Good ideas..are good ideas..txt

January 04, 2008 03:53AM
CF has added plenty of new features that were just like features that were in Riftshadow. Timed necro echos?..:P

Doesn't really matter all. There are no original ideas.

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Did anyone else notice...

shadowmaster January 03, 2008 04:33PM

omg cf has roads in it!! they totally ripped that idea off the germans pft nt

pintose January 04, 2008 09:12AM

d00d they implemented gravity.. this is BS. nt

istirith January 04, 2008 01:13PM

Who in turn ripped the idea off from Romans. nt

DurNominator(VIP) January 04, 2008 12:14PM

I don't mind it.

vladamir January 04, 2008 08:46AM

Good ideas..are good ideas..txt

Gabe(VIP) January 04, 2008 03:53AM

True but...

shadowmaster January 04, 2008 08:13AM

You can still strike people in the Arena area..

istirith January 04, 2008 09:00AM

I don't think that's true if they buy a suite

ExPaladin(VIP) January 04, 2008 09:04AM

All it takes is for someone to figure out how long the rent lasts and camp. nt

Splntrd January 04, 2008 06:53PM

I am sure if the suit is abused it will get altered nt

pintose January 04, 2008 09:13AM

Plus it costs gold..

istirith January 04, 2008 01:09PM

Does buy suite have same adrenalin requirement as guild? If not suggest it on officials n/t

xenoroyal January 06, 2008 02:02AM

Re: True but...

briartangle January 04, 2008 08:56AM

OMG an Arena, what an orginal idea, Never heard of that in an RPG before!!!!! ~

happyorb January 04, 2008 03:18AM

Indeed. It must be unique to Forsaken Lands.

DurNominator(VIP) January 04, 2008 03:25AM

Me and my buddies must have ripped it off too.

Cassman January 04, 2008 09:17PM

It was your idea. Forsaken Lands ripped it off from you. nt

DurNominator(VIP) January 05, 2008 12:42AM


xenoroyal January 03, 2008 08:58PM

I'm just wondering how Tolose's going to troll the log board now. ~

Krilcov January 03, 2008 07:04PM

I havent posted on the log board for months. Somone remembers me (Tolose) -_- nt

enyuu January 04, 2008 05:01AM

They ripped off the gates closing shit to Hamsah Mu'tazz, too. n/t

WarEagle January 03, 2008 06:34PM

Did you just say CF is dervied from Forsaken lands? nt

Yhorian(VIP) January 03, 2008 05:34PM

Do you have trouble with reading, or just seeing the words? nt.

cartherlen January 03, 2008 09:38PM

I have trouble believing bollox.

Yhorian(VIP) January 04, 2008 01:24AM

Are you that fucking dumb?

kanye January 04, 2008 04:02AM

Hey, now it makes sense. Thanks for being a humongous cock about it. nt

Yhorian(VIP) January 04, 2008 04:17AM

Physician, heal thyself!

shadowmaster January 04, 2008 08:09AM


briartangle January 03, 2008 05:34PM

dude, they totally ripped off dungeons and dragons too. lamerz. nt

Isildur(VIP) January 03, 2008 05:08PM

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