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ORC ORC ORC ORC - legobelt last year

Durr posted in the comments - Ralmer last year

Nice.(n/t) (n/t) - theheretic last year

Hahaha, I liked it. (n/t) - bhagavan last year

. (n/t) - Frosty last year

ORC ORC ORC - legobelt last year

. (n/t) - Frosty last year

Memo to admin staff & Ishuli : please respect the playerbase's time. - kadsuane last year

Cosign on this I mean jeez. - WarEagle last year

This is in reference to: - jalim last year

That person's gripe seemed somewhat legit until I got to this point. - Frosty last year

IT WAS ME!!! The post and I also farted... - Derps last year

Thanks for the clairification! I figured there was more to the story. I hope any future adventures you have in Thera go smoother. - Frosty last year

Haha I ceth what you did there (n/t) - PacMan last year

I have no idea what you're talking about. Good day Sir! (n/t) - Frosty last year

Comedic irony! - Derps last year

LOL customer service at its finest - kadsuane last year

Confirming this wasn't my character. Its just a flawed system, we should look to improve it. - kadsuane last year

Re: Memo to admin staff & Ishuli : please respect the playerbase's time. - Ultec last year

argh, get out of my brain! (n/t) - jhyrbian last year

i wonder if they ever considered how much more free time they'd have if they didn't have to empwower manually and just had to unempower for shit behavior (n/t) - jhyrbian last year

yes please nt - The Forsaken(VIP) last year

Yeah basically... - Derps last year

Does footwork reliably dodge assassin kicks? (n/t) - zheesus last year

Please slow down with all the replies, I can't keep up... (n/t) - zheesus last year

Main forum is kinda dead, head to discord. N/t - Startyre last year

Hey Torak... - Frosty last year

Just pandemic boredom - torak last year

Prepaid PBF Challenge, next 50 active character PBFs are on the house. - kadsuane last year

Shit there‚Äôs text? Here I thought you were throwing $250 funbucks around (n/t) - HairyOrangutan last year

Thought was to promote more gameplay and new characters being rolled.n/t - kadsuane last year

official Forums down? (n/t) - frob last year

Domain provider problem or something. - Calion last year

3 questions on Weapon Trip - frob last year

Re: 3 questions on Weapon Trip - bored last year

Answers - Quixotic last year

Some false statements - fdialke last year

Re: flying - Quixotic last year

Your facts have no power here, this is qhcf. Weapontrip is bash. n/t - jalim last year

Works like bash. (n/t) - Artificial last year

Bashish - deathkitty last year

You be smokin de bashish?! (n/t) - The Faithful of Nazmorghul last year

Have you ever heard the scratchy wail of the Bansheesh? I've heard her cough is quite frightening. (n/t) - Frosty last year

Super disagree. n/t - jalim last year

Is Swashbuckler broken or get changed? - random last year

20 dex is never going to produce a good evade change (n/t) - zheesus last year

Evade itself is like deathblow - Dalbrin last year

Hi De Ho Doodilly Doodles - uerlante last year

All on Discord these days - Tadam last year

What are the two best classes to kill a Mummy/Lich/Wight ? - frob last year

As a mummy the only real threat I saw was mace berserkers - Quas last year

Does cleave or assassinate work on undead? - joe last year

They both work - zannon last year

There are ways to avoid sense life. Also it does nothing to protect against stalking/assassinate other than they know someone is in the area. n/t - jalim last year

both work, fairly confident nt - The Forsaken(VIP) last year

Catching them at the right time is the only real way. - zannon last year

Just be glad that there are no powerhouse undead at the moment in CF (n/t) - PacMan last year

Re: Just be glad that there are no powerhouse undead at the moment in CF - Dalbrin last year

outlander druid is pretty nice. sword/axe/mace rbw is great, especially with good legacies - The Forsaken(VIP) last year

one other anecdote - The Forsaken(VIP) last year

Champ Pally would be my pick - Java last year

enlarged storm champ could fend perma-lag, maybe? - The Forsaken(VIP) last year

Potentially. - Java last year

3 warrior questions - semi_newbie last year

Don't play CF, IMMs will full-sac you for fun. NT - Sam last year

Probably shouldn't have even posted this passive aggressive crap. I basically wanted to be a dick without being a DICK, and this forum ain't the place for that. - Sam last year

What VIPs lol - Ralmer last year

am i a joke to you meme. nt - The Forsaken(VIP) last year

I thought you were all as dead as this site :( - Ralmer last year

Double post nt (n/t) - Ralmer last year

Uh quadruple post sorry - Ralmer last year

Triple post nt (n/t) - Ralmer last year

Full story pls. (n/t) - zoskia last year

It's shitty form to launch an accusation w/o providing proof. - kadsuane last year

It's shitty form to launch an accusation w/o providing proof. - kadsuane last year

That's not really how this works. - Sam last year

Submit proof of you getting banned for asking too many questions plz (n/t) - PacMan last year

Proof within - kadsuane last year

Re: Proof within - Necro last year

No he isnt. - kadsuane last year

We love the Parv <3 (n/t) - PacMan last year

Submit proof of you asking to submit proof of him getting banned because Sam didn't submit proof. - Ralmer last year

More details? n/t (n/t) - WarEagle last year

IMMs full-sac'd me for shits and giggles. NT - Sam last year

You realize that is not more details? (n/t) - joe last year

Alright. IMM made a judgement call and claimed I broke a rule that I most certainly did not break. - Sam last year

a huge bitch? (n/t) - jhyrbian last year

Back on CF - boba last year

The forums, especially dio's - Ralmer last year

I'm back baby! - Rade last year

Get on discord, way more active than these forums ever were. - Kez last year

Welcome back! - Necro last year

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