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What I'd like to see... - saagkri five weeks ago

You can make it happen. All you have to do is... - Matrik five weeks ago

Crazy Idea for increasing interest and playerbase - ellokraine five weeks ago

I'd re-craft some of my old areas from memory quite happily to support CF. (n/t) - The Faithful of Nazmorghul three weeks ago

Well, I found this... - (vಠ_ಠ)> AngryFatKid five weeks ago

Hey bub! Where ya been?! :) (n/t) - Frosty five weeks ago

Got married, got divorced, moved, got married again, changed jobs... - (vಠ_ಠ)> AngryFatKid four weeks ago

Damn, life's a bitch sometimes. Keep your head up man. Best of luck to ya. ;) (n/t) - Frosty four weeks ago

Nah, it hasn't been as bad as it seems at first. - (vಠ_ಠ)> AngryFatKid four weeks ago

Well, you're not going to find it here. ;) (n/t) - saagkri four weeks ago

Of the many things I could be convinced to write for CF, an area is not on that list... (n/t) - laearrist five weeks ago

Noone needs new areas - Kstatida five weeks ago

Imho we have plenty of areas - Tadam five weeks ago

I think we all agree... - ellokraine five weeks ago

A demonstration of why "New is not necessary Better" - frob five weeks ago

I know this is a bit tardy, but welcome to CF, Frob! (n/t) - DurNominator three weeks ago

Vets are more likely that newbies to keep playing CF. - saagkri five weeks ago

Vets have limited numbers - DurNominator three weeks ago

I wonder on what you base your analysis. - frob five weeks ago

Re: I wonder on what you base your analysis. - saagkri five weeks ago

Here's the deal - Dalbrin five weeks ago

I don't know if you've played many shifters... - saagkri five weeks ago

I've played more shifters then anything. - Dalbrin five weeks ago

Ditto - PacMan five weeks ago

Agree with the no cost spin/roll, but... - saagkri five weeks ago

Free I think would be too much. Halving the edge costs for them makes sense to me. (n/t) - Frosty five weeks ago

Too much? Heaven forbid you get to hero and spin a second crappy form and have enough EPs for muscle memory and calmed mind. You're right, that's overpowered. (n/t) - saagkri five weeks ago

Can you only take it once? nt - MiyagiYojimbo five weeks ago

Yes. And, I like the picture. Wait, I'm the leaf? Why?! (n/t) - saagkri five weeks ago

Re: Yes. And, I like the picture. Wait, I'm the leaf? Why?! - MiyagiYojimbo five weeks ago

Oh, nice. :) (n/t) - saagkri five weeks ago

Cry a little more. (n/t) - Frosty five weeks ago

YOU cry a little more. Anyway, I agreed with you. It's overpowered. Didn't you see that? (n/t) - saagkri five weeks ago

Nononono that "I was being sarcastic but I wasn't being sarcstic" bullshit doesn't work on me. - Frosty five weeks ago

You're too quick for me. Clearly I'm out of my league. (n/t) - saagkri five weeks ago

They should put in some no cap goodness for other alignments too. - MiyagiYojimbo five weeks ago

Re: I wonder on what you base your analysis. - PacMan five weeks ago

Anyway, why would someone play fewer than three? That's how you max EXP when you're ranking them together. (n/t) - saagkri five weeks ago

You can't prove that. (n/t) - saagkri five weeks ago

I've got good new on one of those items... If you log, contact me! - laearrist five weeks ago

What's the purpose of you being a stupid fuck? - MiyagiYojimbo five weeks ago

Access denied. - frob five weeks ago

LET ME IN! - MiyagiYojimbo five weeks ago

Re: LET ME IN! - frob five weeks ago

:( Sawwry - MiyagiYojimbo five weeks ago

Re: :( Sawwry - frob five weeks ago

Agreed. We need older players. Not newer. Fuck kids. (n/t) - Matrik five weeks ago

