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Prepaid PBF Challenge, next 50 active character PBFs are on the house. - kadsuane seven months ago

Shit there’s text? Here I thought you were throwing $250 funbucks around (n/t) - HairyOrangutan seven months ago

Thought was to promote more gameplay and new characters being rolled.n/t - kadsuane seven months ago

official Forums down? (n/t) - frob seven months ago

Domain provider problem or something. - Calion seven months ago

3 questions on Weapon Trip - frob seven months ago

Re: 3 questions on Weapon Trip - bored seven months ago

Answers - Quixotic seven months ago

Some false statements - fdialke seven months ago

Re: flying - Quixotic seven months ago

Your facts have no power here, this is qhcf. Weapontrip is bash. n/t - jalim seven months ago

Works like bash. (n/t) - Artificial seven months ago

Bashish - deathkitty seven months ago

You be smokin de bashish?! (n/t) - The Faithful of Nazmorghul five months ago

Have you ever heard the scratchy wail of the Bansheesh? I've heard her cough is quite frightening. (n/t) - Frosty five months ago

Super disagree. n/t - jalim seven months ago

Is Swashbuckler broken or get changed? - random seven months ago

20 dex is never going to produce a good evade change (n/t) - zheesus six months ago

Evade itself is like deathblow - Dalbrin six months ago

Hi De Ho Doodilly Doodles - uerlante eight months ago

All on Discord these days - Tadam eight months ago

What are the two best classes to kill a Mummy/Lich/Wight ? - frob eight months ago

As a mummy the only real threat I saw was mace berserkers - Quas seven months ago

Does cleave or assassinate work on undead? - joe eight months ago

They both work - zannon eight months ago

There are ways to avoid sense life. Also it does nothing to protect against stalking/assassinate other than they know someone is in the area. n/t - jalim eight months ago

both work, fairly confident nt - The Forsaken(VIP) eight months ago

Catching them at the right time is the only real way. - zannon eight months ago

Just be glad that there are no powerhouse undead at the moment in CF (n/t) - PacMan eight months ago

Re: Just be glad that there are no powerhouse undead at the moment in CF - Dalbrin eight months ago

outlander druid is pretty nice. sword/axe/mace rbw is great, especially with good legacies - The Forsaken(VIP) eight months ago

one other anecdote - The Forsaken(VIP) eight months ago

Champ Pally would be my pick - Java eight months ago

enlarged storm champ could fend perma-lag, maybe? - The Forsaken(VIP) eight months ago

Potentially. - Java eight months ago

3 warrior questions - semi_newbie eight months ago

Don't play CF, IMMs will full-sac you for fun. NT - Sam eight months ago

Probably shouldn't have even posted this passive aggressive crap. I basically wanted to be a dick without being a DICK, and this forum ain't the place for that. - Sam eight months ago

What VIPs lol - Ralmer eight months ago

am i a joke to you meme. nt - The Forsaken(VIP) eight months ago

I thought you were all as dead as this site :( - Ralmer eight months ago

Double post nt (n/t) - Ralmer eight months ago

Uh quadruple post sorry - Ralmer eight months ago

Triple post nt (n/t) - Ralmer eight months ago

Full story pls. (n/t) - zoskia eight months ago

It's shitty form to launch an accusation w/o providing proof. - kadsuane eight months ago

It's shitty form to launch an accusation w/o providing proof. - kadsuane eight months ago

That's not really how this works. - Sam eight months ago

Submit proof of you getting banned for asking too many questions plz (n/t) - PacMan eight months ago

Proof within - kadsuane eight months ago

Re: Proof within - Necro eight months ago

No he isnt. - kadsuane eight months ago

We love the Parv <3 (n/t) - PacMan eight months ago

Submit proof of you asking to submit proof of him getting banned because Sam didn't submit proof. - Ralmer eight months ago

More details? n/t (n/t) - WarEagle eight months ago

IMMs full-sac'd me for shits and giggles. NT - Sam eight months ago

You realize that is not more details? (n/t) - joe eight months ago

Alright. IMM made a judgement call and claimed I broke a rule that I most certainly did not break. - Sam eight months ago

a huge bitch? (n/t) - jhyrbian eight months ago

Back on CF - boba eight months ago

The forums, especially dio's - Ralmer eight months ago

I'm back baby! - Rade ten months ago

Get on discord, way more active than these forums ever were. - Kez ten months ago

