To Kiraan (Some tips)

December 12, 2007 10:47PM
Some suggestions. I just can't see you dying to left and right ;) No offence man.

Use thornheart and spores on villagers. Like - c spores, retreat, heal. Repeat.
Thornheart has a cummulitive(SP) affect.

1. They need mana to use bandages polituce truesight etc.
2. They will need to heal it in some places like (ashes, kiadana, frigid, west from Udgaard, underwater places.)
3. You can easly find them there.
4. Take an edge on the forest heaven, use it more! This edge will allow you vanish in civil areas.
5. Rescue tactic - is not worth most of the time. Just flee, return.
6. Find light noremove exotic weapon. Claw of the Dracolich is the best choice.
7. SPIKE GROWN - use it in every fight with villagers. It kills ALL regen. Mana, moves..+ It works like hamstring.
They will need more moves to move.
8. Thornheart+spores+spike grown - most of the time - just dead villager.
9. I prefer to use thorns insted of fire seeds, even with new edges. More damage.
10. Call the forest witch (COW) - with defence specs..It will cast on them. Its very useful.
11. Learn to call vuln happy COWS. Like freez attack cow. Blunt attack cow.
12. DO NOT FIGHT IN THE BEARFORM WITH FIGHTER LIKE CHARS! Its not worth. They will just parry all your attacks and
you will deal more damage with your communes+You will parry more of their attacks.
13. And the last one. Hit and run - best choice for tought opponents. If you can't kill them in two rounds, kill them slowly ;)

Good luck.
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To Kiraan (Some tips)

dhargor December 12, 2007 10:47PM

a number of villagers, don't need mv's to move nt

pintose December 13, 2007 05:28AM

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