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Boards are quiet: theorycrafting time! (n/t) - Kez three months ago

3. If you could pick THREE legacies on a warrior, what combo would it be? (n/t) - Kez three months ago

Gates of the forge, soul of the mountain, fires of adversity. nt - Flipside Oreo three months ago

Nah - Kstatida three months ago

Just roll a mage dude. nt - Flipside Oreo three months ago

So that you have a free induct to ragers? (n/t) - Kstatida three months ago

Storm Polearm Mace Ward Surrounding gates (n/t) - Mrsnuggles three months ago

Also a personal fave dream of mine was Storm Sword with Greeting Landslide and Cry. Nt - Sam three months ago

Elf or drow, Sword hand, flow, stf, calming nt - daurwyn three months ago

Duergar, sword, scarab, cry/riddle/whispers (n/t) - mcbeth three months ago

scarab arial sword/mace riddle/soul/surrounding (n/t) - Quas three months ago

Depends on the goal. I did always dream of a duergar sword zerker with maxed dam and cry + chilling + mercy. - Sam three months ago

Would be most useful for a gnome - starbright three months ago

Re: Would be most useful for a gnome - Mrsnuggles three months ago

Let's be real - Kstatida three months ago

Yeah what is with this gnome loving - mcbeth three months ago

Proper build: elf/delf dagger/axe striking and two of soul/cry/enigma/space - starbright three months ago

Enigma would be cool on a 25 int warrior - mcbeth three months ago

I was actually just thinking about trying something similar to this not long ago (n/t) - TJHuron three months ago

Iirc you can't zap stunned without them entering combat - daurwyn three months ago

2. If you could pick a legacy on any non-warrior combo, what would the legacy and combo be? (n/t) - Kez three months ago

STSF droW Shaman. nt - Flipside Oreo three months ago

Autumn harvest on a goblin. - MiyagiYojimbo three months ago

Harmonious on Lich? - starbright three months ago

Space lagging makes it nice for all classes, also. Nt - Sam three months ago

Halfie shaman with Space would be great - starbright three months ago

greeting on an orc or fire anti-paladin? (n/t) - asker three months ago

Also "Cry" on an Orc. Warcy now hastes you in addition to all the other goodies (n/t) - asker three months ago

Re: Also "Cry" on an Orc. Warcy now hastes you in addition to all the other goodies - Kstatida three months ago

wonder if "Cry" haste would stack with the "normal" orc haste, then? probably not, but maybe (n/t) - asker three months ago

One really boring but effective choice: Soul on mage classes - starbright three months ago

Maybe outcry on an assassin - daurwyn three months ago

Landslide on a conjurer? :P (n/t) - mcbeth three months ago

Seems counterproductive. - Spronti three months ago

Also technically conjurers don't learn drive... (n/t) - starbright three months ago

Good point. Hour past midnight? :P (n/t) - mcbeth three months ago

Re: Landslide on a conjurer? :P - mcbeth three months ago

I would put Hours Past Midnight on a lot of different melee classes - Quas three months ago

Fist for any AP. Surrounding for any undead (as gangs are really your only worry). Maelstrom on a drow AP would be nice. Whispers on an elf trannies in Outlander would be gross. - Sam three months ago

Calming on an imperial fire ap, or greeting on a scarab drow ap nt - daurwyn three months ago

STSF with an Elf Paladin Champion would be mean. nt - Java three months ago

Second this, I can't think of anything more brutal (n/t) - starbright three months ago

STSF delf transmuter (n/t) - Kstatida three months ago

Basically STSF on anyone, invoker, conjurer, druid, hell even bard would be insane with it (n/t) - mcbeth three months ago

Not convinced - daurwyn three months ago

STSF is disproportionately good on melee-heavy characters - starbright three months ago

Sure, but it's also really good on someone with dispel who can throw out unparryable UNSPEAKS (n/t) - mcbeth three months ago

1. What unknown build do you suspect has great potential but you haven't had the time/effort to try. (n/t) - Kez three months ago

Outlander fire warrior whip/pole trapping/HPM. nt - Flipside Oreo three months ago

The Tontik build but on a prep-happy dwarf - starbright three months ago

Lol, I'm in (n/t) - mcbeth three months ago

Human axe/hand warrior in outlander, outcry + harmonious or enigma - mcbeth three months ago

Arial Vindicator Whirlwind/incar sword/mace (n/t) - Blackstar three months ago

Gnome Plainsrunner Explorer Battle Defender. Nt - Sam three months ago

Dwarf whip dagger incarnadine enigma battle scout - daurwyn three months ago

Enigma battle sounds terrific - Kstatida three months ago

Did you mean something else besides Enigma? (n/t) - TJHuron three months ago

Maelstrom - daurwyn three months ago

Looking through various spells, etc. - does calm supplication or spell have any reasonable uses? (n/t) - Noone of significance three months ago

Stopping combat has it's uses, certainly situational/niche - mcbeth three months ago

Does calm actually stop active combat? Is it similar to bard's tranquil song? (n/t) - Noone of significance three months ago

yes (n/t) - Quas three months ago

If you want to experiment and already have a char go fight the monks in mourdrilars, they use calm (n/t) - Quas three months ago

