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RULES (1 Posts) - NbM(VIP) four months ago

New Accounts - a friendly reminder (4 Posts) - NbM(VIP) four months ago

SCRIPT BOARD (1 Posts) - NbM(VIP) last year

WELCOME TO CARRION FIELDS! (17 Posts) - torak two years ago

Carrion Fields unofficial IRC channel: #dangeroom @dalnet. (n/t) (14 Posts) - Cerunnir(VIP) six years ago

Leading cause of (alleged) CF death: - Isildur(VIP) twelve hours ago

Dest's overreaching needs - crafteddeception two hours ago

But.. the top three possible reasons aren't there. - KoeKhaos two hours ago

I vote Russians - Kstatida six hours ago

Yep. Your own people. - Sam eight minutes ago

Now try to guess a country which helped Soviet Union the most in overcoming that famine, asshole? - Kstatida five minutes ago

I should have added pollonium as an option. nt - Isildur(VIP) five hours ago

Never add pollonium to anything - Kstatida 53 minutes ago

Re: Leading cause of (alleged) CF death: - zanzarin seven hours ago

Your poll doesnt have - HairyOrangutan ten hours ago

lol'd at sportsmanship. - MiyagiYojimbo twelve hours ago

Where's all of the above? (n/t) - BlkDrgn twelve hours ago

Where's none of the above? (n/t) - KoeKhaos two hours ago

Sam's observations (could be a running thing, prolly not though) - Sam nineteen hours ago

I only play during a short timespan of the day - Kstatida six hours ago

Re: Sam's observations (could be a running thing, prolly not though) - Isildur(VIP) fifteen hours ago

Hell killed CF. (n/t) - Murphy thirteen hours ago

Agree totally. Instant-killing items, things what eat unholy weapons, weapons what purge items is total BS. - shaapa one hour ago

People who spend 90% of their time gathering preps killed CF - PacMan twelve hours ago

Re: People who spend 90% of their time gathering preps killed CF - Isildur(VIP) eleven hours ago

Now this is pretty high on my list of "dumbest things ever said on dios". (n/t) - Murphy twelve hours ago

Your butthurt is showing - PacMan twelve hours ago

I'd be fine with everyone playing like Murphy - Kstatida six hours ago

For what it's worth, I'd be totally fine with CF where everyone plays like me. (n/t) - Murphy twelve hours ago

Me too. I like your chars. (n/t) - MiyagiYojimbo twelve hours ago

Murphy, you're a smart guy. I'm aware of this. That's one of the dumbest things you've ever said, and it's REALLY dumb. Good day to you sir. (n/t) - Frosty twelve hours ago

I'm not afraid of saying dumb things, as long as they are the truth. - Murphy twelve hours ago

Hell is open? Time roll up a conjie!!! - wishore eight hours ago

Umiron killed cf. (n/t) - Rhyaldrin twelve hours ago

No, but he landed a harsh backstab + dual backstab. Shit fking hurt man. (n/t) - Frosty twelve hours ago

Judging by your post history all your logins are frustrated ones anyway. n/t - jalim eighteen hours ago

If by logins you mean me finding your char, fisting you right in your anus, and doing a hammer dance on your corpse...then yeah, they end up frustrating. - Sam seventeen hours ago

I'm seeing this too. - Rhyaldrin eighteen hours ago

CF has always been like this - jhyrbian eighteen hours ago

Is there a form of demon-pendants for like savages or those who can't use metal? (n/t) - BlkDrgn three days ago

Fairly certain they can use them. - SomeOneSpecial two days ago

I was being coy in that statement as I meant really for outlanders. - BlkDrgn two days ago

nt (n/t) - BlkDrgn two days ago

Shackles - Kstatida three days ago

I noticed recently they changed the "maintained by" part on the skull. Found that interesting (n/t) - TJHuron four days ago

Vilhazarog disappeared - Kstatida three days ago

It isn't a conspiracy theory. They were two separate people. Just because you personally don't know something doesn't make it a conspiracy. n/t - jalim three days ago

Do you have a photo of them together? - Kstatida three days ago

Whether we have the documents or not is no concern of yours, B. (n/t) - Frosty three days ago

