Am I the only one remembering this is hypothetical?

December 04, 2007 09:57PM
I didn't accuse nepenthe of cheating, If I was going to do that, I'd do it to his face easy enough.

I was commenting on the fact that if they had been on at the same time, and Nepenthe was going to abuse imm knowledge - it'd pretty much make it an insta-win because of the wealth of abuse he could get out of it. Did he do this during his mortal life? Only he knows. Do I believe he did it? No. Not actively.

During Cabdru's life, Nepenthe did a lot of new things. Some might be motivated by various sorts of insider knowledge but other events showcased outside the box thinking that not a lot of CFers embrace. Like using crippling strike to nerf shifters dodge (which didn't work, but he tried it a few times :P ) or combining a no-disarm weapon with an unholy blessing (something I hadn't actually thought of, in light of irongrip). Things like this made him a mark above the rest.

But as Cointreau pointed out, no one can dispute his immsider knowledge played a key role. And if that's taken into account to the full and likely cynical conclusion many follow, Ravon would be a smudge on his boot.

I'm still waiting for the day Ravon and Cabdru team up to gank Zorszaul and lose. That's going to be hilarity...

Zorszaul says 'Do you covet Cabdru? Many seem to covet Cabdru. Well, now I have Cabdru.'

Zorszaul holds up a fiery red phylactery and nods.

Zorszaul raises a fiery red phylactery in his skeletal hand, and invokes it's dark power!
Shadows seem to darken all around as Zorszaul grows to immense proportions.

Zorszaul taps his chin with a bony finger.

Zorszaul quickly stretches his belt for a glimpse down his leggings.

Zorszaul says 'He really was dragon sized.'

Letting his belt snap back, Zorszaul relinquishes his grip and glares about hungrily.

Zorszaul says 'Time to summon Cytherea...'

Zorszaul leaves.

Subject Author Posted

drrrrrrrrrum rrrrrrrroll...........Cabdru vs Ravon? nt

ujudludul December 04, 2007 01:30PM

Re: drrrrrrrrrum rrrrrrrroll...........Cabdru vs Ravon? nt

Sam December 04, 2007 05:20PM

Cabdru, easily. n/t

Death_Claw December 04, 2007 04:42PM

Cabdru nt

hopelessdwarf December 04, 2007 03:59PM

= a lot of cleave attempts :P n/t

Balrahd(VIP) December 04, 2007 03:54PM

You can't cleave dragon sized things nt

NbM December 04, 2007 05:44PM

Ding ding ding, we have a winner! nt

Guy December 04, 2007 07:55PM

OK, Cabdru, then. And $20 says neither shows up with their real unholies. n/t

Balrahd(VIP) December 05, 2007 07:59AM


Guy December 05, 2007 10:57AM


cointreau December 04, 2007 04:18PM

Or that Cabdru can get a good look at Ravon

Yhorian(VIP) December 04, 2007 04:38PM

Way to feed conspiracy theroies, VIP.

Bryan December 04, 2007 05:27PM

Rule 6

Zoder December 04, 2007 05:59PM

He's just trolling, ignore him. nt

Yhorian(VIP) December 04, 2007 06:02PM

Re: He's just trolling, ignore him. nt

Splntrd December 04, 2007 08:39PM

The problem

DurNominator(VIP) December 04, 2007 10:03PM

Re: The problem

NbM December 05, 2007 06:19AM

Just remember that Yhorian doesn't moderate as heavily as is assumed

ExPaladin(VIP) December 05, 2007 06:40AM

Am I the only one remembering this is hypothetical?

Yhorian(VIP) December 04, 2007 09:57PM

It is! And I have no personal problem with what you said.

Splntrd December 05, 2007 06:58AM

Ravon n/t

desiree December 04, 2007 03:42PM

Are you normal? Cabdru for sure. (nt)

cointreau December 04, 2007 03:45PM

Fought both, sure. n/t

desiree December 04, 2007 03:47PM

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