Also stops them from using berserk type affects - Quas three months ago

And thirsting is a bust. - SomeOneSpecial three months ago

OK, yes, this is a big deal (n/t) - Noone of significance three months ago

anyone know where these are from? - deathincarnate three months ago

Re: anyone know where these are from? - zannon three months ago

I'd guess aboleths for bracer and maybe ring (n/t) - Kstatida three months ago

Does stoneskin stack with ironskin? - Spronti three months ago

Yes but ironskin is just -ac, no real dam redux(though I've heard people claim it does). (n/t) - Frosty three months ago

Some questions. - Kez three months ago

Re: Some questions. - Jarmel three months ago

Yes to all. - Blackstar three months ago

Might be wrong but I THINK 1. -40 2. yes 3. very, sold in galadon in the past 4. yes The problem is low level spells and easily dispelled. (n/t) - Frosty three months ago

Long time no see. Whats up with all you salty fucks. Hows the mud life treating you? - Gaplemo four months ago

#FCF2019 nt - The Forsaken(VIP) three months ago

Re: #FCF2019? Whats this stand for? You guys trying to drag me into a comeback? :P nt (n/t) - Gaplemo three months ago

:) You are very much missed. Hope you're doing well man. Merry Christmas! (n/t) - Frosty four months ago

What up bitches - uerlante four months ago

Bleh will report it to log board. nt - Mrsnuggles four months ago

mess up n//t - Mrsnuggles four months ago

When is someone going to wake up and turn it on!!? - reddragon79 four months ago

Is it down, can't connect. No skull. nt - jackburton four months ago

Good... maybe I can start getting ready for Xmas now :/ n/t - bored four months ago

Booooooooooo...n/t - reddragon79 four months ago

Do cabals shun non empowered empower classes? nt. - jackburton four months ago

No, but - daurwyn four months ago

I've never seen that happen, or even heard of it happening. - Frosty four months ago

Beront you sstupi idot - Flipside Oreo four months ago

I don’t know if anyone’s told you - HairyOrangutan four months ago

They could even make their own private discord channel and bro it out. - Frosty four months ago

Discord is actually cheating tool. - scr four months ago

So are messenger pigeons, depending on how you use them. (n/t) - Frosty four months ago

Sstupi is as sstupi does. (n/t) - Frosty four months ago

Drekvah would have beat both their asses at once with one of his bony lich hands behind his back :P - Gaplemo four months ago

This is so sad. My God. - TripHitNdip three months ago

Yeah, whos the dumbass here? I never made a CF video and haven't played in like 5 years. - Gaplemo three months ago

I think he simply is mistaking you for Torak. Cuz all what he said sounds like Sand-in-the-vigina-Demon. ;) (n/t) - Frosty three months ago

Toraks a good friend of mine and always will be. First person to get me into hell and start teaching me, friend since I was in high school. He was an excellent RPer and did a lot for CF before most of this forum even played the game. - Gaplemo three months ago

He is good people, but you cannot deny that he is at times a GIANT bitch. I'm talking monumental. - Frosty three months ago

Why don't you drop calling people (specially those absent at discussion) names? - Kstatida three months ago

Why don't you tell that to Trip? I'm being honest. I said Torak i's good people, which he is. He's ALSO very very negative at times, to the point that he lashes out at others. - Frosty three months ago

CF video? You mean Torak's? (n/t) - Frosty three months ago

What does CF do with old areas? - ekirhal four months ago

There is no space to save them, the floppy disks are erased NT - Dragonsbane four months ago

Answers - bored four months ago

Not wholly true. - Spronti four months ago

Thank you. (n/t) - ekirhal four months ago

They send them on an adventure to explore mountains (n/t) - TJHuron four months ago

Re: They send them on an adventure to explore mountains - Kstatida four months ago

And who says CF can’t be educational. (n/t) - TJHuron four months ago

They drive them up to the farm where they can run and frolic with all the other old areas (n/t) - HairyOrangutan four months ago

and then make glue out of them? nt - The Forsaken(VIP) four months ago

They send them to a spa for an entire week for all their hard work before letting them retire in the "old areas" folder. - Frosty four months ago

Lowest level UNSPEAK - Kez four months ago

Had late teens both with a decked lowbie ranger using ambush to hit a double vuln and an invoker with 10 affinity doing the same. - Sam four months ago

rank 28 human ranger - Berak four months ago

Level 15 PVP - saagkri four months ago

This was a long time ago, yes? I remember seeing you both on 'where' a lot.~ (n/t) - ekirhal four months ago

Level 17 duergar warrior, full set pwent, two wide coppers, fire opal rings, iron awl pike charge on an elf mob - HairyOrangutan four months ago

either deathblow on an ambush or polearm charge, low 30s. nt - The Forsaken(VIP) four months ago

Either lvl 10 or 15 Mage - wraith four months ago

Same here, old school loadstone from elemental canyon. In PK highest I saw was ERAD on a lvl 5, but still close. (n/t) - Frosty four months ago

Non-contrived ones I've had - starbright four months ago

22 storm paladin - jafel four months ago

I had something close to the same. - Java four months ago

Re: Lowest level UNSPEAK - daurwyn four months ago

Questions: what is the race/class requirement for getting the Speardancer edge?? Thanks in advance. (n/t) - badboy four months ago

Little better with spear/spin is not better than using backfist (or a shield) (n/t) - mcbeth four months ago

Don't take it - Kstatida four months ago

Re: Don't take it - badboy four months ago

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