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Space vs Flow - frob last year

My experience - SomeOneSpecial last year

Space/Flow suit dark-elf better than elf - starbright last year

What makes you think enigma wand use is int based? - daurwyn last year

I had an opposite experience with my Storm Giant who had like 2 successful zaps ever. - Sam last year

Maybe something changed - daurwyn last year

Twist used it with a Minotaur but I never seen them do anything but slow themself (n/t) - zheesus last year

Vague memory of some officials post, you're probably right if you have a distinct memory (n/t) - starbright last year

Not saying there wasn't such a post - daurwyn last year

Space doesn't lag. - Kez last year

Misinfo (n/t) - PacMan last year

space can lag - The Forsaken(VIP) last year

Really? Is there an echo or something? (n/t) - Kez last year

no, not for either side. nt - The Forsaken(VIP) last year

double post (nt) (n/t) - frob last year

Need a cool combo to play, and...........go. (nt.) - jackburton last year

Cloud giant lumberjack - Quas last year

Wasn't this one of Emnon's character contest roles? n/t - jalim last year

I wasn’t around for that so no idea (n/t) - Quas last year

Tribunal vindicator dagger/mace whirlwind/soul arial. (n/t) - Blackstar last year

Thanks for the ideas. nt. - jackburton last year

Arial Plains Explorer Ranger, Villager. Either Scout or Berserker. - SomeOneSpecial last year

same build just marshdeweller? (n/t) - xrus last year

Arial can't do marsh. - SomeOneSpecial last year

Frost Giant Hunter (n/t) - Kez last year

A fire giant beastmaster bedouin. In any cabal yo want. nt - Flipside Oreo last year

Shaman and thief - daurwyn last year

A Cool Combo, if You think it would be a cool, then..... nt. - jackburton last year

Felar sword/axe greeting/outcry of steel. Good outlander - daurwyn last year

Just do wood-elf and it's viable :P (n/t) - BlkDrgn last year

Tips to roleplay a Warden - frob last year

Re: Tips to roleplay a Warden - asker last year

Re: Tips to roleplay a Warden - Mallodor last year

Re: Tips to roleplay a Warden - bell last year

Your RP your choice. - jalim last year

This is 50% untrue. - Blackstar last year

In my experience what I said is 100% true. We play a little differently though. n/t - jalim last year

Well I was just showing examples of where that wasn't true. - Blackstar last year

you can't attack or kill inside the Tree - The Forsaken(VIP) last year

Issue here is homeboy was a pledge with extenuating circumstances. Once you're inducted you get tree as a safe haven. Before that? Not so much. (n/t) - Shams last year

The real fun part was spending 100 hours as a Fortress pledge for them to tell me they were wasting my time. (n/t) - Blackstar last year

Re: The real fun part was spending 100 hours as a Fortress pledge for them to tell me they were wasting my time. - Shams last year

Re: The real fun part was spending 100 hours as a Fortress pledge for them to tell me they were wasting my time. - Blackstar last year

fake news bro. nt - The Forsaken(VIP) last year

Aylosi doesn't want Outties killing each other in the Tree. - bell last year

You might be right but I'm saying it does happen. - Blackstar last year

I believe that. (n/t) - bell last year

He was forced to fight another warden to the death. - Blackstar last year

Oooh wait. You're Tesline? Yeah you've always had a hatred boner for me. Sorry for tooling you over the years. (n/t) - Shams last year

I've never had a problem with you before. - Blackstar last year

You're not missing much, his characters aren't that great. (n/t) - Randomguy last year

Christ - Shams last year

Well yeah Nightreaver is code for murder all you can't get in trouble for doing that. (n/t) - Randomguy last year