I never pictured you to be the "throw in the towel" type (n/t) - PacMan five weeks ago

I personally don't, but that's a relatively small pool (n/t) - Tadam five weeks ago

It’ll never work. - wrathpuppet five weeks ago

PBF PK Stats - Kez five weeks ago

Pretty useless - Kstatida five weeks ago

When was that? (n/t) - Kez five weeks ago

2014? I'm one of the newer here (n/t) - Kstatida five weeks ago

Quick question for those who've been around a while. - Kez five weeks ago

Re: Quick question for those who've been around a while. - saagkri five weeks ago

Roll new char, recall;get all pit;! Etc... (n/t) - demos five weeks ago

Funny. I look in pits all the time. A habit from a bygone era. But, recently I did it with a level 1 char and there was a very nice hero set in there. Now, I'll never be able to break the habit. (n/t) - saagkri five weeks ago

I got the Face Faces of Evil from the Hamsah pit once. - Matrik five weeks ago

What drawbacks? I traded phylacteries to Zorsaul for one. Are you telling me I got screwed?? (n/t) - saagkri five weeks ago

I was too low level to know for sure. - Matrik five weeks ago

I know of another item that does that, but after a day or two IC, your HP return. (n/t) - saagkri five weeks ago

Oops, double post. (n/t) - saagkri five weeks ago

Yeah that's way back in time. - Kez five weeks ago

Nice little break down - K-B five weeks ago

might be interesting to rerun the analysis without the top 50-100 - mcbeth five weeks ago

Can do. - Kez five weeks ago

+1. Might be more useful information for average player NT - frob five weeks ago

I mean rerun for combos with less than 100 pk NT - frob five weeks ago

Export PK Stats Graveyard - Kez five weeks ago

For best results... - ellokraine five weeks ago

"Hello Team" would be the correct syntax for that argument. (n/t) - Matrik five weeks ago

True Story - ellokraine five weeks ago

I would ridicule the fuck out of that guy. The world needs more me. (n/t) - Matrik five weeks ago

Re: For best results... - Kez five weeks ago

data data. nt - Flipside Oreo five weeks ago

Pretty sure it’s been done. - regreath five weeks ago

That's the table i want to export. - Kez five weeks ago

Nevermind I got it (n/t) - Kez five weeks ago

Mel'cartha fixed? - Kstatida five weeks ago

Seems like some sort of critical hit - Tadam five weeks ago

Looks like ABS ignore, === OBLIT === is his normal hit w/o damredux (n/t) - Kstatida five weeks ago

If that's the case it makes it way more powerful. - Kez five weeks ago

So it's a win-win - Kstatida five weeks ago

Bitching works - PacMan five weeks ago

New Stuff Then - ellokraine five weeks ago

New is not necessary Better - frob five weeks ago

Playerbase is roughly 300 ppl - Kstatida five weeks ago

What is the purpose of your post? - frob five weeks ago

What's the purpose of you being a stupid fuck? - Kstatida five weeks ago

Cool down little boy and try to breath slowly. - frob five weeks ago

Stupid fuck confirmed - Kstatida five weeks ago

Re: Stupid fuck confirmed - frob five weeks ago

Calm your tits. (n/t) - Matrik five weeks ago

Made me snickerlaughsnort all at once, nearly died. Thanks for the laugh :) (n/t) - Frosty five weeks ago

