Korvishnu is out

November 27, 2017 12:50PM
First character since 2009. I can't believe how much I have forgotten - areas, preps, how to pk.... I think I got about 3 pks and only one was probably alone. Its partially due to playing on a laptop which I really struggle with at times, at least that's my excuse.

I didn't have bad interactions with anyone, and think the game is still fun to play. The numbers are a bit of a problem though as too often I had virtually no one in my range that I could consider an enemy.

The reason I deleted - I didn't want to be shadow lord, I certainly should have made that clear when it came up a couple of times - I thought Vasidi would get it for sure. I just wanted to be able to explore and stuff without any responsibility - yep maybe I shouldn't have joined Empire but I knew I was more likely to learn stuff if I joined a cabal. This character was always meant to be a bit of a throw away character anyway, I lost a fair amount of con to mobs and exploring just because I didn't really care. Its cool how you can only go into negative experience so much. I remember the old days when all the mobs deaths added up, and being in the hole around 50-100k exp.

To all the imperials I travelled with, thanks a lot I learnt heaps. Especially Bakmarr (sp?) who went out of his way to help me, I mean I learnt heaps from him. So I can't thank you enough for that.

I honestly don't like the full loot sac thing though and the first time I saw it I thought maybe it was just a revenge thing or something, but it left a sour taste in my mouth, and did make me not want to travel with Bakmarr but he also helped me out so much, it was difficult...

And to the final thing that caused Bak to get pissed with me.

I demoted the guy 1st off for embarrsing the sect. At that time I didn't know he had actually broken the law. Once I talked to the shadows it became clear it needed to be taken further so I anathemed him.
I hate anathmeing someone as I know what it's like.

Anyway good luck Vas, I hope you get the Shadow Lord position, I think you deserved it. And Bak I think you are a cool char I just wish you wouldn't do the full loot sac thing. I can imagine it drives people away which isn't what this game needs.
Time to take a break again.

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Korvishnu is out

random 419 November 27, 2017 12:50PM

One correction

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