I'm Stoned

April 03, 2009 07:57PM
I couldn't find a link to mine. So here it is. Basically got like 5 tells about this happening in town from reliable sources...

You tell Thalantyr 'did someone kill you in Galadon?'
Errigade tells you 'Ioanis Just killed Thalantyr in Galadon.'
Thalantyr tells you 'I don't know.'
You tell Thalantyr 'you don't know?'
Thalantyr tells you 'Im stoned.'
Thalantyr tells you 'Oh yeah, Ioanis or something killed me north of my guild.'
***Ioanis flagged***You tell Ioanis 'for fighting in town.'
Ioanis tells you 'Wut yu talk bout, me be in my village'
Thalantyr tells you 'Yo, Ioanis cracked me in the head.'
You tell Ioanis 'many people say you killed Thalantyr, without my asking.'
Ioanis tells you 'an yu no ask me bout it? dat be bad vestigitn der'
You tell Ioanis 'Ok, what do you have to say, corageous one?'
Ioanis tells you 'I killed him.'
You tell Ioanis 'ok.'
Ioanis tells you 'I wear his hide tu'
Ioanis tells you 'Wish tu see?'
You tell Ioanis 'not needed.'
You tell Ioanis 'I believe you.'

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Memorable logs

DurNominator(VIP) 10976 August 04, 2008 04:03AM

Shapaa assassin gets revenge against three

Quixotic 972 June 04, 2012 08:05PM

you say 'flee'.

Jib 1708 December 02, 2009 06:25PM

Super Best Friends!

vortexmagus 1553 November 05, 2009 04:37AM

I love you, Fortress

vortexmagus 2217 September 14, 2009 04:57PM

Best motherfucking log, hell gechoes inside.

Yhorian(VIP) 1960 June 03, 2009 08:38AM

The way of how NOT to play CF, enjoy!

Engurd 1732 April 21, 2009 01:23PM

I'm Stoned

KoeKhaos- 1491 April 03, 2009 07:57PM

Fiending the Inn 101

daning 1840 February 09, 2009 10:54AM

Re: Memorable logs

TehSnarf(VIP) 1167 December 29, 2008 05:21AM

The Clam Bake: Dio's Nom Nom Nom-ed the original

quezzumpliet 1463 October 23, 2008 06:37PM

This one is classic. Before the retarded orcs, there was...

NeverMindTheWarlocks 1916 September 24, 2008 03:16PM

There was a hilarious transmuter log on "I be the DRAGON" or something nt

llohuir 749 September 18, 2008 06:54PM

My favourite one was the one looking into the future of the CF 'reality' changes.

NeverMindTheWarlocks 1396 August 11, 2008 12:15PM

Some Scarabeus immteraction, found this really cool.

deriveh 1380 August 08, 2008 12:33AM

One of the greats, enjoy :)

Mike 2443 August 06, 2008 03:19PM

Wow. Just....Wow. And ESL too!

zen 722 August 25, 2008 11:27AM

Don't forget this snippet!

Sam 980 August 10, 2008 11:49AM

Xanth asked me to post this one:

Isildur(VIP) 1926 August 04, 2008 12:52PM

plz to be bringing back overpowered sickness

elmeri 650 December 21, 2008 01:26PM

Where are those frickin awesome Harkan logs? nt

vortex_magus 563 August 04, 2008 12:32PM

And there were some really cool Mizzarah ones too. I like the heroimm assassination. nt

vortex_magus 534 August 04, 2008 12:33PM

And the other about Amberion, link inside.

deriveh 1063 August 04, 2008 10:25AM

Here is one, it's is about my own char Amberion, link inside

deriveh 1468 August 04, 2008 10:24AM

Amberion might be the worst character ever. n/t

Derexal 464 August 04, 2008 02:35PM

Yeah, most likely...

deriveh 811 August 06, 2008 06:25AM

Haha, this never gets old! Thanks for the good laugh. -nt

Engurd 1574 August 04, 2008 08:54AM

My favorite log doesn't work. The scion transmuter one.

Sam 1363 August 04, 2008 07:34AM

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