Jesus Christ.

November 06, 2007 07:58AM
Your main problem isn't that you've lost this "someone". Your problem is that you need someone ELSE to keep you in check. You're what, twenty-two, twenty-three? You're an adult. You shouldn't need to be looked after. <br>You can either put energy into pining after someone away in Tokyo, or into bettering yourself until you can be a good person <i>without</i> relying on them. <br> <br>Of course, you probably won't take this advice. You'll brush it off and say I don't understand, or tell yourself it's stupid to take advice from people on QHCF anyway. So talk to someone who DOES understand. A RL friend or someone else you respect. At the end of the day, I'd say you have two choices. You can be a self-reliant, emotionally-mature ADULT with healthy relationships, or you can be a -- in your own words -- your "old bastard self"
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Some advice to Yhorian specifically...

Odrirg 461 November 06, 2007 05:30AM

A bit of insight, mostly mental vomit

Yhorian 272 November 06, 2007 06:13AM

Jesus Christ.

Trilo 266 November 06, 2007 07:58AM

The hard and painful truth FTW n/t

Lokain 261 November 06, 2007 11:20AM

Sorry, but that's not the truth. You can always reinvent yourself.

Balrahd 281 November 06, 2007 08:15AM

I agree.

Death_Claw 298 November 06, 2007 12:51PM

Odrirg has little faith in humanity.

Scrimbul 287 November 06, 2007 02:01PM

Faith vs odds

Rade 286 November 06, 2007 04:39PM

Yeah, I think its just a matter of priorities.

Death_Claw 305 November 07, 2007 03:28AM


jegec 311 November 06, 2007 02:24PM

I think that sort of makes the point

Rade 264 November 06, 2007 04:09PM

What point?

jegec 315 November 07, 2007 07:18AM


Rade 335 November 08, 2007 03:23AM


jegec 315 November 08, 2007 05:42AM

Worry about getting your first kiss before you worry about cheating~

Enbuergo 298 November 07, 2007 06:17AM

I'll put that on the to-do list

jegec 326 November 07, 2007 02:20PM

You just went way up in my book. I love that movie. nt

Devildogg7051 309 November 08, 2007 07:43AM

You're a shitty person if you cheat on someone, and someone Id punch in the face

nt Devildogg7051 269 November 06, 2007 07:00PM

Man, that attempt of psychoanalysis made me laughing :)

Dervish 376 November 06, 2007 09:43PM

Well, that was amazingly narrow minded. nt

Tolose 274 November 06, 2007 10:06PM

You're like the stupidest person in the universe nt

mc_no_u 283 November 07, 2007 11:56AM

We're pretty damn lucky we have you to judge our respective intellectual..

Istirith 365 November 08, 2007 03:54PM

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