I don't know how about U.S. - Kstatida five weeks ago

Russians do everything with a cool head. - Matrik five weeks ago

That's how we cool (n/t) - Kstatida five weeks ago

I think Kstatida's having a bad day. (n/t) - saagkri five weeks ago

Re: New is not necessary Better - saagkri five weeks ago

replace "please" by "favor" from my previous post... - frob five weeks ago

Re: New Stuff Then - asker five weeks ago

Fuck it - Kstatida five weeks ago

If you’re really interested you need to Heroimm. - wrathpuppet five weeks ago

Easier said than done for some. - KoeKhaos five weeks ago

You need - Dalbrin five weeks ago

"...all too often the IMMs have valid reasons..." - saagkri five weeks ago

Not needed. - KoeKhaos five weeks ago

Agree with Matrik...but will put it a different way... - saagkri five weeks ago

Oops. Ignore this. (n/t) - saagkri four weeks ago

One of the reasons you can see in the gameplay forums. - KoeKhaos four weeks ago

Thanks for sharing. (n/t) - Matrik four weeks ago

Re: One of the reasons you can see in the gameplay forums. - saagkri four weeks ago

These responses are why I didn't really want to go into details. - KoeKhaos four weeks ago

ST decision was pretty dumb - Kstatida four weeks ago

Rule of thumb to apply for immdom - Kstatida four weeks ago

Whether this is true or not, I can't say. - KoeKhaos four weeks ago

I bet you didn't delete your social network accounts yet - Kstatida four weeks ago

I don't get it. - KoeKhaos four weeks ago

And most likely you won't - Kstatida four weeks ago

Or you could just be a decent person. - KoeKhaos four weeks ago

Why so defensive, boy? - Kstatida four weeks ago

That may or may not... - saagkri four weeks ago

You know how I know you're not a decent person? - Stevers four weeks ago

You know how I know you're not a decent person? - MiyagiYojimbo four weeks ago

I switch my identity in the CF community every once in a while. - MiyagiYojimbo four weeks ago

How cunning of you - Kstatida four weeks ago

Meant to post this from my Murphy account. (n/t) - MiyagiYojimbo four weeks ago

Now that's funny. :) (n/t) - Frosty four weeks ago

I knew I'd say that. (n/t) - MiyagiYojimbo four weeks ago

You just need an OOC mate who is an Imm. If you don't have one you're fucked. (n/t) - PacMan four weeks ago

I sense corruption! - Kstatida four weeks ago

It absolutely matters why. - Matrik five weeks ago

Mind sharing the reasons given? (n/t) - Matrik five weeks ago

I had a similar experience... (n/t) - laearrist five weeks ago

And i did as well. (n/t) - shaapa five weeks ago

Wow.. - ellokraine five weeks ago

Harder for a serial necro guy!! - ellokraine five weeks ago

Where can I practice shield cleave as a Goodie ? NT - frob six weeks ago

Here is what I've done for lower levels that should work as a goodie - TJHuron six weeks ago

With a friend. - Matrik six weeks ago

Big Brother - ellokraine five weeks ago

Odd. What could be wrong with training with a friend? Doesn't compute. (n/t) - Matrik five weeks ago

Dhumlar-Ko maybe, there are a few mobs with shields at least nt (n/t) - shane six weeks ago

Keep of Fhaulagash? (n/t) - Kstatida five weeks ago

underdark, koa toa. I don't think there are any low lvl areas to master it as a goodie. (n/t) - subov six weeks ago

The Player's Opinion Matters - Matrik six weeks ago

Copying Ello? There must be a glitch in the Matrik...nt - ellokraine six weeks ago

Negative. The Matrik is perfect. (n/t) - Matrik six weeks ago

I try to read them all. - regreath six weeks ago

I totally read descriptions. All the important parts... - laearrist six weeks ago

Re: The Player's Opinion Matters - Kez six weeks ago

Couple of questions about clients and commands - ghuljun_thul six weeks ago

Step one - - Kstatida six weeks ago

Thanks, upgraded from 3.6 - anta six weeks ago

Re: Thanks, upgraded from 3.6 - Kstatida five weeks ago

Agreed in principle. It seems like everyone is using different client... And that makes it hard to help. - laearrist six weeks ago

to increase cabal wars. - ellokraine six weeks ago

I don't think Dynamics of cabals are a problem... - BlkDrgn six weeks ago

Question: What builds PB then? - ellokraine six weeks ago

There's a good principle in game design - Kstatida six weeks ago

I feel like PK is second to RP in CF. - BlkDrgn six weeks ago

^ This is good (n/t) - Kstatida six weeks ago

I do think Entrophy is a bit of a waste - Kez six weeks ago

Ancient Stuff - ellokraine six weeks ago

It is totally filling the void Nexas created when it was removed. - jalim six weeks ago