Welcome back! - Necro ten months ago

What's with all these rage deletes lately? - kadsuane ten months ago

Meh, most rage deletes aren't really. - Java ten months ago

If I wasnt banned from officials and discord I'd pick up the PBFs to see how many of the rage deletes last death was that guy. - kadsuane ten months ago

Why are you banned from Officials? nt - K-B nine months ago

I raged deleted recently. - Kez ten months ago

Re: What's with all these rage deletes lately? - joe ten months ago

What happened with previous thread? Swept the dirt under the carpet? - zanzarin eleven months ago

Fixed now, thank you - zanzarin eleven months ago

Is it part of trolling? Wtf? Again the thread below is unavaible. nt - zanzarin eleven months ago

These boards have been broken forever. Not everything is a conspiracy. nt - Java eleven months ago

Yes it is. Evvverything. Your post is part of the conspiracy. n - qurdind ten months ago

Poll: CF has been killed. What were the reasons for this? - zanzarin eleven months ago

With this few players, legendary eq should be easier than ever to get and keep. - Flipside Oreo eleven months ago

Re: Poll: CF has been killed. What were the reasons for this? - scr eleven months ago

What are some favoured recently deleted chars? - Kez eleven months ago

Platinum wasp fam that beats people in melee - scr ten months ago

this one - fdialke ten months ago

Ishuli's post on his goodbye had me laughing.. like why even bother posting? - kadsuane ten months ago

So much hate in you. Go see a therapist. (n/t) - Frosty ten months ago

Gotta love bipolar... I thought I was one of the good guys. - kadsuane ten months ago

That's why I said go see a therapist. ;) Notice I didn't say something like "well that was a douche thing to say." - Frosty ten months ago

You switch your boots quickly. (n/t) - scr ten months ago

Cry about it in discord some more why dontcha. You're pathetic dude. - Frosty ten months ago

Why would I? - scr ten months ago

I'd like to know why you think this, for real.. - Java ten months ago

Oh.. - scr ten months ago

You are wrong - Necro ten months ago

Re: You are wrong - mharldarn ten months ago

Lol - Necro ten months ago

Looks like you got a huge butthurt, means I was right. - mharldarn ten months ago

Huh? - Necro ten months ago

Looks like drugs got your memories. - mharldarn ten months ago

Re: Looks like drugs got your memories. - Necro ten months ago

Don't worry, the drug addict, I know your story - mharldarn ten months ago

Re: Don't - Necro ten months ago

Maybe just agree to disagree. Beront is pretty outragious at times, remember. It's not worth wasting time on, imo. (n/t) - Frosty ten months ago

Remember the rule of butthurt B. The person who says it is usually the one who is actually butthurt. - Frosty ten months ago

You're not that positive as pretend to be, you know? - scr ten months ago

You're right, I'm actually a lot MORE positive than I act. I dial it back cuz if I didn't I'd be much more annoying than I am now(I know, hard to believe that's possible, right?). - Frosty ten months ago

No, you're actually not that one what you describe. - scr ten months ago

Look, I'm not going to let someone try and falsely claim the IMMs are prejudice when it's not true. I'm going to call them on it. Deal with it. - Frosty ten months ago

About 50% of the IMMs are okay. The other 50% are far, far less than okay. I sympathize with scr - he is a good dude. (n/t) - PacMan ten months ago

^^^^^ THIS - Necro ten months ago

Who.. - scr ten months ago

I'm a fan of the game who appreciates the time and effort the IMMs put into the game. You're someone trying to play the victim. /end discussion (n/t) - Frosty ten months ago

Looks like we've got some unique brillant here. (n/t) - scr ten months ago

Ok, now you're just being an idiot. - Java ten months ago

look at PM pls (n/t) - fdialke ten months ago

When you name unknown guy an idiot - you just go fuck yourself. - scr ten months ago

You were insulting. You deserved it. - Java ten months ago

Reference to the points you didn't read insults you? lol - scr ten months ago

So are you ignoring the NON-ESL players that got crappy rewards? - Frosty ten months ago

Elithranduil won an RC - Java ten months ago

Yeah, you've been fucked too. - scr ten months ago

I actually liked driving charge, but then again it was with a char with Landslide. Big damage and trip lag? Yes thank you. NT - Sam ten months ago

