

let's catch up - had fun with D3 with you and Frosty, need to find something else to join in on! nt - The Forsaken(VIP) last year

I really wish D3 was fun, I'd play the shit out of it with you guys. - Frosty last year

D3 isn't a fun game because it's a shitty game. - Matrik last year

You are soo spot on with this. (n/t) - Frosty last year

Most of us are into Path of Exile.... much better than D3 - torak(VIP) last year

It's been a struggle for me to find the love anymore, as well. And not just because I've been super busy...just can't think of any type of role/char that I could actually enjoy in today's CF. - Sam last year

Cloud giant lumberjack that hates necromamcers for feeding on his village (n/t) - Quas last year

I liked this one: A ranger rager who is a coward because mages got his courage! - xrus last year

This is probably the only "mages killed my ______" role that is acceptable. - Rhyaldrin last year

Bah, and I was going to roll a transgender rager with - Kstatida last year

Been done before, none new one. (n/t) - Murphy last year

Perpetually high warrior: mages killed my vibe. nt - Isildur(VIP) last year

Named Ramal Kcirdnek eh? NT - Sam last year

I'm in the same boat. It seems like every character I make is just chasing the nostalgia of past builds. (n/t) - Rhyaldrin last year

do something you've never done before then. new class, new cabal, new sub-type within cabal, etc. nt - Isildur(VIP) last year

Gotcha. Imperial assassin coming up. (n/t) - Rhyaldrin last year

This time - Kstatida last year

Do the opposite. - jalim last year

Re: Do the opposite. - bufu last year

Re: when the magic is gone - Isildur(VIP) last year

My way (n/t) - Kstatida last year

Re: when the magic is gone - jhyrbian last year

sure did. running with you, kads, dev, and gabe back in the day...CF at its best. - The Forsaken(VIP) last year

One of CF's top 10 logs. - Sam last year

whoever played that char was pretty awesome (n/t) - jhyrbian last year

I heard he likes the Leafs. NT - Sam last year

Canadiens are noobs (n/t) - Quas last year

Throz and Jeineryn deleted. - scr last year

I liked Throz a lot - xrus last year

Fun fact - scr last year

This is why no one takes the whiney "I'm quitting cf" threads seriously. - Rhyaldrin last year

Re: This is why no one takes the whiney "I'm quitting cf" threads seriously. - scr last year

Re: This is why no one takes the whiney "I'm quitting cf" threads seriously. - jhyrbian last year

Outlander right now - BlkDrgn last year

Re: Outlander right now - scr last year

I agree. The best thing Ishuli can now do for Tribunal is to induct a lot of Outlanders via some outlander mob. (n/t) - shaapa last year

I agree. - Rhyaldrin last year

I tried to say HeroIMMs need more "skin" in the game in my "What I would fix about CF" post from like 7-8 months ago. WHERE WAS YOUR SUPPORT RHYALDRIN? WITH TRUMP?!?!?! - Sam last year

Not everything is about you, Same. (n/t) - Rhyaldrin last year

Lies. Your perception creates reality, so in my reality everything IS about me (since, you know, I can't be other people...yet). - Sam last year

What I hear you saying is, "Easy to get Insects". nt - Isildur(VIP) last year

c summon amaranthe (n/t) - Rhyaldrin last year

Think I will bid you all farewell again :) - abernyte last year

Whom were you playing? - xrus last year

I get the feeling lots of people think this way - uerlante last year

You will be missed dearly, again. ;) We'll be here when the itch returns. -cheers (n/t) - Frosty last year

Think I will bid you all farewell again - abernyte last year

Deleted Taeluin - Java last year

I'm starting to think it's kind of tradition in CF to insult people out of the game - scr last year

Swing and a miss. Again. n/t - jalim last year

I see what you did there. nt - Isildur(VIP) last year

Anxiously awaiting your Champion paladin. NT - Sam last year

Paladins do not fit my style. - scr last year

that's fine. txt - Isildur(VIP) last year

You can't rack up a crazy amount of kills as a paladin - Kstatida last year

Re: You can't rack up a crazy amount of kills as a paladin - Isildur(VIP) last year

We don't need to measure it, it's an established fact - Kstatida last year

Fake news. Throw is OP. Bat is OP. Assassins is OP. Elfs is OP. STSF is OP. omg just shut up and play something decent. n/t - jalim last year