I'm with you. Mynext mage goes Entropy - Kstatida six weeks ago

Matrik always says "Hello Team." Nice try at new handle nerd. (n/t) - Matrik six weeks ago

Hello, Team! - Kstatida six weeks ago

Maybe if I were smarter and a little less handsome I could pass for Matrik. Alas! Poor Ello! We knew him well. n/t - ellokraine six weeks ago

lol (n/t) - Matrik six weeks ago

2 cents from Offiicials / AP - ellokraine six weeks ago

A bard and a binder could maybe manage? - frob six weeks ago

I would! - jalim six weeks ago

Why bother? - Kstatida six weeks ago

Re: 2 cents from Offiicials / AP - asker six weeks ago

What i really dislike about class - zanzarin six weeks ago

"He's not hard to evade."...."Delzor went Empire just to not have to avoid Bakr" - saagkri six weeks ago

Re: "He's not hard to evade."...."Delzor went Empire just to not have to avoid Bakr" - ellokraine six weeks ago

Vraknar (n/t) - Kez six weeks ago

Sorry this was meant to go below on the recommended PBFs (n/t) - Kez six weeks ago

Added to the list. (n/t) - regreath six weeks ago

Fair weather playing and scouting - Returner six weeks ago

Re: Fair weather playing and scouting - asker six weeks ago

Felar outlander ranger, level wit at 38-42, max ancient instincts, haste, profit. (n/t) - bloodmoon six weeks ago

Roll something that can live in sub-hero range: OG conjie, druid, shaman with low race penalty - zanzarin six weeks ago

Shamans viable without empower and paths? (n/t) - ekvilibr six weeks ago

Empowerment = paths now. They are in right hands nt - zanzarin six weeks ago

Hard to find imm When there are not (n/t) - ekvilibr six weeks ago

I'll be completely honest and it'll probably upset some people here. - Kez six weeks ago

Might be the only way for him to learn. - frob six weeks ago

You're all good man. I think most people are on the same page as you. - Frosty six weeks ago

I also think - Kstatida six weeks ago

It's your time. I don't see anything wrong with that. (n/t) - saagkri six weeks ago

Roll up a thief and take their pies if they're making you not enjoy the game because of such things. - jalim six weeks ago

I don't have the time - Kez six weeks ago

Does thief waylay work if they can see you? (n/t) - Quas six weeks ago

No. n/t - jalim six weeks ago

December PBFs. - regreath six weeks ago

Thalamanion! :) (n/t) - karnif five weeks ago

He’s on the list, Ish suggested him on officials. (n/t) - regreath four weeks ago

Krahl (n/t) - deathincarnate six weeks ago

Added to list. (n/t) - regreath six weeks ago

Kzardr n/t - mharldarn six weeks ago

Added to the list. (n/t) - regreath six weeks ago

Enifey (n/t) - deathincarnate six weeks ago

Picked him up in November PBFs. Any others? (n/t) - regreath six weeks ago

Re: December PBFs. - Kstatida six weeks ago

Added to list. (n/t) - regreath six weeks ago

questions vs saves - frob seven weeks ago

You also need saves_paralysis for necro ghouls. (n/t) - Murphy seven weeks ago

Some of these assumptions are too general (details inside) - Treebeard seven weeks ago

Very helpful. Thank you Treebeard. nt (n/t) - frob seven weeks ago

I'm glad you're still around. You're one of the good ones. (n/t) - Frosty seven weeks ago

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