December 08, 2016 03:12PM
Stop posting with your forum handles as current characters!

Logs posted anonymously are fine, they are there to be read.

Don't make me start dropping bans, we want you guys to stick around.
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NbM(VIP) December 08, 2016 03:12PM

HEY! How about we unban that new guy and treat this like another warning. Yes you did post this message to warn them, BUT in his defense the rules had not been posted yet. The might not have noticed this. What say you? (n/t)

Frosty December 09, 2016 07:04AM


NbM(VIP) December 09, 2016 07:06AM

Gotcha, that makes sense.

Frosty December 09, 2016 07:09AM

Are the rules posted again?

Rhyaldrin December 09, 2016 05:12AM

Been harassing Gabe to post them for a while, and that's why I put this post here and deleted multiple posts and left reminders. Tough love is necessary at times. (n/t)

NbM(VIP) December 09, 2016 05:18AM


Rhyaldrin December 09, 2016 05:19AM

Yup, with rules

NbM(VIP) December 09, 2016 05:20AM

Which rule did Jalim violate below?

Rhyaldrin December 09, 2016 05:30AM

5, 7 and 9

NbM(VIP) December 09, 2016 05:34AM

Honest Question:

Bryntor December 09, 2016 08:08AM

Re: Honest Question:

NbM(VIP) December 09, 2016 08:30AM

Re: Honest Question:

Bryntor December 09, 2016 08:41AM

I may be completely wrong, but I recall someone(Gabe I think) on the mod staff saying something about the unspoken golden rule of "in general don't be an asshole."

Frosty December 09, 2016 08:13AM

Or, you know...

Rhyaldrin December 09, 2016 05:43AM

Not too shabby an idea, took me a bit to find a list of them (n/t)

NbM(VIP) December 09, 2016 06:59AM

Good point

Kstatida December 09, 2016 05:13AM

Do you post as an active character with your forum handle? (n/t)

NbM(VIP) December 09, 2016 05:38AM

Did jalim?

Kstatida December 09, 2016 05:42AM


jalim December 08, 2016 03:43PM

Just you - 1 day :) (n/t)

torak(VIP) December 08, 2016 04:51PM

It's cool. Karma will say hi to you later if it hasn't already. =) n/t

jalim December 09, 2016 05:00PM

Is that what you consider funny? (n/t)

Kstatida December 09, 2016 01:55AM


Rhyaldrin December 09, 2016 05:12AM


Demtok December 08, 2016 05:33PM

Re: :) (n/t)

Frosty December 08, 2016 06:18PM

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