But I'm not ESL. So... discrimination? nt - Java ten months ago

Java I wonder if you'd be willing to provide an exhaustive character list so we could look for a trend and not just one outlier. - kadsuane ten months ago

Of my characters? - Java ten months ago

Re: Of my characters? - mharldarn ten months ago

Sure. - Java ten months ago

No, just margin of error. - scr ten months ago

Yeah.. that makes no sense. - Java ten months ago

How do you compare? - scr ten months ago

One thing...regular phase wasp is like...the best or 2nd best melee familiar in the game anyways man. - Sam ten months ago

Of course. But putting a villager down right unders big D is a bit too much for fucking familiar. (n/t) - scr ten months ago

I give up on you, dude.. - Java ten months ago

Well, I didn't expected any of you will accept what I say. - scr ten months ago

You're the one that brought up Kanlax. - Java ten months ago

We've been talking of RC rewards. - scr ten months ago

Because the character had tons of atttlention and rewards - Java ten months ago

How do you make those conclusions? - scr ten months ago

You're a lost cause. - Java ten months ago

Here's another ESL example. - scr ten months ago

You're just tuning the things to make them look okay. - scr ten months ago

If you could go a head and take your toxicity and negativity elsewhere, that would be great. Mmmm kay? Thanks. (n/t) - Frosty ten months ago

No. - scr ten months ago

I wasn't telling, I was asking. Careful with that hypocrisy. Don't trip over it. (n/t) - Frosty ten months ago

He's not the best PKer in history. ;) - Frosty ten months ago

Actually...he kinda is. - Sam ten months ago

Nope - Necro ten months ago

Alright, let me post the ways he's the best. - Sam ten months ago

Alright - Necro ten months ago

I mean, technically everyone I mentioned has "cheated" in my list (well, not sure about Gareth). - Sam ten months ago

Well, he is. - scr ten months ago

I never said Cabdru. There are others better than Beront that never imm'd. Skill, not numbers. - Frosty ten months ago

You're strange, Frosty - scr ten months ago

Beront is better than shaapa, making your example an even worse one. Sorry Shapps, still love ya. (n/t) - Frosty ten months ago

I don't know why, but you were doing it yesterday. I'm done with this. - Frosty ten months ago

Just re-read your posts, dude. - scr ten months ago

Re: Just re-read your posts, dude. - Frosty ten months ago

scr I'm not reading your last post. Have a nice day. (n/t) - Frosty ten months ago

I've got a challenge for you. - scr ten months ago

The "blink dog" is on board. Custom familar is on board right now! nt - zanzarin ten months ago

Man, a char just got meteor swarm at a relatively low hour mark, not sure what you're talking about.... - Sam eleven months ago

Must be a recent thing. - Kez ten months ago

I don't think its cheating/favoritism any more.. - kadsuane eleven months ago

I agree with body of post, but disagree with subject - zanzarin eleven months ago

Talk about the guy who - mharldarn eleven months ago

You really need to get over this chip on your shoulder just cuz you've never had a warrior with more than 2 legacies. Get over dude. Move on. - Frosty eleven months ago

I hope you arent one of leading Imms, if you are - this is really CHECKMATE to all of us and CF nt - zanzarin eleven months ago

That... - Frosty eleven months ago

Pretty much agree with everything in this post... - Sam eleven months ago

Game feels sterile, more streamlined, less asymmetric - zoskia eleven months ago

Dins aren't broke. A newer player recently went from trib to scion. The rest is general issues any game has. - Frosty eleven months ago

About Scions - zanzarin eleven months ago

So my wight should be able to join Fortress? I don't think so. - Frosty eleven months ago

This is bad statement. - scr eleven months ago

There is a trick for you, if you are ESL, that worked for me earleir. - Necro eleven months ago

I don't think it's purely the ESL thing - starbright eleven months ago

Re: I don't think it's purely the ESL thing - Necro eleven months ago

I see, we're talking about different types of rewards then - starbright eleven months ago

I think... - Necro eleven months ago

LOL, you're a bitch. NT - Sam eleven months ago

"So it is a question of how hard you try, and of your persistence and creativity." This guy gets it. :) - Frosty eleven months ago

What you said is basically based on the assumption that all ESL players play the same. They don't. (n/t) - Frosty eleven months ago

Yes, you're right. - scr eleven months ago

It's impossible to "just ignore ESLs" like you're talking about. Have you met Beront? The ESL part doesn't matter, the same thing happens to some EFLs. - Frosty eleven months ago

