Re: Some questions directly to you...

December 07, 2007 01:10PM
Post logs? Especially, if that was invoker/shifter

I don't have any logs just the now, but it's really not hard to find them. I don't know why you'd be surprised at an invoker doing it - they're the best lowbie pkers, IMHO. If we don't count ap's as mages, anyway :) Shifters I admit might be quite hard, but I'd likely just apply the same tactics as a transmuter but be more conservative about running/healing. I haven't tried any of the new lowbie shifter forms, so I don't know their potential for pk.

They recruit from 15th as I know...more earlier? Pick up just from Academy? )

There isn't really a great deal of motivation for leaders to recruit before 20-25. And the application process can be a long and arduous one, for both applicant and Leader. Because of all the effort that's required, most people are even put off applying early and will wait until later. Similarly, leaders won't invest in someone who hasn't made it comfortably high so they're into the mid-ranks (25+) So I think it's not that we -couldn't- but that we -don't-. I think there'd be far more benefits to caballing early than there would be drawbacks and we should all find a way to encourage it more.

The above is a generalisation, since every leader/cabal is different. So I will say: I think one Cabal that has a model system is Empire.

It's not that I think every cabal needs more tiers, I'm thinking more of the way Empire entices you in early with an Oath and almost immediately immerces you in cabal dogma. It's 'ranking' system also allows for a lot of self-motivated cabal development. If other cabals had similar ways of producing the same results - that would be a move toward a better CF, imho.

Hope that answered your question, because it wasn't entirely clear what it was :s

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Cabal issues

infi December 07, 2007 12:26PM

Mages can pvp at low ranks.

istirith December 07, 2007 02:42PM

Re: Cabal issues

daurwyn(VIP) December 07, 2007 02:08PM

oh and btw are you josiah? n/t

xenoroyal December 07, 2007 01:36PM

I have an opinion contrary to yours, so I must be -nt-

infi December 07, 2007 01:44PM

Nice Valgizm nt

NbM December 07, 2007 03:20PM

That mens yes. Yes, he is. And I SO called it first. nt

Java December 07, 2007 08:04PM

Does your situation allow you to CF nowadays?

istirith December 08, 2007 03:49AM

Not really...

Java December 08, 2007 06:29AM

Re: Not really...

NbM December 08, 2007 02:15PM

Where I'm at exactly changes..

Java December 08, 2007 08:27PM

B something.. I only heard it once in passing, so it prolly won't stay that

NbM December 09, 2007 05:23PM

Bagram, maybe? If so, it's a cakewalk.

Java December 09, 2007 06:48PM

Make sure you get back here, you bastard.

Sam December 08, 2007 01:26PM

Scions are susposed to be the best of the best of the best.

xenoroyal December 07, 2007 01:01PM

Its one of the hardest cabals to join

dervish December 07, 2007 01:02PM

It also has the best powers. It's susposed to be hard to get into.

xenoroyal December 07, 2007 01:12PM

It's not hard to get into. =P -nt-

infi December 07, 2007 01:55PM

Considering they only have both a chancellor and advisor 2% of the time

xenoroyal December 07, 2007 07:53PM

Although there's truth to what you say (cabals should recruit earlier), the rest sounds wrong.

Yhorian(VIP) December 07, 2007 12:52PM

Some questions directly to you...

dervish December 07, 2007 12:57PM

Re: Some questions directly to you...

Yhorian(VIP) December 07, 2007 01:10PM

I have killed a fair share

abernyte December 11, 2007 01:19AM

Re: Some questions directly to you...

istirith December 07, 2007 06:49PM

Wands + partial mutation? Better for landing kills n/t

Kamuela December 08, 2007 06:48AM

Re: Some questions directly to you...

Woland December 08, 2007 02:34AM

Sounds like you'd still need to catch someone by surprise to seal the kill. Unless mule can lag? nt.

istirith December 08, 2007 02:55AM

IMO, the keys to lowbie mage pk is surprise, speed, and timing

ExPaladin(VIP) December 08, 2007 04:39AM

Yeah for warriors, rangers, or melee classes this is true and warriors (theoretically)

istirith December 08, 2007 05:09AM

Let me guess: infi playing some lowbie mage and is Scion wannabe?

dervish December 07, 2007 12:50PM

Nope -nt-

infi December 07, 2007 01:46PM

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