PK tips breakdown for newer players

June 10, 2024 04:53AM
Gabley: big props on taking that fight at inner. it was tough. escaping to village, you have to use the shortest route (see shams' comments explaining he could cut you off because you took a long route). if you need to escape elsewhere because e.g. you have crippling strike and can't move fast, go elsewhere other than village. Scion outer is the easiest to run away from on foot, because there are so many areas you could be in in just a few area hops. e.g. you could go desert -> open sea -> arkham -> dale -> evergrove, or desert -> open sea -> aryth -> kuotoa -> underdark sea, or desert -> open sea -> aryth -> west aryth -> crystal island. it's a great number of possible places you can disappear to and chances are he's not gonna find you easily
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v Gabley again (I think this is it?)

Shams 122 June 09, 2024 07:58PM

PK tips breakdown for newer players

starbright 105 June 10, 2024 04:53AM

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