PK tips breakdown for newer players

June 10, 2024 02:12AM
Rhaoel, you should be handily winning vs a solo warrior whose main weapon is mace (you parry maces). your problem is you didn't cover strength to be able to handle boneshatter + poison. you should. if EQ is just not good enough, you should pop enlarge + giant str potion for total of 5 or 6 str (Talshidar Caves, on the guards leading to the throne room), and puissance potion (Velkyn Oloth, w s e d e s from sub-commander, needs pass door or key from sub-commander, thick potion in corpse) for 3 str. That's a bonus 8 or 9 str (depends on Veil) and so you should easily hold the weapon.

Champs are active tanks, so always keep marshal rally and fend up. They last for 4-6 rounds each. A smart warrior will flee and re-engage into you lots of times, but you will win if you just bleed him with polearm slice and then keep your short-term melee buffs up (fend marshal). he will lose the attrition.
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v Fort before singling out Pesriik (I think he was kind of done and wanted to delete though)

Shams 160 June 09, 2024 08:03PM

PK tips breakdown for newer players

starbright 103 June 10, 2024 02:12AM

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