Thanks for your observation!

July 29, 2013 06:07PM
Just from BARELY reading all the poop Jerrokrar flings on this forum, I can pretty easily see that NBM's comment isn't too far off. In addition, just because anything related to Jerrokrar is disruptive to the forum, doesn't mean you can't talk about his in game actions.

So why don't you let us do the moderating, and you quit bitching about it.
Subject Author Posted

A battle rager doing the htos quest.

subov July 27, 2013 11:16AM

Don't do it.

NbM(VIP) July 27, 2013 11:18AM

I kill the golem. Thanks. n/t

Jerrokrar July 27, 2013 11:30AM

Good, baby steps. (n/t)

NbM(VIP) July 27, 2013 11:39AM

Good to see VIP's dont follow the rules

Tolnum July 27, 2013 01:15PM

Thanks for your observation!

Gabe(VIP) July 29, 2013 06:07PM

"reference to their ideas or the game in general." (n/t)

Matrik July 27, 2013 01:24PM

Where did I say anything exactly? I said absolutely nothing and NBM made a snide comment about me.

Jerrokrar July 27, 2013 03:35PM

Cause NBM is the stereotypical armed forces man

Tolnum July 29, 2013 04:44PM

Uh, are you even on the same board? You said "I kill the golem." He said "Good, baby steps." Were you talking about a real life golem or a golem in the game you kill with your battleragers? (n/t)

Matrik July 27, 2013 08:49PM

Wow, really? Nbm posted first here talking about Jerry. Are you even on the same board? (n/t)

qurdind July 28, 2013 12:07AM

Ah, you're right. Same argument applies. It is in reference to ideas or the game in general. Again, unless we are talking about real life mages/golems/battleragers. (n/t)

Matrik July 28, 2013 07:28AM

It is a direct reference to your ideas and how they have showed up in game.

sevriis July 27, 2013 04:27PM

Keep deflecting, that sure will fix the problems that keep you from being great. (n/t)

NbM(VIP) July 27, 2013 03:57PM

I don't think NbM has ever bragged about Oh Baby. stxt

FrostyTheGiant July 27, 2013 03:42PM

What about using the other way to get passed the golem? (n/t)

sevriis July 27, 2013 11:19AM

You have to say a magical word, to go through a magical device, to get a magical item that lets you walk past... I would say that's a no no too. (n/t)

NbM(VIP) July 27, 2013 11:25AM

Wow, HTOS out this long and nobody knows the second way past the golem? Doesn't use magic, don't have to kill it. Just be crafty and figure it out. (n/t)

Gaplemo July 27, 2013 02:49PM

I know it :). n/t

Death_Claw July 27, 2013 06:05PM

Ditto. (n/t)

PaulO July 28, 2013 07:34AM

I just say no to the dude and up I go. (n/t)

bloodmoon July 27, 2013 02:54PM

That stops ragers from going to a hell of a lot of places. (n/t)

sevriis July 27, 2013 11:34AM

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