Re: Christ - Telufial last year

The thing is if it wasn't for the circumstances. - Blackstar last year

Re: The thing is if it wasn't for the circumstances. - Shams last year

Re: The thing is if it wasn't for the circumstances. - Blackstar last year

Shamanman is one of the best to play this game - zoskia last year

That's cool. - Blackstar last year

What parts aren't accurate? (n/t) - Blackstar last year

you were shit talking just as much if not more - The Forsaken(VIP) last year

No I was an outlander pledge protecting the huntress. - Blackstar last year

i know, i was there as an outtie at the time nt - The Forsaken(VIP) last year

not an accurate story lol. nt - The Forsaken(VIP) last year

Care to explain? (n/t) - Randomguy last year

He can't because he is full of it. (n/t) - Blackstar last year

How to exploit Cloud giant vuln to disease? - frob last year

Mostly plague and the like. - Kez last year

no skull? - frob last year

It's down (n/t) - Blackstar last year

It's down again (n/t) - frob last year

Best way to kill a Mummy? - jalim last year

Exotic weapons have been horded for a while (n/t) - Zheeser last year

A lot of things are being hoarded. - BlkDrgn last year

Name and shame. It's the only way! (n/t) - PacMan last year

Based on what I feared as an ap - daurwyn last year

You have some of the weirdest ideas sometimes - mcbeth last year

The question was not how to kill a mummy plus a bunch of other people - daurwyn last year

Not a Druid - Quas last year

Telus and Verizon do a great enough job apparently. n/t - jalim last year

Are you going to claim your thief? - kadsuane last year

All thieves in CF are me. Also shield paladins, air shifters, and assassins. n/t - jalim last year

A yes would have worked.. instead of a salty response - kadsuane last year

u n/t - jalim last year

So, the most potent 2 man team to kill my Mummy - BlkDrgn last year

Yeah, definitely mace spec - Shams last year

Bron got Undaraxyl with vuln maces, cranial and persistence to catch him with his preps down. - Sam last year

best i've had - The Forsaken(VIP) last year

How did you get double vuln - Quas last year

silver holy nt - The Forsaken(VIP) last year

Mummies aren't vuln silver - bloodmoon last year

I threw myself at plenty of liches/mummies with just silver rapiers - kadsuane last year

Mace berserker - Quas last year

Re: Best way to kill a Mummy? - Kez last year

Yep, you got the con kill :P - BlkDrgn last year

Hidden Berserk Effects - Kez last year

Not so hidden as it's in the help, but fleeing is a bit harder. And yes, resist vs spells & sleep. (n/t) - Calion last year

Edit fail (n/t) - Calion last year

Vuln mental - Quas last year

Drunk is definitely vuln mental - zannon last year

Very helpful. - jalim last year

NPC Vulns Thread - TripHitNdip last year

Kuo-Toa - Vuln Light, not sure what else. (n/t) - Shams last year

Anyone know Lich vulns? - Kez last year

Think just holy - zannon last year

vuln battlerager, vuln pwipe (n/t) - mcbeth last year

duergar vuln wrath, holy, light, and partially whitesteel. nt - The Forsaken(VIP) last year

Easy to forget Orc NPC is also vuln to Light (n/t) - Zheeser last year

Thought they had a full Whitesteel vuln? (n/t) - bloodmoon last year

yah you're right. i'm misremembering. nt - The Forsaken(VIP) last year

nightwalkers are vuln light nt - The Forsaken(VIP) last year

Wight - Silver/Fire/Holy - VitriolicStream last year

Not new, no. Depressing, though. (n/t) - bloodmoon last year

Zombie - Fire/Holy/Silver (n/t) - bloodmoon last year

Not all zombies are vuln fire. Depends on the area. (n/t) - Shams last year

Skeletal warrior - holy/blunt, Talshidar - lightning (prob. water too). (n/t) - Calion last year

Mummy - Silver/Light/Holy (n/t) - TripHitNdip last year

Silver? - BlkDrgn last year

Vuln fire = mummy = a ring they always seek (n/t) - badboy last year

NPC's always seek this ring? Damn, that's why I never managed to obtain it. Fargin' NPCs. (n/t) - scr last year

