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[CarrionDashboard : Store Items] (34 Posts) - torak six years ago

Tintin++ Highlights - Brujah seven weeks ago

Putting this here so I don't lose it, feel free to add the other sects! - subov three months ago

You must be playing a space warrior in fort - zannon three months ago

Did you hear that? That's the sound of Dest choking on his afternoon coffee. ;) (n/t) - Frosty three months ago

heh.. (n/t) - Telufial three months ago

ZMud questions - Jarmel ten months ago

Cmud logger - Logan last year

Grabbing something in your prompt and saving it - torak(VIP) last year

What is your client? - xrus last year

Cmud - torak(VIP) last year

Re: Cmud - orbain last year

Re: Cmud - orbain last year

Thanks - torak(VIP) last year

Re: Thanks - orbain last year

CMUD Alias v.s. ZMUD Alias - reddragon79 last year

This is last year so I'm sure you got it... - charade ten months ago

Did you forget adding %1 to value? (n/t) - Kstatida last year

It's for the Alias not the Variable. Don't need the %1 for an alias afaik n/mf/t - reddragon79 last year

CMUD help page says otherwise - Kstatida last year

I'll give it a shot. Thanks! n/mf/t (n/t) - reddragon79 last year

*edit* n/mf/t (n/t) - reddragon79 last year

Tick Timer - Mysanthrope last year

It's random - Kstatida last year

Mudlet Targeting System - zzragnarokzz last year

Does anyone know how to make a PK target/alias system for Mudlet? I can't get tt++ to work on my macbook. (n/t) - The_Joker last year

Here: - starbright last year

There is a tutorial that's searchable on youtube. - SomeOneSpecial last year

Isn't this for scripts board? - Kstatida last year

What scripts board? - The_Joker last year

Too complex to use then, throw it away - Kstatida last year

Shut up Boris. - Rhyaldrin last year

Alles klar herr Kommissar. ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) (n/t) - Frosty last year

You should learn your history - Kstatida last year

YOU should learn history. Yor. - Frosty last year

Or if someone could explain how to install tt++, even better. (n/t) - The_Joker last year

TinTin++ - briartangle last year

tar: Error opening archive: Failed to open 'tintin-2.01.1.tar.gz' (n/t) - The_Joker last year

Download again. Or give me an email and I send you my binary. - xrus last year

Do I need to do something with it once I unzip the download? What would I do with the "binary"? (n/t) - The_Joker last year

Re: Do I need to do something with it once I unzip the download? What would I do with the "binary"? - Isildur(VIP) last year

version of the item database for item alias - Ayathkiran two years ago

Anyone have an idea if you can do something similar with pueblo? (n/t) - bloodmoon last year

A further note on searching - AncientNewbie two years ago

Basic Mudlet/Lua alias setup questions - Unnamed_ two years ago

Re:Regular Expressions - starbright two years ago

More scripting - starbright two years ago

Re: More scripting - Unnamed_ two years ago

Re: More scripting - starbright two years ago

Mushclient split-screen scroll back alternative - Gdiakcl two years ago

Healer Script: TT++ - paek two years ago

The best thing to do is build your own, because you may want to use different macros than other people. - Frosty two years ago

Re: The best thing to do is build your own, because you may want to use different macros than other people. - paek two years ago

Yes that's right. If you don't type something in it will commune without targetting something, so depending on the supplication it should target yourself then. - Frosty two years ago

no, i don't think so--i use two aliases myself (n/t) - silatar two years ago

He's right. (n/t) - Frosty two years ago

CMUD: Variables - Borkahd two years ago

Re: CMUD: Variables - TJHuron two years ago

CMUD: Good/Bad/Neutral highlighter - Baroness two years ago

Found it. Result: - Baroness two years ago

That looks cool.. - Perpetual_Noob two years ago

Put it in your prompt, press enter. - Baroness two years ago

Thanks! Now that I know that I'll have to go look at all the other codes people made. (n/t) - Perpetual_Noob two years ago

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