Area idea (not my own in full disclosure)

February 08, 2019 04:12PM
I was dinking around on another mud which already has a ton in common with CF due to the code origin but there are these built in area per area, always ongoing quests that make it so much more dynamic.

As they have the area Emerald Forest, I'll use it as a decent example. As you fight the farmers, after so many (say 15 or so) Griff will issue the group a challenge to fight him as somebody stronger, if you leave the area it's considered forfeit but if you go kill Griff at that point you get, at first, a small bonus to exp for 48 hrs in that area. You can then keep killing more farmers and such, when you get another challenge, go kill Griff again and it refreshes the bonus duration, but increases the exp bonus a little further. It caps after so many in that regard, but you can still refresh the duration. In the same area if you kill brownies, after so many, Sheeka is the one that issues a challenge... So there's this nice way to see how some areas relate to the mobs within and most don't have quests anyway, but still tend to have some kind of conflict or leader type variety of mobiles.

Storm Giants have the commander, even Forest of nowhere has the one head burner mob, etc.

My thought is that as you repeat the individual quest, the bonus increases a Max of three increments but on the third time, a bonus to skill learning is added, but nothing crazy, maybe as little as 10% or as much as 25%.

What I'd love most about it is just more dynamic area involvement, a nice perk to anyone who can't find a full group, and incentive to practice skills in New places other than mists, or only during active skill learning periods that I usually miss out on due to time zone.

So, thoughts?

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Area idea (not my own in full disclosure)

EXB February 08, 2019 04:12PM

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