You're right, I don't really care if you have them - Kstatida three days ago

This just got kinky. - Frosty three days ago

Don't mistake me for anyone - Kstatida three days ago

Why is Valg still on there? (n/t) - laearrist four days ago

He shows up once every three or four years to make sure nobody is having too much fun. n/t - jalim four days ago

What... you don't like balance breaking realism? (n/t) - NbM(VIP) four days ago

The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he doesn't exist. (n/t) - Isildur(VIP) four days ago

above isn't a knock on valg, btw. nt - Isildur(VIP) four days ago

Yeah, and 25 commander kills isn't a knock on jerry. We understand! ;) (n/t) - Frosty three days ago

Might've been 26 if improved flee wasn't OP! (n/t) - bloodmoon three days ago

:) Krunk, the destroyer of Jerrys. Golly gee, improved flee, is OP. I spit hot fire. (n/t) - Frosty three days ago

No that's still just semen. n/t - jalim three days ago

Just because you like it, it doesn't mean all guys do. Remember that. (n/t) - Frosty three days ago

You can't convince jalim about it - Kstatida two days ago

How - Kstatida two days ago

You're not using that word correctly, you ninny. (n/t) - Frosty two days ago

I know you said other guys complained but like I told you before don't beat yourself up. n/t - jalim three days ago

I'm not the one doing the latter. (n/t) - Frosty two days ago

So who's running CF these days? Scarab still around? Umi still in charge other than him? Destuvius still keeping things going? How's the playerbase been lately? (n/t) - Gaplemo five days ago

Scarabaeus and Ishuli are keeping CF afloat and we are all very grateful to them both. - PacMan five days ago

The only down side to this is the entire game are Ishuli followers. - Rhyaldrin five days ago

Ancient Spirits! - xrus four days ago

The heroIMMs are on pretty constantly the last week and some, I wouldn't be surprised if they were getting close to finishing their areas. N/T - regreath five days ago

How much they spend online has nothing to do with it. - Murphy four days ago

Though, come to think of it, it helps in the sense of discussion and seeking advice. - Murphy four days ago

I heard something about Entropy possibly coming back a while ago. Did that ever become a thing? (n/t) - Gaplemo five days ago

It's back and sadly it's terrible. - Rhyaldrin five days ago

Thanks for the update people. Just was curious weather or not that all played out well. (n/t) - Gaplemo five days ago

Occasional snowstorms and then sludge when it all melts down for the Nth time. Thanks for asking. (n/t) - Murphy four days ago

El queso está viejo y pútrido. Dónde está el sanitario? (n/t) - NbM(VIP) five days ago

Lets hope at least two of them are coders! (n/t) - subov five days ago

In honor of Vlad, I'm officially playing again. - Sam five days ago

Can we play guess Sams char? (n/t) - subov five days ago

[1 Hum Tra] Vindicho the Spell Student. NT - Sam five days ago

Just look for logs if someone getting his ass beat constantly. (n/t) - bloodmoon five days ago

I might throw people off and play another assassin and post logs with no comments of me winning. You'd all be so fooled. - Sam five days ago


I used to like you, Same. - bloodmoon five days ago

Aren't you banned? Or am I thinking about someone else. nt - Isildur(VIP) five days ago

Lol, I've never been banned. NT - Sam five days ago

Who am I thinking of? Matrik? I remember somebody you don't normally think of as a cheater getting banned and everybody being butt hurt about it. nt - Isildur(VIP) five days ago

Matrik. - bloodmoon five days ago

CF is better with Sam (n/t) - TJHuron five days ago

+1 million (n/t) - Frosty five days ago

RIP Vlad. - Rhyaldrin eight days ago

Rest in peace big guy. - ilostmycoconut two days ago

Just back to pay my respects. - Yhorian two days ago

I didn't know him too well, and I haven't posted here because i didn't know what to say - bloodmoon three days ago

For real? I met him before when I went down to Florida one time. Damn shame, he was a good guy. n/t - Death_Claw three days ago

