Gituku is DEAD. Flame on haters.

March 02, 2017 02:28AM
My hours cut out drastically over the last couple of weeks due to being super busy and it didn't feel right having strict RP things in place that required me to be very active so people wouldn't get screwed over.

Basically was trying to bring back Destuvius religion and play a good Trib follower instead of Empire. If you agreed not to rank with chaotic people you got perks in Trib including choose your city and instant induct from me. If you didn't you went through a Provincial first and needed a rec then went to Seantryn.

Character was okay. I wasn't corrupt and was all about Order. I liked Shaapa's attempt at character assassination with his AP and that VIP's let it stand. Empire had been constantly ripping up protected cities and breaking the law (including Imperial Law) so I saw telling him scouting was a crime as fine, and wouldn't have ever actually flagged him for it. Was just trying to scare him off because of his pissing me off. You give a guy gear, you go out of your way to help him, you scout for him to help him find enemies, then the first chance he gets he loots your pies without hesitation and makes fun of you for dying. Great immersive orderly RP, thanks guy. Then first thing he does is posts one sided logs in an attempt to character assassinate. If you're a VIP and you read a log and your only comment is 'That guy won't be a Tribunal long' and that is your takeaway, maybe consider removing it as character assassination. Dick.


Entropy is sort of lame and not implemented well. I'm super biased because I loved that cabal. Why would you have to Pledge and write a note for chaos cabal? How is that not participating in a system? Why is mindless pk/raiding allowed? Why is confuse at the outer lasting 50 hours? Why is the inner guardian so squishy? Why does raiding that cabal as a Trib kick me off duty for 5 days as if it isn't an enemy cabal? Booooo. Hopefully it'll get cooler and its all just oversights that either current coders aren't able to fix or just haven't noticed yet.


I don't think I really pissed off many people too bad. I had great luck with assassinate. I think I hit 7 in a row at 81% which is crazy.

Guess that's all I got. PM me if you..oh wait.

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Gituku is DEAD. Flame on haters.

jalim 500 March 02, 2017 02:28AM

so I guess you got tired and went full steam with uerlante got it (n/t)

uerlante 239 March 07, 2017 04:55PM

Now this is shocking. You are just a sad troll in game and on the forums. The shaapamatic may cheat but you are a huge hypocrite. I like shaapa more for pissing you off. I'm sending his automation a friend request right now. (n/t)

funnyone 285 March 04, 2017 05:01PM


Frosty 311 March 04, 2017 05:33PM

Train more. Then you will be as powerful as me. You only killed me because your heroes gave you things. n/t

jalim 241 March 04, 2017 05:30PM

Is that what he said this time?! It never gets old (n/t)

NbM(VIP) 224 March 04, 2017 05:44PM

You still hope someone likes you. Agree with him and then hope he doesn't send you many links of you being a hypocrite as he sent to me about you. Truth is, you both are very sad and deserve each other. "Did we just become best friends?" (n/t)

funnyone 220 March 09, 2017 07:07AM

You care too fucking much

Dalbrin 260 March 09, 2017 09:01AM

"and the lack of a readily available McRib. " :) That's the root of all my life problems. (n/t)

Frosty 202 March 09, 2017 10:56AM

Wanna do karate in the garage?

NbM(VIP) 246 March 09, 2017 07:26AM

This is not a tango

Kstatida 227 March 09, 2017 07:16AM

I think yeah mean a bizzare love triangle.

Frosty 254 March 09, 2017 07:57AM

Quit trying to claim my characters. n/t

Stevers 229 March 04, 2017 08:14AM

Man, sucks when people char assassinate your leader character on Dio's. It really sucks.

Sam 332 March 02, 2017 08:52AM

Meant to reply to jalims first post.

demos 303 March 02, 2017 12:30PM

What bitching? I must've missed the entirety of it. (n/t)

Murphy 222 March 03, 2017 10:52AM


jalim 294 March 02, 2017 12:42PM

Re: Hm.

demos 289 March 02, 2017 01:27PM

That's fucking funny. (n/t)

NbM(VIP) 225 March 02, 2017 09:23AM

It's usually better to out and insult people via PMs though. n/t

jalim 191 March 02, 2017 10:50AM

That's fucking funny too, especially because it was a closed communication just like aim. (n/t)

NbM(VIP) 232 March 02, 2017 11:01AM

That is fucking funny, indeed. :) (n/t)

Frosty 243 March 02, 2017 11:36AM

nobody asked for your opinion oldril n/t

jalim 234 March 02, 2017 09:03AM

:) NT

Sam 209 March 02, 2017 01:45PM

This surprises me, since I had you pegged as someone else. Maybe you're playing that character too. :) nt

Isildur(VIP) 221 March 02, 2017 03:26AM

statistically 87% of the time people are incorrect about who I am playing. n/tg

jalim 242 March 02, 2017 04:12AM

I'll let you know who I'm talking about when that person is gone. nt

Isildur(VIP) 247 March 02, 2017 05:06AM

Yeah thought you were Sevina. Checked all the boxes. (n/t)

Murphy 249 March 02, 2017 04:43AM

I knew it! (n/t)

Kstatida 224 March 02, 2017 02:28AM

Sort of obvious.

jalim 303 March 02, 2017 02:31AM

Nah I knew it from the indepth knowledge of tribunal mechanics and creative use of them

Kstatida 299 March 02, 2017 02:33AM

There's only a couple other people who are as creative as Jalim about abusing powers(in general). Dude could write a book on he subject.

Frosty 266 March 02, 2017 09:10AM

Exactly (n/t)

Kstatida 216 March 02, 2017 11:11AM

Example? n/t

jalim 222 March 02, 2017 02:35AM

Like plotting with people to set their enemies up for attacking in town so that you could flag them

Kstatida 257 March 02, 2017 02:36AM

Just to make this straight

Kstatida 307 March 02, 2017 02:38AM

It's fine to do regardless of alignment.

Murphy 283 March 02, 2017 04:49AM

I'm not an expert on good or neutral alignments

Kstatida 263 March 02, 2017 04:57AM

But how is that abuse?

jalim 288 March 02, 2017 02:41AM

In Meriam-Webster way

Kstatida 279 March 02, 2017 02:49AM

No, it's called entrapment (n/t)

NbM(VIP) 213 March 02, 2017 03:50AM


Kstatida 270 March 02, 2017 03:54AM

Cool. What state is Galadon in? n/t

jalim 218 March 02, 2017 04:10AM

I think you've missed the part

Kstatida 282 March 02, 2017 04:13AM

I just don't like...

jalim 293 March 02, 2017 04:15AM

I didn't say he was corrupt

Kstatida 281 March 02, 2017 04:17AM

So then you should have said he used his powers, not abused them. Abuse of powers = corruption. We get what you MEANT. (n/t)

Frosty 232 March 02, 2017 09:17AM

Cute little baby troll. So Ickle Wickle in your little troll manger. n/t

jalim 232 March 02, 2017 04:23AM

I take it as a

Kstatida 258 March 02, 2017 04:25AM

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