Sorry, Man, but you're (mostly) wrong about the PK competition part.

December 06, 2007 08:33PM
And the fact of the matter is, if you want to be Ravon, Niheriva, Victoria, Cabdru, Drucyrus, Jhyrb, any lich, or whoever else, you need to know where these things are or be able to find them quickly and spend time you don't have thinking of obscure or tedious ways to kill mobs (assuming you don't have a perma on your side) and the persistence to harrass elite cabalmates during the rare times they log in, using cop-out excuses when they delete for why they couldn't help you.

Niheriva didn't use any preps that I saw other than his inherent class powers and maybe one shot stoneskin (by the way, did anyone else think Niheriva was a girl?). Drucyrus? Same. Jhyrb? Same.

The leet APs, yeah, they prep'd.

Yet, it is the most damning weakness I, and many other players, have that could otherwise put up a fight against the top-tier competition of the game in the PK sense.

Honestly, I killed all the characters/players you listed above except Cabdru, and the only preps I use are stoneskin and protection. You can buy both of them. I don't think it takes an incredible amount of game knowledge to have them on hand before you face PKs. All of us can put up a fight against the "top tier competition" without elite preparations if we express a little confidence and willingness to learn from mistakes.

For instance, I haven't seen a noticeable character I personally can remember out of Death_Claw since his last Vindicator, and he and Vladamir and Magus are all people that, despite their shortcomings, I know could put up a decent competition for some of the most sterling high end roles in the game, cookie-cutter or otherwise. They've all at one time or another expressed exactly those sentiments.

Death_Claw can compete with any of the characters/players you mentioned without using the elite preps. Vlad can't (he obviously excels in certain areas of the game, but PK isn't one of them). Magus, not sure about, don't know his characters.

I think the issue here is that you don't recognize PK skill when you see it, and you don't recognize how much PK skill outweighs elite preps. It's a self handicap, and once you realize it, you'll get a lot better and enjoy the game a lot more without worrying about stuff you can't find.

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Subject Author Posted

What I hate about exploration...

Yhorian(VIP) December 06, 2007 01:51PM

I have recently found love for exploration...

Sam December 06, 2007 05:51PM

I love exploration..

istirith December 08, 2007 01:24AM

It's the nouns off nouns off nouns that bugs me

ExPaladin(VIP) December 06, 2007 05:10PM

LOL. I hate those too.

Sam December 06, 2007 06:00PM

Half tempted to write...

torak December 06, 2007 05:03PM

Certainly makes nepenthes areas easier,

Guy December 07, 2007 11:10AM

Re: Half tempted to write...

Bryan December 06, 2007 05:41PM

If anyone really has a good script for this please post I could use it. nt

jad_hoven December 07, 2007 11:12AM

I can't be arsed to do it. Game in general musings here.

Scrimbul December 06, 2007 04:46PM

Scrim, my AP's and shamen never used preps...(Druc)

jimcrenshaw December 11, 2007 03:05AM

Re: I can't be arsed to do it. Game in general musings here.

Death_Claw December 07, 2007 12:34PM

Sorry, Man, but you're (mostly) wrong about the PK competition part.

Balrahd(VIP) December 06, 2007 08:33PM

High h/d can be pretty forgiving

Quixotic December 07, 2007 05:31AM

I understand that stoneskin and protection are all you need for general PK.

Scrimbul December 06, 2007 09:16PM

Well, stoneskin, protection, and call blood nt

Rade December 07, 2007 04:48AM

Magus and Vlad both have super solid chars right now.

Sam December 06, 2007 05:53PM

Wands are meant for people who are as anal as that.

DurNominator(VIP) December 06, 2007 02:32PM

Exploration isn't fun.

infi December 06, 2007 02:30PM

Heh. Mousetrap quest anyone? nt

istirith December 06, 2007 09:08PM

Re: What I hate about exploration...

daurwyn(VIP) December 06, 2007 02:19PM

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