Rest in peace, man. (n/t) - semi_newbie six days ago

Re: RIP Vlad. - alansmithee six days ago

:( A big personality that'll be missed. (n/t) - PaulO six days ago

May you rest in peace, brother! (n/t) - Noone of significance seven days ago

Wow, this sucks. - dwimmerling seven days ago

Did anyone get the echoes? nt - dwimmerling seven days ago

Re: Did anyone get the echoes? nt - jhyrbian seven days ago

Oh yeah, I forget about twitter, thank! nt - dwimmerling seven days ago

They also post them here: - Rhyaldrin seven days ago

They also post them here: - Rhyaldrin seven days ago

Re: Oh yeah, I forget about twitter, thank! nt - jhyrbian seven days ago

This is very sad. Rest in Peace, Vlad. (n/t) - Jib seven days ago

Someone should send this link to his family so they are aware of his online friends nt - PacMan seven days ago

Probably not. He posted some pretty personal and specific family issues a while ago. n/t - jalim six days ago

Also shoutout to the IMMs for those echoes. Nice to know we are all community, even if I hate half of you assholes. NT - Sam seven days ago

You'll be missed and remembered, Vladimir. (n/t) - GoldenApple seven days ago

Found this interesting article about him and Hurricane Sandy that I didn't know about. - KoeKhaos seven days ago

This was from right around the last time I talked to him (other than PMs on Dio's). As many have said, he was a good hearted dude. NT - Sam seven days ago

I'll miss that guy. Would give you the shirt off his back. Very big loss for many people. RIP old buddy. nt - Rogue seven days ago

I'll miss that guy. Would give you the shirt off his back. Very big loss for many people. RIP old buddy. nt - Rogue seven days ago

You know what's funny? - Java seven days ago

I found this recently myself. - Rhyaldrin seven days ago

Vlad had some major beef with IMPs many years ago. - jalim six days ago

He had such a big heart. Rest in peace. (n/t) - Treebeard seven days ago

one of the nicest dudes around here. nt - The Forsaken(VIP) seven days ago

Any notable characters he played or good stories about him in general? (n/t) - TJHuron seven days ago

I remember Esmi from back when I had my first hero. - Java seven days ago

I'm sure other people have better ones - trilo seven days ago

My favorite Vlad story is when Cador banned him for whatever reason, he drove to Cadors house and threw a brick or a rock through his front window. Cador dick tucked and hid inside the house, wouldn't come outside lol. (n/t) - Gaplemo five days ago

Not sure I would either, unless armed. I'd for sure call the cops. nt - Isildur(VIP) five days ago

Yeah. Vlad and Cador used to be pretty tight in the beginning. They lived within a couple hours of each other. I would be scared of Vlad showing up on my porch too back in the day. Dude was a living viking, scary as shit. - Gaplemo five days ago

From memory - Cador booted Vlads char out and so Vlad went and started making Vlad named characters repeatedly. Cador continuously banned and eventually put the code in to stop him. (n/t) - ilostmycoconut two days ago

Like all petty disagreements between men, I believe it was about a girl. NT - Sam five days ago

So many fights so many great memories.. RIP Vlad. - kadsuane seven days ago

That's terrible. I still talked to him on AIM but he hadn't been on in a while. n/t - jalim seven days ago

Man, I can't believe he's gone. Assholes are supposed to live forever. :-( (n/t) - BattleCharmed seven days ago

As much as this makes me sad - Kstatida seven days ago

Shut up, Boris. (n/t) - Rhyaldrin seven days ago

Yeah I get the reaction - Kstatida seven days ago

Re: Yeah I get the reaction - shane seven days ago

Thanks (n/t) - Kstatida seven days ago

Re: Yeah I get the reaction - Isildur(VIP) seven days ago

Seriously? - Java seven days ago

Might be language barrier - Kstatida seven days ago

Searching for a job means you don't have a job. No job means no income. nt - Java seven days ago

Let me quote - Kstatida seven days ago

Stop being an ass - jmc seven days ago

I don't give a fuck about U.S. living standards - Kstatida seven days ago

Lack of empathy is disheartning. - kadsuane seven days ago

How about - Kstatida seven days ago

This thread isn't about any other bullshit, have some class. (n/t) - NbM(VIP) seven days ago

My experience - Kstatida seven days ago

Do you even know what you're trying to say? - Java seven days ago

I don't give a damn about your assumptions - Kstatida seven days ago

My fellow CFer, please stop. Not here man. - Frosty seven days ago

He's too busy being "edgy" to act like a decent human being. - jhyrbian seven days ago

