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Muscle Memory or Healthy Transformation first? - frob last year

Also... any edge against the necro spell 'Forget' ? nt - frob last year

A useful link - daurwyn last year

Strong Memory. (n/t) - Calion last year

Not what I was thinking of. Girded metamorphosis. Nt - daurwyn last year

Girded metamorphosis or Strong Memory? - frob last year

I'd take girded - daurwyn last year

I have no experience with Girded, but.. - Calion last year

Yes - daurwyn last year

I've had nearly all Shapeshifter Edges. - BattleCharmed last year

With your build I wouldn't take either of these. - jalim last year

2 Cents - SomeOneSpecial last year

No skull? - frob last year

There was a crash at this time. - BlkDrgn last year

Your two favorite edges as a shifter? - frob last year

Muscle Memory and Bloody Pecker (n/t) - wrathpuppet last year

Ricochet skin and Tearing Jaws or whatever it is that gives you the bleeding bite. - Sam last year

I'm always more worried about blindness (bloody pecker?) - daurwyn last year

Re: Your two favorite edges as a shifter? - daurwyn last year

Symphonic echoes bard's song - frob last year

What is does is that you land the skill and it makes them type flee. (n/t) - Artificial last year

Pretty much. (n/t) - Frosty last year

Re: Symphonic echoes bard's song - zannon last year

Re: sometimesfail - wrathpuppet last year

I'd disagree - BlkDrgn last year

No. zannon cheats. - wrathpuppet last year

It's true, I do. - zannon last year

Having been on both sides - Forsooth last year

Your account is years old... - jalim last year

It's old but the posts don't read like a vet's - daurwyn last year

Exactly! - frob last year

Assuming it's what I think it's hard to mistake through use - daurwyn last year

Christmas Rules - deathkitty last year

Nice! Don't know about deathfull. Old meme? (n/t) - karnif last year

Shalom - ekvilibr last year

is there a minimum to take Bloody pecker edge? - frob last year

Only edge points and its really expensive. n/t - jalim last year

thank you jalim. n/t (n/t) - frob last year

anytime n/t - jalim last year

quest reset time - ekvilibr last year

Just do the other bits. - daurwyn last year

goblin and orc - cabal? - Dragonsbane last year

The key word in the help file is "can" - Spronti last year

Goblins can, Orcs are their own cabal and can not join others. (n/t) - Ralmer last year

No. n/t - jalim last year

Re: No. n/t - Ralmer last year

What do you think of the Tiny Hummingbird? - frob last year


Hummingbird is really good. - Forsooth last year

Re: Hummingbird is really good. - ekvilibr last year

Re: Hummingbird is really good. - Forsooth last year

Keep it. - jalim last year

Make sense if you're Air/Offense but... - frob last year

Hummingbird/Cheetah is like one of the three dream combos dude. - Sam last year

Should also mention this about role the bones. - Frosty last year

what about the questions... - frob last year

nt - frob last year

A) simply take the edge if you have enough points to do it. B) Hummingbird is awesome. IMO keep it. - Frosty last year

Can you elaborate a bit more about Hummingbird? - frob last year

Re: Can you elaborate a bit more about Hummingbird? - Frosty last year

Re: Can you elaborate a bit more about Hummingbird? - frob last year

what about this example - frob last year

Re: what about this example - zannon last year

Wow! - frob last year

Zannon must be playing a rager because he is trying to get you killed. - jalim last year

Well... - frob last year

So, where is everyone? - Noone of significance last year

Re: So, where is everyone? - Ralmer last year

Yeah I think discord absorbed a lot of the chit chat. (n/t) - Frosty last year

Frankly it's very pleasant in the discord. No salt, no hate. (n/t) - karnif last year

If you ignore Physics it is. ;) (n/t) - Frosty last year

He's not on the official one. - Ralmer last year

Ishuli deletes all the good stuff. Also reads PMs with Daurwyn. n/t - jalim last year

Lol (n/t) - bloodmoon last year

Found this mildly interesting - daurwyn last year

This is why I'm saying you need to be on the discord - Ralmer last year

10 free PBFs..details inside - Lokain last year

Ischer? (n/t) - Blackstar last year

Re: 10 free PBFs..details inside - Telufial last year

Caelferous pls. - Telufial last year

Aiya please (n/t) - MiyagiYojimbo last year

Kjhena should be a funny one. n/t - jalim last year

Interesting bug - daurwyn last year

I think the important thing to point out here is you died to Funnyone. n/t - jalim last year

Someone please post something so that this isn't top of the recent posts forever - daurwyn last year

You probably should. I know I do that he's killed me for the first time with Kjhena (n/t) - bloodmoon last year

done nt (n/t) - Lokain last year

Fyliena. nt (n/t) - Ralmer last year

Done n/t (n/t) - Lokain last year

Leitha plz. Nt - K-B last year

Done nt (n/t) - Lokain last year

Thraininkh - bell last year

Re: Thraininkh - Lokain last year


commece bitching about sicon powers in 3...2...1... (n/t) - asker last year

sicon is op n/t - jalim last year

Deathblow is OP. (n/t) - Blackstar last year

I’m also curious how many tribs and imperials will completely break role to try to power game an induction for Scion. n/t - jalim last year

Seems that level sitting AP made that mistake. - Kez last year

At last, something we agree on nt - daurwyn last year

Pittsburg perma just had a collective skeet. n/t - jalim last year

Just rolled a trannie. NT - Sam last year

Is it inside out? ~ - leaf last year

Hey I resemble that remark. (n/t) - Blackstar last year

Dear Korsgaard - kadsuane last year

He was trolling based on everyone consistently complaining about Fort policy. n/t - jalim last year

So great that we chased off actual CF trolls so we can have the staff start trolling. Efficiency at its best! - kadsuane last year

Technically they've always trolled. Look at Entropy. n/t - jalim last year

Warriors - zheesus last year

I did Arial sword - daurwyn last year

The response arial warrior? (n/t) - zheesus last year

It says Arial warrior is good - daurwyn last year

The lack of comunity 7support usualy inspires me. . . (n/t) - zheesus last year

Arial Honesty - zheesus last year

Re: Arial Honesty - Carrock last year

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