It is possible unless - scr eleven months ago

LOL try to hide your beront fangirl, dude. He's NOT the best PKer. - Frosty eleven months ago

You said you arent an imm, but then you are just liar - zanzarin eleven months ago

Here. - Frosty eleven months ago

You must be kidding me. - scr eleven months ago

Nope. It's none of that at all. You're trying to say the imms are prejudice against ESL people. You're wrong. Any issues between imms and players have nothing to do with their first languages. Absolutely nothing. - Frosty eleven months ago

I just wonder where your confidence comes from? - scr eleven months ago

It has nothing to do with confidence. - Frosty eleven months ago

Lol - scr eleven months ago

Glad I could make you laugh. - Frosty eleven months ago

CF is still going strong. - Java eleven months ago

Bleh, no, the champions arent broken, i am not a power gamer - zanzarin eleven months ago

Dude, look at my PK records with those characters.. - Java eleven months ago

No, I think you've played them just wrong - scr ten months ago

Besides Shaapa, who has dominated? - Java ten months ago

Your life will be easier when you'll stop talking for "everyone". Because you are not everyone, which is obvious to everyone but you. - scr ten months ago

I hope you see the irony of you making this statement here. Cuz it's pretty damn funny. :) (n/t) - Frosty ten months ago

I don't know if you're clever enough for that subject to be intentionally ironic. - Java ten months ago

Re: Dude, look at my PK records with those characters.. - Necro eleven months ago

Erhiadkeb and Koidel are the two I knew of. nt - Java eleven months ago

Are you calling it positive influence? Are from Narnia? - zanzarin eleven months ago

BTW, this is my lvl 25-30 set.. - Java eleven months ago

I think zanzarin was refering to Devrena - scr ten months ago

It was about Java's paladin. I'm sure what i have seen - zanzarin ten months ago

Want me to post the log? - Java ten months ago

Actually, I found it.. - Java ten months ago

It's normal for goodies - Necro ten months ago

It was done OOC. This is what i call "cheat ring". Any OOC cooperations - are cheatings. - zanzarin ten months ago

Dude... - Necro ten months ago

Quit talking shit. Its not a single or ocasional behavoir - zanzarin ten months ago

You told me I was a cheating bastard. - Java ten months ago

LOL! I can't help it, I have to say it. That was a good burn! (n/t) - Frosty ten months ago

Deleted.nt - zanzarin eleven months ago

What are you even talking about? - Java eleven months ago

He did well - Necro eleven months ago

What is your opinion then? - zanzarin eleven months ago

There's a suge of peole rolling shifters because of the special October forms. Tons of people are rolling orcs cuz the new pantheon. Either you're not aware of the state of the game, or you're straight up lying. (n/t) - Frosty eleven months ago

I'm not sure that actual math supports your claim. - kadsuane eleven months ago

You're not looking at the averages. And I never used the word "resurgence." I said there's a surge of people rolling orcs and shifters, which you might see if you play the game instead of just crunching numbers. (n/t) - Frosty eleven months ago

Why not both? n/t - kadsuane eleven months ago

:) Can't argue with that. You're one of the good ones, kad. - Frosty eleven months ago

LOL - kadsuane eleven months ago

It just means you're not a jerk. Thank you for that. (n/t) - Frosty eleven months ago

Nostalgia.... by Adrian Veidt. - The Faithful of Nazmorghul last year

I appreciate you. :) (n/t) - Frosty last year

<3 (n/t) - The Faithful of Nazmorghul eleven months ago

Unable to flee?!? - frob last year

Tu joues encore ?! ;) nt (n/t) - ujudludul last year

en pause pour l'instant ;) - frob eleven months ago

You can´t trust the french - Flipside Oreo eleven months ago

When you flee, the direction you will attempt to go will be random(one reason why retreat is nice) and if that random direction isn't an exit that's what happens. - Frosty last year

Is luck applicable to fleeing and does improved flee help the chance of a good room? (n/t) - zheesus last year

Could not wish for a clearer explanation... - frob last year

Helppy to hap out. ;) (n/t) - Frosty last year

Ugh, I remember once failing 20 straight flees in a situation like that. Stupid RNG. NT - Sam last year

And worse when you're fighting a cabal outer. (n/t) - Frosty last year

That was actually the situation I was thinking of. NT - Sam last year

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