Port Forwarding and ISP restrictions

November 03, 2007 04:18AM
First thing's first, your ISP is <i>probably</i> blocking incoming traffic on port 80 to your address so you'll have to run your web services on some odd random port. This is a common practice among ISPs because they don't want you running web servers off your home account. <br> <br>Secondly, you're going to need to reconfigure your router... <br> <br>1) Look up the brand/model DSL router you have, you should be able to locate the default admin password for it by a quick google search. <br> <br>2) Type 'ipconfig' from the windows command prompt. Your "default gateway" is more than likely going to be the address of your router. Open a browser pointed to that IP address. Make a note of your own ip address. <br> <br>3) Using your password collected in 1, browse through the web interface for your router looking for something called "port forwarding". If you were to run your web services on port 1234, you would forward traffic for port 1234 to your own IP address (taken note of in 2). <br> <br>4) Reconfigure IIS to run on port 1234 (or whatever port you chose) <br> <br>5) Go to www.whatismyip.org. This will tell you what IP address the outside world sees you as (your router can also provide this information). This is the IP address your friends will have to visit. <br> <br>Dynamic IPs: <br> <br>Since you're on a home based internet connection you PROBABLY have a dynamic IP address. This means that at some point your 'real world' IP will change and you'll be unreachable. There are services available which will give you a free domain name pointed to your home machine. You install a small client app and it updates your domain for free so your buddies can always hit your domain name no matter how many times your IP changes. One example is DynDNS. [www.dyndns.com] <br> <br>Good luck
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Getting a server accessible on the internet

Leprechaun 368 November 03, 2007 03:42AM

Port Forwarding and ISP restrictions

Rade 289 November 03, 2007 04:18AM

Oh, also

Rade 285 November 03, 2007 04:21AM

None taken :)

Leprechaun 239 November 03, 2007 05:21AM

Statistically speaking...

Rade 255 November 03, 2007 05:59AM

Yeah me too

Leprechaun 253 November 03, 2007 04:28PM

That's not even vaguely true but ok.

Death_Claw 244 November 06, 2007 04:23AM

The SANS Institute disagrees with you

Rade 339 November 06, 2007 04:33PM

Because, having worked with hundreds of windows machines over a decade...

Death_Claw 291 November 07, 2007 03:49AM

Install Bitdefender, its $60, then use port forwarding.

Death_Claw 296 November 06, 2007 04:34AM

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