If you are worried about assassinate, just play a duergar.

February 26, 2018 01:37PM
One with shadows does not make you immune to assassinate, just reduces their chances.
It will not dissuade attempts on you, unless you can present a serious risk to an assassin who fails his attempt -- and polearm warriors cannot do that.
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How does charge set work?

Matrik February 24, 2018 11:02AM

Cannot weird two-handed weapon with broken wrists, assassins always dangerous (n/t)

Zheeser February 26, 2018 06:47AM

Let's get weird! Let's get weird!

Frosty February 26, 2018 09:24AM

Not worried about that.

Matrik February 26, 2018 08:52AM

If you are worried about assassinate, just play a duergar.

Murphy February 26, 2018 01:37PM

Tempted to use the strong wrists edge these days, so many assasins (n/t)

Zheeser February 26, 2018 12:39PM

I've always been tempted but never took it because I don't know if it's worth the edge points.

Frosty February 26, 2018 01:06PM

I took it when we could stack several edges but it may have been changed

Zheeser February 27, 2018 05:04PM

It doesn't work. No one should take it. Ever.

Rhyaldrin February 26, 2018 06:01PM

Warriors, obviously

Kstatida February 26, 2018 10:35AM

Still haven't purchased that catcher's mitt I see? (n/t)

Matrik February 26, 2018 02:03PM

He IS the catchers mitt. ;) (n/t)

Frosty February 26, 2018 02:42PM

Things that bypass chargeset

Murphy February 24, 2018 03:50PM

Ambush doesn't

Kstatida February 24, 2018 09:46PM

While already fighting. Big one there. Thanks. (n/t)

Matrik February 24, 2018 06:25PM

Give us back the real Matrik. (n/t)

Murphy February 25, 2018 03:36PM

You will have to bear with communist Matrik KGB has created for you, Murph

Kstatida February 25, 2018 10:32PM

:) You funny.

Frosty February 25, 2018 11:04PM

I don't know what that means. (n/t)

Matrik February 25, 2018 03:49PM

Double post nt (n/t)

Quixotic February 24, 2018 11:52AM

Any physical attack, no person can be chargeset twice in the same round.

Quixotic February 24, 2018 11:51AM

Thanks man. Any comment on reliability at 100%? (n/t)

Matrik February 24, 2018 11:57AM

Very reliable; I will go on and say that I would not play a Trib warrior that's not polearm spec, bc it's a hard counter to all rangers (n/t)

Noone of significance February 25, 2018 03:40AM

I haven't played one in a while but it used to be very reliable

semi_newbie February 24, 2018 01:46PM

I don't think it works while resting either.

Rhyaldrin February 24, 2018 11:57AM

Correct -- does not work while resting. NT (n/t)

Quixotic February 25, 2018 08:17AM

Makes sense. Thanks. (n/t)

Matrik February 24, 2018 11:58AM

Thanks for asking this. Good info here that I never knew. (n/t)

Frosty February 25, 2018 03:31PM

It sets a charge. (n/t)

Rhyaldrin February 24, 2018 11:36AM

Nerd. (n/t)

Matrik February 24, 2018 11:58AM

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