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So what client do you guys use to play mud on a Mac? - K-B two weeks ago

tintin++ (n/t) - laearrist two weeks ago

Thanks for response. - K-B two weeks ago

tintin++ is still actively developed. As in Wintin++ try again. (n/t) - laearrist twelve days ago

i used zmud with wine on mac for a while. - The Forsaken(VIP) two weeks ago

Appreciate it. nt - K-B two weeks ago

Re: tintin++ - anta two weeks ago

This - xrus two weeks ago

tintin++. not as good as zmud but it's tolerable. nt - The Forsaken(VIP) two weeks ago

So, uhh, how do you send a PM? - DuneTree two weeks ago

as a follow up question - ellokraine two weeks ago

Re: as a follow up question - BlkDrgn two weeks ago

I guess you need 50 posts to be able to. I have same problem (n/t) - anta two weeks ago

And how exactly does that make you feel? Discuss. ;) (n/t) - Frosty two weeks ago

He's got to be careful if he's trying to keep his 0.02260 posts a day avg (n/t) - demos two weeks ago

I'm feeling good without PMs and any ooc interractions. Wanna try it too? :) - anta two weeks ago

Join us on discord. We'll group play. (n/t) - laearrist two weeks ago

Poll: - asker two weeks ago

...Scarab is a cabal? (n/t) - Murphy two weeks ago

A religion first and foremost. - GoldenApple two weeks ago

All of them, Nightwalkers and the resist alone counters vulns and overkills (n/t) - Zheeser two weeks ago

Check your PMs? (n/t) - Frosty two weeks ago

Assassins/thieves - potentially. - Forsooth two weeks ago

Re: Poll: - jhyrbian two weeks ago

Re: Poll: - asker two weeks ago

What are Scarab powers anyway? (n/t) - Kez two weeks ago

Nightgaunt and Cherish Masochism. (n/t) - regreath two weeks ago

He meant nightwalker (n/t) - bhagavan two weeks ago

What's the explo scene like these days (outside of Empire hell trips)? - Noone of significance three weeks ago

Any of those. There are a few ishuli followers who go all over & if herald is ever awake they do too (n/t) - demos three weeks ago

We need only your fat mom, sorry n/t - mharldarn three weeks ago

haha, B is a chubby chaser :) (n/t) - Frosty three weeks ago

Oh and is Whyisdan active? (n/t) - Noone of significance three weeks ago

yes. nt - The Forsaken(VIP) three weeks ago

What cabal are strong which are struggling, what do each need - uerlante three weeks ago

There is only one cabal, my young padavan - mharldarn two weeks ago

I'd say they're all in pretty good shape except maybe Empire - Kez two weeks ago

New sunwarden to chase away all the outlanders. It's perfect for you, Eric. (n/t) - Noone of significance three weeks ago

Anybody have a wand list they'd be willing to share? - DuneTree three weeks ago

IC a cabal mate has always walked me thru all the wands I needed (n/t) - Zheeser two weeks ago

I've been quietly asking around the same, learning one location that's never in per character is for the birds - mcbeth three weeks ago

Personally I hate the new system. Don't understand half the cryptic hints for barrier and only may 70 to 80 for aura. (n/t) - Returner three weeks ago

99% of the hints are disgustingly transparent. - Murphy two weeks ago

Join the discord channel - Kstatida three weeks ago

What's ironic(and funny as hell) is people not in cheat rings joining the discord channel to keep tabs on the cheat rings. (n/t) - Frosty three weeks ago

Sad to hear. (n/t) - Matrik three weeks ago

The trick is... - jalim three weeks ago

Re: The trick is... - Brujah three weeks ago

No - saagkri three weeks ago

I think you showed me some invoker specific ones a while I had Arim and you had a Paladin, yeah - mcbeth three weeks ago

=) PM if you still need help. n/t - jalim three weeks ago

I'd like to get such list too, but have to gather such info IC little by little. n/t (n/t) - anta three weeks ago

PM if you still need any help. nt - sleepy three weeks ago

Wiki - Does the Familiar page for conjurers work for anyone? It just shows a blank page for me, How to fix it?? (n/t) - dan83 three weeks ago

Fix inside - Spronti three weeks ago

Or here - Spronti three weeks ago

This policy of demotion and booting for accidentally killing mobs is STUPID as fuck. - Returner three weeks ago

I was inducted by an immortal to Fort despite having killed an innocent as a newbie, he reminded me though (n/t) - Zheeser two weeks ago

Dude, if I haven’t been turned neutral from evil yet, there’s no way a goodie should get bumped down for waxing some mobs. (n/t) - wrathpuppet three weeks ago

It's not that the Fort leaders don't understand what accidental killing is. - Murphy three weeks ago