Re: RIP Vlad. - WarEagle seven days ago

Shitty - NbM(VIP) eight days ago

Re: RIP Vlad. - Isildur(VIP) eight days ago

Re: RIP Vlad. - dwimmerling seven days ago

He had such a big heart. RIP.~ (n/t) - Treebeard seven days ago

Re: RIP Vlad. - leaf eight days ago

Re: RIP Vlad. - Isildur(VIP) eight days ago

None yet. I'll post if I hear anything. (n/t) - Rhyaldrin eight days ago

I heard the family is waiting on the cause of death so nothing obvious. (n/t) - Rhyaldrin seven days ago

:( I talked to him a few time via email and over AIM/whatever. Bummer. This is terrible news. NT - Sam eight days ago

Condolences to his friends and family. Sadly I did not know him, but from comments I can see he was well liked. Remember him well and he'll be with us always. N/T - regreath eight days ago

RIP... Touching memory enclosed. - wasted eight days ago

Re: RIP Vlad. - jhyrbian eight days ago

Especially for Erikhal. RIP buddy. (n/t) - Tolgrumm eight days ago

Go Fund Me for Vlad's funeral. - Rhyaldrin eight days ago

Thanks for putting this up. - KoeKhaos seven days ago

Someone should tweet this to Donald Trump - HairyOrangutan seven days ago

I pity you If you consider this funny (n/t) - Kstatida seven days ago

Edit: I'm sorry Hairy (n/t) - Kstatida seven days ago

vlad was a personal security/bodyguard for trump, i think until he messed his back up so bad he couldn't do much. - The Forsaken(VIP) seven days ago

That makes it even more suspicious for me - Kstatida seven days ago

Vlad worked for Donald Trump. (n/t) - Rhyaldrin seven days ago

Oh - Kstatida seven days ago

RIP Vlad - Lokith eight days ago

Jeez now I feel even worse...he was living alone in PA? I should have tried to at least have a beer with the man...:( NT - Sam eight days ago

Last I heard, he was living in Florida. (n/t) - BattleCharmed seven days ago

May he enjoy an eternaty of bliss in Valhalla. RIP Vlad. You were a good guy, and you will certainly be missed. - Frosty eight days ago

PBF's Incoming. - regreath eight days ago

Uhh...If you still haven't gotten near quota...Xalirith? Halfie fort assassin, my first full Maran. (n/t) - bloodmoon five days ago

Yantha. - paradox eight days ago

Is the game worth playing still? - wraith nine days ago

Play, see if you enjoy it. If you do, keep playing! If not, trash the game on the forums and snark it up! NT - Sam five days ago

Not to me. Not even close. - The_Joker eight days ago

Re: Not to me. Not even close. - Isildur(VIP) eight days ago

Hell yes. It's still the next best thing to D&D. (n/t) - Frosty eight days ago

I like it better. D&D gets boring. nt - Isildur(VIP) eight days ago

Yes - emptyhat nine days ago

I think so. - regreath nine days ago

It's worse, but still the only game I play - Tadam nine days ago

Re: Is the game worth playing still? - Isildur(VIP) nine days ago

Re: Is the game worth playing still? - Ultec nine days ago

I'd argue hero is more important now days... - KoeKhaos nine days ago

My serious advice is find someone to play with... - laearrist nine days ago

Re: My serious advice is find someone to play with... - wraith nine days ago

PM Rhyaldrin to join his perma - Kstatida nine days ago

I'm telling. n/t - jalim nine days ago

Then your answer is probably no? Or it is time to find new people to play with. (n/t) - laearrist nine days ago

The more we have, the more fun it is - Kstatida nine days ago

'You notice something is different" (paraphrase) echo at login. txt - Isildur(VIP) ten days ago

Haven't been around in a log time, but usually meant for me I got an align punishment while offline. nt - Rogue seven days ago

I think it also happens when your room is changed - Tadam ten days ago

Yes. (n/t) - Murphy ten days ago

The last time I saw someone talking about that IC was an anathema that didn't know why they were anathema. (n/t) - Frosty ten days ago

