Groders fun is done

January 17, 2017 08:41AM
I had a blast coming back to cf. I have not played in the better part of 4-5 years. I've been around since the first age, but as I get older its harder and harder to find time to play. My wife keeps saying I'm too old for that "Typing Game" lol.
Most of you know me as Nuke. I really had high hopes for Groder, but real life problems with my daughter make it hard to commit the time. I had a blast with you fucks though, its been so long since I've got to play a character that it took me awhile just to get the hang of it again. Its a shame that people dont play like they used too. I saw so many people on the forums that I used to play with but most just speculate and dont actually create a character it seems. Most of my play times only had 10-20 people. What ever happened to 40+? What happened to full loots, roaming death squads? Why are so many evil people sweet natured nowadays? Bah dont really matter it was just nice to see the fields again. I will probably play again one day. I really just played to show giants aren't horrible. DEX dont mean shit when you can pump out 1000hp of damage in 2-3 rounds. I was rolling a 40-76 hit/dam and had very little trouble against people except for the Emperor... Bastard..

So I guess I should send some shoutouts.

Glikhardiz- Mother Fucker! LOL I was so close I could taste it. If I would have had more time in my life I would have stomped you.
Thanks for the battles.

Sam- Why the hell did you have to delete your warrior?!? WTF?! I was gonna help you smash the empire man.

Sephira- I talked to you just seconds before you deleted... I wanted to help you get the orb back. Shame.

Aiithar- Thanks for the rp and long talks, those were some slow days but we made due.

Grembolin- Thanks for the final battle man, shame Zoenad had to get in the way. You were one of the only people I hadn't tried to fight. So I had to ask lol.

Garfuka- Dude I had a blast running with you, thanks for all the help. Glad I got to fight you at least once. You know I won right? lol

There are a bunch more but my head hurts and I gotta go talk to some lawyers here soon so this is where I take my leave.
See you in the fields.

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Groders fun is done

Randy Clephane 356 January 17, 2017 08:41AM

Holy shit am I late to this party

bloodmoon 143 February 04, 2017 05:33AM

Classy foe.

Rhyaldrin 181 January 18, 2017 11:33AM

First Age veteran. That explains much. (n/t)

GoldenApple 136 January 18, 2017 01:30AM

Re: First Age veteran. That explains much.

Randy Clephane 199 January 18, 2017 04:05AM

Re: First Age veteran. That explains much.

GoldenApple 189 January 18, 2017 05:52AM

Re: First Age veteran. That explains much.

Randy Clephane 197 January 18, 2017 10:50AM

He's about to be sworn in as Secretary of Defense for Trump's Cabinet. NT

Sam 120 January 18, 2017 10:55AM

I liked Groder. Was often watching your back...from above. (n/t)

saagkri 125 January 18, 2017 12:05AM

Miss you man, your giants are always fucking boss. Sorry!

Sam 179 January 17, 2017 12:30PM

A nice one, had a lot of fun going against you! (n/t)

Kstatida 136 January 17, 2017 08:50AM

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