I agree with the rationale and its part of making the game "harder".. but I think its way over the top right now. - Returner three weeks ago

What is best in life? - MiyagiYojimbo three weeks ago

I know right? Ultimate good guys should get to do whatever they want without consequence. - Matrik three weeks ago

Hm - mcbeth three weeks ago

A few people have tried Muhadin followers to do this but a few imms have said they'd punish a successful attempt to RP it harshly. - Rhyaldrin three weeks ago

That wouldn't be good though. That would be neutral alignment, and probably orderly ethos. - Matrik three weeks ago

Fort places a higher standard on what constitutes good alignment. - Murphy three weeks ago

FWIW the question of what are "Good" and "Evil" is pretty interesting in CF - mcbeth three weeks ago

Being good is dumb - Kstatida three weeks ago

The wise words, of Dark Helmet. (n/t) - Frosty three weeks ago

Very impressive - MiyagiYojimbo three weeks ago

Damn you both. Now I have to watch it. (n/t) - Navarone three weeks ago

What are the numbers looking like around 7 to 10 central? - uerlante three weeks ago

Lately, the evening hours have been around 15 at lowest to 30 at highest. (n/t) - BlkDrgn three weeks ago

Pretty solid from what I have seen, I rolled a new character again recently too! (n/t) - mcbeth three weeks ago

Matrik is unbanned. - Matrik four weeks ago

I upheld an old tradition by making sure to mud a few hours on Christmas Day, and the needle's back in. - The Faithful of Nazmorghul three weeks ago

Why will you delete after two deaths? (n/t) - xrus three weeks ago

I've been thinking about rolling something up too (n/t) - uerlante three weeks ago

Why double my average, you mean? - The Faithful of Nazmorghul three weeks ago

Quick, make a mage so I can get into Village Lol. W/B (n/t) - BlkDrgn four weeks ago

Best practice - mharldarn four weeks ago

Wintin95 still works on windows 10. It has enough for aliases/targeting (and prob more, but I suck) (n/t) - Treebeard four weeks ago

Lol - Kstatida four weeks ago

Re: +1 - anta four weeks ago

Wow this branch is NICE! - Kstatida four weeks ago

Hey, no linking to that wing dings goobly gock! - MiyagiYojimbo four weeks ago

Tintin++ ftw (n/t) - Brujah four weeks ago

Solraen please pm me ....nt. - ellokraine four weeks ago

Re: How about interractin' IC? - anta four weeks ago

in game character knowledge - ellokraine four weeks ago

Just tell him to fuck off - Kstatida four weeks ago

That's not my "thing." I leave that to the experts. nt - ellokraine four weeks ago

Don't say that. Now he'll think HE is one of the experts. nt - Frosty four weeks ago

I don't. Faggot. (n/t) - Matrik four weeks ago

That's only cause you're banned (n/t) - Kstatida four weeks ago

Wrong. Never had a cheat ring. (n/t) - Matrik four weeks ago

If you say so - Kstatida four weeks ago

Prove me wrong. - Matrik four weeks ago

How do we know that's truth you're saying? - Kstatida four weeks ago

Easy. Matrik said it. That alone is proof it is true. (n/t) - Matrik four weeks ago

I've seen that coming - Kstatida four weeks ago

Anyway, it's lookin' rather suspicious - anta four weeks ago

Ladies and gentlemen, your prayers were answered (partly) - Kstatida five weeks ago

newb nt - The Forsaken(VIP) four weeks ago

Exploration - recommended areas - Kez five weeks ago

If you happen to be ranking a female character and are not past lvl 35... - Spronti four weeks ago

Resist mental. - Matrik four weeks ago

Off-hand - saagkri five weeks ago

Thanks guys. (n/t) - Kez five weeks ago

Kteng's has a quest. (n/t) - sleepy five weeks ago

Oops. Meant to say that. (n/t) - saagkri five weeks ago

Doesn't require being a hero. - Matrik five weeks ago

Do you think having multiple chars is beneficial to CF? (n/t) - BlkDrgn five weeks ago

No. With one exception. - asker four weeks ago

Playing multiple characters is fine. - K-B five weeks ago

Anything that increases your fun and/or time playing CF is beneficial to CF. - Matrik five weeks ago

As long as you're NOT using multiple chars to be a pansy fairweather player(basically not cheating) I say play what you want as much as you want. (n/t) - Frosty five weeks ago

If you have the time, sure. - wrathpuppet five weeks ago

Yes/No - regreath five weeks ago

Certainly - Kstatida five weeks ago

Here's the problem with this question... - saagkri five weeks ago

Personally, - BlkDrgn five weeks ago

Mixed thoughts - Kez five weeks ago

Personal take - Tadam five weeks ago

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