I've just played a decent bard - Kstatida last year

You forgot Liches are OP. Dopple is OP. Wide Copper is OP. TOME! is OP. Improved Flee is OP. NT - Sam last year

I don't get the improved flee thing - Kstatida last year

Search for Jerrokrar and improved flee is OP. (n/t) - Frosty last year

Hey Krunk! Improoved fleeee! :) (n/t) - Frosty last year

Improved flee is OP though... Just ask Jerry. - laearrist last year

We can't ask Jerry. We ditched him. - Murphy last year

Neither do yours. (n/t) - Frosty last year

That's like, your opinion, man. (n/t) - Kstatida last year

If you're going to do it, do it right. (n/t) - Frosty last year

See? Balanced. (n/t) - Murphy last year

Yes. I think you're an idiot. I thought I was clear on that. - Java last year

In fact you're wrong - Kstatida last year

Really? Did he get more kills with that character than his HEALER? No? Ok gotcha. NT - Sam last year

Re: In fact you're wrong - demos last year

Ah alright, I smell butthurt here, discussion is over. (n/t) - scr last year

That's just Java in his normal state. - Rhyaldrin last year

I feel like with all the anger you have towards me I should probably know who you are. - Java last year

Shouldn't you be at a rally to raise awareness for the lack of respect that civilians give to soldiers? n/t - Stevers last year

I'm just curious if he have twin brother. (n/t) - scr last year

Lol bat is fine. (n/t) - Murphy last year

I don't know. I could swear I've been hit twice by bat between combat rounds. - Quixotic last year

Max attacks I got was 16 between rounds... Also had it edges for 2 strikes, so 8-ish without... Also improved flee (n/t) - laearrist last year

Add halfling luck and it's OP. - Matrik last year

The only thing lucky about halflings is - Stevers last year

*gasp* (n/t) - Matrik last year

Re: Deleted Taeluin - demos last year

Occasionally, bat looks ridiculous - Java last year

Stop narrowing to lagging, bat is OP even WITHOUT lag (n/t) - Kstatida last year

I also recall batting some ragers helmet off while fighting in the red horn. I'll see if I can find the log (n/t) - demos last year

Re: Occasionally, bat looks ridiculous - Isildur(VIP) last year

So, basically, it's like deathblow. - Murphy last year

And deathblow is not OP. WE SOLVED IT GAIS! NT - Sam last year

*clap* - Frosty last year

Excellent post. A shame nobody will actually listen RE: Bat Pally - jalim last year

Did you just call me a "nobody"? (n/t) - Murphy last year

No but a hit dog will holler. n/t - jalim last year

Bat's still better than shield ded co wrathers. - sleepy last year

Hmmmmmmmm. - jalim last year

Maybe.... - Java last year

Dude, we've fought you a lot - Kstatida last year

As much as you think you've seen bat in action.. - Java last year

Don't be so focused on lag, it's only ONE of the problems - Kstatida last year

Here's what you don't get: - Java last year

Just wait until he finds out that Wolverines can conceivably rake every round. He may become a less intelligent Murph. NT - Sam last year

Now do please tell me. - Kstatida last year

Because it isn't 2 times per round - Java last year

I WAS going to say that about the 1.5 per round instead of 2, but... - Frosty last year

Because random. - Matrik last year

You're both kind of right - starbright last year

Its also less than trip lag. n/t - jalim last year

Logs testify otherwise (n/t) - Kstatida last year

Which ones? - Java last year

If I had to guess I'd say 1.1 but sometimes it stacks back to back. n/t - jalim last year

BTW, I don't know who sleepy is.. - Java last year

Except I never called you a cheater. - sleepy last year

Seriously? - Java last year

Re: Seriously? - sleepy last year

Re: Seriously? - Java last year

You mean you have never asked someone IRL "Who did you kill to get" XYZ? - Quixotic last year

The lady doth protest too much, methinks - mcbeth last year

Java you're being trolled. n/t - jalim last year

It's still really easy to do apparently. (n/t) - Rhyaldrin last year

Re: Except I never called you a cheater. - jhyrbian last year

Disappointing, but understandable. GLWYN (n/t) - laearrist last year

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