Can't understand the confusion here

September 05, 2021 10:10AM
It's pretty clear that joining the Scions has gatekeepers.

Look at it as a modern day Silent Tower, if need be. That thing had sometimes ridiculous requirements but they were what they were, and the rewards were commensurate.

In modern day CF with ABS as it is despoil alone has the potential to be OP, nevermind the rest of the powers. I'm not surprised they want to keep the numbers of Scions low. If the cost of that is you don't have alts and have to work a bit, so be it. Don't blame the leader for doing what they're told when they're made leader.
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Scion: Mission Accomplished!

kadsuane August 24, 2021 05:37AM

And then there were none... to Viz's player

kadsuane September 05, 2021 06:30AM

Can't understand the confusion here

Dalbrin September 05, 2021 10:10AM

so an imm said it would be be op to have more than 0 people in the cabal?

kadsuane September 06, 2021 04:09AM

So.... Battleragers win? nt

igsoeh August 24, 2021 10:31AM

Seems like it.. but looking at the state of battle I think everyone loses. n/t

kadsuane August 24, 2021 11:41AM

I'm pretty sure the entire cabal is the same guy. n/t

jalim August 24, 2021 02:36PM

I've lead it and I would still play it...

jalim August 24, 2021 06:22AM

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