Hence...Quests can be worth edge points. nt

November 19, 2007 06:09AM
> A few random points to clear up some confusion I've seen in prayers, newbie channel questions, and the like: <br>> <br>> - Completing Quests generally does not earn you edge credit. The only current exceptions to this that I can think of really would be more accurately described as exploration or observation but happen to use our quest infrastructure instead because it's somewhat older. Of course, locations, items, etc. encountered over the course of a quest might earn you exploration or observation experience, and there are some quests that do award commerce experience, so indirectly some quests do earn you edge credit. <br>> <br>> [forums.carrionfields.com] <br>
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Anyone still blow off quests now that edges are around? nt

Inquisitor 382 November 18, 2007 03:45PM

Eh? I'm not sure what you're assuming, but the two are unrelated. nt

Yhorian 317 November 18, 2007 03:47PM

quests can be worth edge points nt

Daurwyn 249 November 18, 2007 11:27PM

This hasn't been my experience

ExPaladin 316 November 19, 2007 01:09AM

Ditto all them, though not entirely sure about age I have a hunch. nt

Yhorian 302 November 19, 2007 03:07AM

As per Daevryn:

casual_player 255 November 19, 2007 03:54AM

Hence...Quests can be worth edge points. nt

Vladamir 286 November 19, 2007 06:09AM

No. txt

Isildur 246 November 19, 2007 09:18AM

Hence .. walking down Eastern Road can be worth edge points. n/t

Balrahd 266 November 19, 2007 09:19AM

No, you could not

Daurwyn 278 November 19, 2007 09:44AM

Re: No, you could not

Isildur 264 November 19, 2007 11:30AM

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