I is a scout, you whiney-arsed puss-bucket!

February 15, 2017 06:34PM
Stand still long enough so I kin punch a hole in yer god damnt face. An' no, I knowed you is goin to be bringin yer conjoined twin followin aroun' with his todger stuck up yer ass, but ifn it takes two of yas to have enough balls ter face a wrinkled old man, then by the gods I'll try not to embarrass yer further by killin you both.

Scouts are great if you can convince your foes to not flee, or recall, or retreat, or call in friends. Why, or why did I play a scout? Grr.

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Crastus Fucking Poole is con-dead.

Quixotic 391 February 15, 2017 01:30PM

Fake post (n/t)

katistrofik 163 February 19, 2017 06:30PM

Re: Crastus Fucking Poole is con-dead.

Gulrom 238 February 16, 2017 04:18AM

Crusty Poodle is a good rager! (n/t)

Murphy 179 February 15, 2017 03:38PM

I is a scout, you whiney-arsed puss-bucket!

Quixotic 256 February 15, 2017 06:34PM

Lol. I didn't know you were a scout. But it makes sense in hindsight. (n/t)

Murphy 165 February 15, 2017 06:38PM

Damn, we ALMOST rolled together again :)

Sam 245 February 15, 2017 01:36PM

The fun thing now is the "What next?" nt (n/t)

Quixotic 183 February 15, 2017 01:40PM

Entropy needs some love that doesn't ragedelete (n/t)

Kstatida 162 February 15, 2017 06:31PM

Do they have a cabal power other than

Quixotic 238 February 15, 2017 06:36PM

I don't know if I would call it fun...

Telufial 260 February 15, 2017 01:58PM

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