I can't say this on the officials because there would be a shit storm, but

September 09, 2017 09:22PM
I rolled this character for one reason, and one reason only: To prove that anyone can play an assassin. I know, I know, Wiril was more deathful, but I wasn't trying to out-do Wiril on this guy; I was trying to play your run-of-the-mill assassin the same way everyone else does it. I think I succeeded in that aspect. The only difference was I also followed a religion for the first time, and that made everyone start bitching...

So what I didn't induct you guys right away? Honestly, give me 20 minutes during a cabal interview and you'll be set. 20 IRL minutes. In game, that maybe a couple of days. From an RP perspective, it makes enough sense that a Drillmaster would test you mentally or physically for days at a time (see: boot camp where you don't get sleep for days) before accepting you into the ranks. You guys are playing an RP intensive MUD, but wanted to whine and moan because I didn't give you the PK powers you sought after right away.

To the people who say "but Phelzhis PK'd Vahrtznif!"

Duh. They were enemies. Of course they would fight each other. The problem is that their login times couldn't be mutually exclusive so that I could avoid suspicion... but, for all those who were at the Ceremony of Loss, did you not notice the timings of tells between Phelzhis and Vahrtznif? It's actually pretty intensive to swap between MUD clients. The most hilarious part of that to me is that I trolled the living wazoo off of wishore about something similar, but even he, with his infinite wisdom, wasn't smart enough to figure me out.

pls respond
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Phelzhis deleted.

Stevers 556 September 07, 2017 09:36PM

Since you asked nicely

Zheeser 278 October 17, 2017 06:19PM

I guess I will respond to this.

jalim 465 September 10, 2017 05:07AM

Dude you're being a giant hypocrite. BFY and GLWYN. (n/t)

Frosty 202 September 10, 2017 05:49AM

if I had proxies my mage kill it wouldn't have taken 4 weeks. n/t

jalim 210 September 10, 2017 06:14AM

Bah you're silly

Kstatida 343 September 10, 2017 09:12AM

Muh mage kill! Muh triggers! n/t

Frosty 206 September 10, 2017 06:22AM

Stevers? I should've known.

funnyone 352 September 09, 2017 02:31PM

I can't say this on the officials because there would be a shit storm, but

Stevers 404 September 09, 2017 09:22PM

Man we've come a long way from the things you originally bitched at me for. That's awesome. n/t

jalim 247 September 09, 2017 02:55PM

You guys are really too hard on funny one. He's not a bad guy if you just take some time to really consider his perspective. n/t

Stevers 260 September 09, 2017 08:40PM


wrathpuppet 368 September 09, 2017 11:45PM

Me. I'll throw all the stones. (n/t)

Matrik 190 September 10, 2017 06:42AM

Not me. n/t

jalim 203 September 10, 2017 05:02AM

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