LUCK set to -13 (n/t) - Kstatida ten days ago

your pfile was edited (n/t) - jhyrbian ten days ago

sweet. they must have juiced me. nt - Isildur(VIP) ten days ago

if anyone needs it, it's you bro (n/t) - jhyrbian ten days ago

For real, even I can usually kill Isildur chars. NT - Sam ten days ago

I just looked it up and yeah, you sure did a number on poor Chuck. - Murphy ten days ago

I also killed Mizfara with my failed Dark-Elf zerker who went 8-36 and con-died :) NT - Sam ten days ago

I remember that one. txt - Isildur(VIP) nine days ago

Re: I also killed Mizfara with my failed Dark-Elf zerker who went 8-36 and con-died :) NT - jhyrbian ten days ago

Maybe he just saw Magus kill with me with 2 different chars at the time (like...4 times each too) and just thought I was an easy PK to pad his stats? NT - Sam ten days ago

I didn't realize he was that bad, ow. (n/t) - jhyrbian ten days ago

I wouldn't lie about something this serious. NT - Sam ten days ago

At least now when nobody's online I can spend my time spamming up my "canoewhack" %. nt - Isildur(VIP) ten days ago

This. Usually looks like that with offline empowerment or something similar. n/t - jalim ten days ago

Is it down for the contest again? - Tadam twelve days ago

Shenanigans indeed, it would seem. This time at least it was back up in moments. N/T (n/t) - regreath eleven days ago

when is that supposed to happen? didn't see anything on the contents forum at officials. nt - Isildur(VIP) eleven days ago

Missed, but... - regreath eleven days ago

Wouldn't expect much from that character... same player different suit. (n/t) - NbM(VIP) eleven days ago

You're dumb lately - Kstatida eleven days ago

I'm a new player. Here is my input. - Brujah thirteen days ago

Play an assassin. - Rhyaldrin thirteen days ago

Or a shig-ru. (n/t) - Murphy thirteen days ago

Please don't despair - Tadam thirteen days ago

Villagers really aren't that scary once you figure it out.. - Java thirteen days ago

Your last sentence is true for like 99% of the playerbase. NT - Sam thirteen days ago

Only to things that people think are OP when they're getting steamrolled. - Java thirteen days ago

Re: Only to things that people think are OP when they're getting steamrolled. - Isildur(VIP) thirteen days ago

You mean like 99% of builds. - Murphy thirteen days ago

Agreed, play a berserker and learn its weakness - badboy thirteen days ago

Re: I'm a new player. Here is my input. - Isildur(VIP) thirteen days ago

Being easy-ish to kill doesn't preclude them from still being gay. - Murphy thirteen days ago

There hasn't been a homosexual battlerager in ages. LITERALLY ages. Put the moot away. (n/t) - Frosty thirteen days ago

Well, not since Shravthar (n/t) - saagkri twelve days ago

I played one :) Won a Role Contest too. NT - Sam thirteen days ago

Please tell me you were a flamer dwarf that left Mortorn in scandal. nt - Isildur(VIP) thirteen days ago

Nah, just a duergar with a predilection for young elf males :) NT - Sam thirteen days ago

I don't care about your facts. Ragers are gay. Period. (n/t) - Murphy thirteen days ago

You're on your gay period. I don't care about you not caring. I know, right? Trippy. (n/t) - Frosty thirteen days ago

Stop bullying Murphy. - Rhyaldrin thirteen days ago

Nuh uhh, he's being a doody head. (n/t) - Frosty thirteen days ago

Crraya was Rayihn follower - Kstatida thirteen days ago

I actually laughed at this one. (n/t) - Frosty thirteen days ago

Best advise (from experience): Play a berserker villager...then see how you feel. (n/t) - saagkri thirteen days ago

This is a good advice - Kstatida thirteen days ago

Who was yours? (n/t) - xrus eleven days ago

Get the mongoose form. - GoldenApple thirteen days ago

I'm still a newbie, and will probably be one forever. Yet I have no problems killing/avoiding ragers. Tomayto, tomahto. - Frosty thirteen days ago

Look at the gnome ragers - Brujah thirteen days ago

A couple of points... - saagkri twelve days ago

You basically just tried to argue that gnome ragers are overpowered. - Frosty thirteen days ago

I think a gnome rager could be pretty OP. - Rhyaldrin thirteen days ago

Gnome gear? Damn, I really don't know much about CF gear anymore :( NT - Sam thirteen days ago

