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RULES (1 Posts) - NbM(VIP) eight months ago

New Accounts - a friendly reminder (4 Posts) - NbM(VIP) eight months ago

SCRIPT BOARD (1 Posts) - NbM(VIP) two years ago

WELCOME TO CARRION FIELDS! (17 Posts) - torak two years ago

Carrion Fields unofficial IRC channel: #dangeroom @dalnet. (n/t) (14 Posts) - Cerunnir(VIP) seven years ago

Anyone had Hell's Pact as a shaman? - Tadam nine hours ago

Ok...been gone for abut a year... - Mjothvitnir nineteen hours ago

The news are stunning - Kstatida eighteen hours ago

Re: The news are stunning - Mjothvitnir eighteen hours ago

It is not a joke. (n/t) - ekvilibr three hours ago

Age Code Change - jalim two days ago

Thoughts on a dagger spec - Adenith two days ago

Dagger spec breakdown - TheShamanman two days ago

PvE would likely be the main focus although PK is unavoidable so there's going to be a fair bit of that as well (n/t) - Adenith two days ago

There's a reason most people take dagger first - Dalbrin two days ago

Dagger is fine as first spec on a dexy build that depends on dodge not parry. - Kstatida two days ago

Suggestion - Dalbrin three days ago

How about we all save some time and just say it now: - Stevers two days ago

According to Frosty - Kstatida two days ago

Did you know the bloodhound gang wrote a song about you? - Frosty yesterday, 07:19PM

You know what they say about dicks... - regreath yesterday, 07:10PM

MATT DAMON! (n/t) - Frosty yesterday, 07:15PM

[FORTRESS] Saerali is the most deathful good arial healer at 0 player kills. (n/t) - saagkri three days ago

Damnit. Someone beat my record :( (n/t) - Matrik three days ago

ORC Adapts - Returner four days ago

Mundunugu and Shig-ru are the top choices - Kstatida three days ago

Re: ORC Adapts - sleepy four days ago

Evil Outlander - deathincarnate four days ago

Evil outlanders are tits - Kstatida three days ago

There is a nightreaver - Rhyaldrin four days ago

Re: There is a nightreaver - sleepy four days ago

How do IMMs effectively monitor perma-grouping? - ekirhal four days ago

Re: How do IMMs effectively monitor perma-grouping? - saagkri three days ago

They just deny me and Bemused to be safe. (n/t) - Rhyaldrin four days ago

Re: How do IMMs effectively monitor perma-grouping? - jalim four days ago

I bet it's more sophisticated - Kstatida three days ago

Re: How do IMMs effectively monitor perma-grouping? - jhyrbian four days ago

She didn't ask if it was effective, just how they did it. =P n/t - jalim three days ago

Still down? - xrus five days ago

Yup. Been a few hours now. (n/t) - jafel five days ago

Post some logs then! (n/t) - xrus five days ago

Outlanders - frob five days ago

pay a mage in defeathered quail to do it for you. (n/t) - Rhyaldrin five days ago

Bring on the Enchanters already!!! - smfii five days ago

Did something go wrong with the reboot?? (n/t) - monstermash six days ago

Yep. Can't login. n/t (n/t) - Returner six days ago

they need to imm Lochlan so someone is here 24 hours a day to fix problems like these. - Rhyaldrin five days ago

2 questions about thieves - frob eight days ago

I'll toss my two cents here, but I'm by no means a thief expert - TheShamanman eight days ago

Mace gets some mileage but my experience is tat no midbie thief is going to stand up against kote or kans. - Rhyaldrin eight days ago

Re: 2 questions about thieves - Tadam eight days ago

Yes, and I'd add a couple more things... - DuneTree eight days ago

Shapeshifter Advice - Kez eight days ago

Re: Shapeshifter Advice - SomeOneSpecial six days ago

Consider Defense/Defense - DuneTree seven days ago

Depends on what you plan to explore - Tadam eight days ago

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