August 24, 2015 04:20PM
On OSX 10.10.5:

1. Download the TinTin++ 2.01.1 source code from [tintin.sourceforge.net]
In the terminal:
2. tar zxvf tintin-2.01.1.tar.gz
3. cd tt/src
4. ./configure
5. make
6. ./tt++
7. (Optional) Put tt++ someplace convenient

If you encounter problems with 4-5, make sure you have all the Xcode / developer tools crap installed. If you still have problems, you might need need to install something like readline or pcre. I can't remember if I had to do that, but if so I used Homebrew.
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Does anyone know how to make a PK target/alias system for Mudlet? I can't get tt++ to work on my macbook. (n/t)

The_Joker August 24, 2015 03:39PM


starbright August 25, 2015 03:34AM

There is a tutorial that's searchable on youtube.

SomeOneSpecial August 25, 2015 02:00AM

Isn't this for scripts board?

Kstatida August 24, 2015 11:36PM

What scripts board?

The_Joker August 25, 2015 01:20AM

Too complex to use then, throw it away

Kstatida August 25, 2015 01:30AM

Shut up Boris.

Rhyaldrin August 24, 2015 11:44PM

Alles klar herr Kommissar. ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) (n/t)

Frosty August 25, 2015 06:17AM

You should learn your history

Kstatida August 24, 2015 11:58PM

YOU should learn history. Yor.

Frosty August 25, 2015 06:18AM

Or if someone could explain how to install tt++, even better. (n/t)

The_Joker August 24, 2015 04:12PM


briartangle August 24, 2015 04:20PM

tar: Error opening archive: Failed to open 'tintin-2.01.1.tar.gz' (n/t)

The_Joker August 24, 2015 04:32PM

Download again. Or give me an email and I send you my binary.

xrus August 24, 2015 10:59PM

Do I need to do something with it once I unzip the download? What would I do with the "binary"? (n/t)

The_Joker August 25, 2015 01:18AM

Re: Do I need to do something with it once I unzip the download? What would I do with the "binary"?

Isildur(VIP) August 25, 2015 03:09AM

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