Trolls - Acid and Fire - TripHitNdip last year

What's the deal with the Fortress now? - Kez last year

Re: What's the deal with the Fortress now? - asker last year

Sorry, but I don't like this answer. - TJHuron last year

Re: Sorry, but I don't like this answer. - asker last year

Well. - TJHuron last year

Re: Well. - asker last year

This has nothing to do about patience - TJHuron last year

I already said what happened. It’s over. n/t - jalim last year

That’s sweet Jalim, why don’t you just asker to dinner ;) (n/t) - TJHuron last year

Looked like Padwei wanted to come back in the most dramatic way possible. - jalim last year

Well, Padwei just came back as well. - zannon last year

How do you know? I thought you don't play anymore! (n/t) - xrus last year

It's posted on the announcement board (n/t) - zannon last year

Very hard to get Maran now - PacMan last year

That was pretty funny. :) It would have been gold if you had left out the message text though. - Frosty last year

Shit you're right, 0 members and 4 pledges. I guess a revamp is incoming? (n/t) - Kez last year

About the same time as Enchanters getting released and Hell freez.. err reopening. (n/t) - PacMan last year

Just saying Hi again. - Gaplemo last year

I heard about Classic wow, I laughed at first but then thought hey it could actually be fun. - Frosty last year

Rust is fun... - KoeKhaos last year

That's one of the things keeping me from installing it. Cheaters are sometimes banned quickly... and other times they go hours or even days before they get the boot. (n/t) - Frosty last year

Cheaters are the reason I quit (n/t) - bloodmoon last year

Andre Luck quitting is the reason I quit - HairyOrangutan last year

sup bro. - The Forsaken(VIP) last year

Hi. Your area is one of my favourites - daurwyn last year

Re: Just saying Hi again. - asker last year

Hi hi. Come to the official CF Discord. - jalim last year

Suggestions for a first warrior - frob last year

Storm, felar or woodie? - frob last year

Considering your list only - xrus last year

Re: Considering your list only - SomeOneSpecial last year

My first hero - xrus last year

My experience was different. - SomeOneSpecial last year

You have evidence and I have not. I could swear on what I said, but it seems that I am wrong. (n/t) - xrus last year

Re: Storm, felar or woodie? - asker last year

alternately - asker last year

Re: Storm, felar or woodie? - SomeOneSpecial last year



Some answers. - SomeOneSpecial last year

Re: Suggestions for a first warrior - SomeOneSpecial last year

Re: Suggestions for a first warrior - frob last year

Maran Felar Spear - Kez last year

Re: Maran Felar Spear - frob last year

All of this, except the maran-covering-vulnerability part (n/t) - xrus last year

If it is your first warrior - Quixotic last year

I wouldn't recommend the PK option. - Kez last year

Thanks! more questions - frob last year

Re: Thanks! more questions - Quixotic last year

So which one of you assholes played the maga ranger....maggha? - kadsuane last year

This makes me want to roll up a human female Paladin called Ilhani. - GoldenApple last year

Your low-key love is unrequited because you are not her brother (n/t) - PacMan last year

Heheh. Pretty sure inbreeding was a key concept in Maggha's role. - GoldenApple last year

I mean that isn't bad. The worse news is jerry is likely back with a villager after years of quiting. (n/t) - Blackstar last year

Or that Shaapamatic sleep trigger is back in action nt - daurwyn last year

You spelled lash wrong. n/t - jalim last year

flails and bludgeon - frob last year

Flails are awesome for lowbie PK - Spronti last year

Re: flails and bludgeon - SomeOneSpecial last year

Bludgeon has a major effect - daurwyn last year

I could never get sting to do that - TJHuron last year

Stung was like dmg +-1 or 2 Dex without the spell fail I. Thought (n/t) - zheesus last year

The spell or commune fail is occasional - daurwyn last year

Sounds like Wrack or something. (n/t) - bloodmoon last year

Re: Sounds like Wrack or something. - daurwyn last year

RE:halfie int warrior - bloodmoon last year

Re: RE:halfie int warrior - zheesus last year

To add a few things I forgot - bloodmoon last year

Re: RE:halfie int warrior - bloodmoon last year

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