Just pandemic boredom

March 03, 2021 05:46PM
Honestly, I was only convinced to come back doing the character challenges because long-time friends said it'd be fun. Theorendus was a lot of fun and a blast even though my "partner" in the character challenge deleted in his teens... it only really ended badly because I chose Sacer to help the alignment change but the guy's basically non-existant for pandemic reasons and I shouldn't have chose him (I should have done Rahs but figured as a challenge character that would be too obvious). I then waited several months for this new better challenge: Haelior went wrong in every way and even though i didn't post a single kill and my only real complaint was about the fact that I had 200 hours of silence and everyone keeps giving me "do this instead!" advice when necros aren't all that amazing at 47, the Java/Jalim/etc crew just loves to come out and continue the trolling from decades past. If I really wanted to make a deathful/murder bot, I could but what's the fucking point? I never looted a soul, I never complained to anyone in-game (I had some snarky responses but I was sphere vanity) but honestly never cared at all about dying much, and stuck it out in peak pandemic holiday season for a character challenge that turned into really nothing and yet here we are. The only other thing than quirky combos with weird RP that really gave enjoyment of the game, exploring, is 99% gone. Am I salty that I spent 200 hours praying into a void to not even get a nod? Yup.

I really wish I could get into details of a lot behind how the character acted but I'm trying to be kind to the fact the challenge is "still going on".

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Hey Torak...

Frosty February 21, 2021 09:21PM

Just pandemic boredom

torak March 03, 2021 05:46PM

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