More tips for over classes

November 12, 2017 05:46AM
Shaman - drain mana, dispel frenzy/zeal/aura, dont waste time for maledictions
If you class has -morale moves - do so, nerfes avoiding for sure.
If you can massive damage output moves - they are more effective then lagging ones: Elf/human/halfie monks arent too healthy, even dwarfven.
Help files on monks suggesting -wisdom moves against monks, but there arent much of such maledictions: cranial/spores/hack head.

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How to fight Monks

Kez November 11, 2017 09:54PM


Kstatida November 13, 2017 06:32AM

How t beat welveri..... I mean a monk.

Welverin November 12, 2017 04:54PM

How t beat welveri..... I mean a monk.

Welverin November 12, 2017 04:54PM

Thank you. One more question.

Kez November 12, 2017 09:06PM

Intensify Mechanics

Welverin November 13, 2017 04:07AM

intensify stays there. Don't re-engage for 4 rounds after intensify beings. (n/t)

xrus November 12, 2017 10:06PM

Porcupine (n/t)

saagkri November 12, 2017 03:04PM

Roll an orc, Mundungudu - are best against monks.

zanzarin November 12, 2017 05:39AM

More tips for over classes

zanzarin November 12, 2017 05:46AM

Look out for lightning strikes and gtfo when they start it

Kstatida November 12, 2017 02:38AM

I am no expert but, making them bleed, engage them and flee as soon as they intensify, and engage them again after four ticks, make them run after your for some time and tire them keeping supplications up. (n/t)

xrus November 12, 2017 02:02AM

This. The best way to take down a monk, and most other paladins, is to draw the fight out until keeping their supplications up becomes a burden. (n/t).

Startyre November 13, 2017 05:56AM

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