Gnome gear is pimp - Kstatida twelve days ago

No disrespect whatsoever. - Frosty thirteen days ago

I died to a gnome rager once. - Murphy thirteen days ago

Murphy is either on drugs or drunk - Kstatida twelve days ago

Well, CF is a drug. (n/t) - Murphy twelve days ago

Supposedly. (n/t) - Frosty twelve days ago

Eminently. (n/t) - Murphy twelve days ago

A wild Thror has been sighted!! - regreath last week

Re: A wild Thror has been sighted!! - Brujah thirteen days ago

What did he say? (n/t) - Murphy thirteen days ago

Pretty sure he means beront was right about that damned Destructor! n/t (n/t) - regreath twelve days ago

I'm just wondering whether Brujah is aware that Empire inners are scripted to occasionally prod you about raiding. (n/t) - Murphy eleven days ago

He was anathema too quickly - Kstatida eleven days ago

Let's hope he'll not disappear after the weekend like he tends to (n/t) - Kstatida thirteen days ago

I hope they are announcing automatic corpse evaporation. (n/t) - Matrik last week

Playerbase - wishore last week

Carrion fields has earned its place on the ash heap. There is no need to promote it. (n/t) - tesline twelve days ago

shut up bish. (n/t) - Rhyaldrin twelve days ago

We'll let you know when a dangle expert is needed. Thank you. (n/t) - Frosty twelve days ago

Shoot, I've talked to many people about it. - BlkDrgn thirteen days ago

I wouldn't...because I like my friends :). - Death_Claw last week

Pit jack pots. - Matrik last week

Re: Pit jack pots. - wishore last week

Doesn't it? - Matrik last week

It does - Java thirteen days ago

This is only marginally better than asking people to touch your dangles. (n/t) - Murphy thirteen days ago

I haven't advertised, only because most people I know would look at me like a crazy person if I told them I spent hours playing a text-based fantasy game. nt - Isildur(VIP) last week

The last time I introduced someone to CF, I got banned for life. (n/t) - Matrik last week

You don't know that for sure. You're not dead yet. (n/t) - Frosty last week

If he got a 3-day ban but died next morning, would it be a lifetime ban? (n/t) - Murphy thirteen days ago

I think the term "life time" is considered arbitrary. - Matrik last week

Good point. (n/t) - Frosty thirteen days ago

Pretty much same. - Rhyaldrin last week

Re: Pretty much same. - bufu last week

Imagine leaving discretion down to the players :D - wishore last week

Re: Playerbase - jhyrbian last week

Decreasing PB is a symptom, not the disease. (text) - saagkri last week

Disagree - Strongly - This is an ongoing issue for 20 years or so, unless I missed a second golden age some where. - wishore last week

Just for fun here's a rant about why we were in for a downturn in players I posted ~12 years ago. - saagkri last week

This argument is still valid, but just as ignored as it was 10 years ago. (n/t) - laearrist thirteen days ago I miss thee. (n/t) - Frosty last week

I agree it's been a slow decline but I think it sped up with EP nerf. It began IMHO when someone decided they wanted to spread out characters across Thera and put a pop. limit on Galadon. (n/t) - saagkri last week

That was about 18 years ago. It's happened a couple of times. (n/t) - saagkri last week

Disagree - Strongly - This is an ongoing issue for 20 years or so, unless I missed a second golden age some where. - wishore last week

I'm a notorious /r/MUD spammer - Kstatida last week

Re: Where are my money? - Murphy thirteen days ago

In English - may be - Kstatida thirteen days ago

What to play next... - Welverin two weeks ago

Play a simple, reliable build other than paladin. - Murphy thirteen days ago

I've played a couple shifters that I really liked. - Welverin twelve days ago

Answers - Murphy twelve days ago

Felar is ugly - Kstatida twelve days ago

Re: I've played a couple shifters that I really liked. - saagkri twelve days ago

Also, best thing about shapeshifters is forms are impervious to things like thieves, grappleweapon, melkartha, etc. (n/t) - Murphy thirteen days ago

Try something unusual - Kstatida two weeks ago

So, assassin basically? Or badass staff-spec friar? (n/t) - Murphy thirteen days ago

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