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Anyone have any reliable Mush Client chase triggers? (n/t) - Demtok six years ago

Triggers are easy to make in MUSHclient - DurNominator(VIP) six years ago

That's what I was looking for. - Demtok six years ago

I've posted the links to Mort's guides here. - DurNominator(VIP) six years ago

Only cheating faggots have those. To be a cheating faggot you need to play SC2, DOTA, and D3 with the right people. (n/t) - Matrik six years ago

ZMud: alias works the wrong way - dilmo six years ago

Yep. - Quixotic six years ago

MUSHclient is free. (n/t) - DurNominator(VIP) six years ago

Zmud isn't supported anymore, there's no workaround - trewyn six years ago

I noticed emails to the support are generally handled well (n/t) - Zheeser six years ago

Mushclient conjurer scripts/aliases? - demos six years ago

I have used F_7 to 12 to move familiars before - abernyte six years ago

I suggest putting familiar movements to the control+numpad keybindings. - DurNominator(VIP) six years ago

Stupid newbie zmud coloring question - Jferguson620 six years ago

For cmud it is #CO Exits Yellow - ExPaladin(VIP) six years ago

Nope, it didn't work. Thanks for tryin bro (n/t) - Jferguson620 six years ago

#Trigger {Exits} {#COLOR Yellow} should work also (n/t) - ExPaladin(VIP) six years ago

That works on mine... V 7.21 NT (n/t) - jc99as six years ago

This is insane Verison Zmud 7.21 still cannot color anything. Have done multiple other triggers though... any other examples/advice? - Jferguson620 six years ago

Re: This is insane Verison Zmud 7.21 still cannot color anything. Have done multiple other triggers though... any other examples/advice? - asthiss six years ago

I use #trigger {blah} {#cw white} (n/t) - Artificial six years ago

Do any of your triggers work? NT (n/t) - jc99as six years ago

Can someone just tell me how to make my exits yellow? NT id be hella greatful. - Jferguson620 six years ago

JMC logging and scripting question - satchmo six years ago

Re: JMC logging and scripting question - dulmisa six years ago

are you saying that's all that's required in a nutshell to do it? - satchmo six years ago

Sounds like - Splntrd six years ago

I'll have to figure this out some day. As soon as I make another char. (n/t) - satchmo six years ago

Jmc targetting alias - dulmisa six years ago

Re: Jmc targetting alias - satchmo six years ago

You will still pwn us regardless of that. (n/t) - DurNominator(VIP) six years ago

Is there someway to highlight when a tick passes, or is about to? For CMUD. - Kez six years ago

Nope, it's a semi-random number of pulses between ticks. (n/t) - Matrik six years ago

semi-random is not random you can get a vague idea - zoskia six years ago

Maybe. You also have to struggle with the fact that there isn't an echo at every tick's end. - Matrik six years ago

So there's no way to highlight the tick? - Kez six years ago

I can think of a way, I'm not sure I'd advise it though, and I definitely couldn't be bothered to actually script it. Here's what I'd do - ExPaladin(VIP) six years ago

hmm. - asthiss six years ago

cmud lag when typing - Zruulg seven years ago

CMUD - people notes script - Muchachos777 seven years ago

Re: CMUD - people notes script - Wanderlust- six years ago

Re: CMUD - people notes script - asthiss six years ago

It makes you spam flee when you get entwined - Matrik six years ago

Mush Client Help - BlackFire seven years ago

Underneath the scrolling text..or where? - reject-o seven years ago

Re: Underneath the scrolling text..or where? - BlackFire seven years ago

Zmud - how do you trigger an echo to the end of that line - NbM(VIP) seven years ago

Re: Zmud - how do you trigger an echo to the end of that line - asthiss seven years ago

How would you do multiple words? - TripHitNdip seven years ago

This is what I use sometimes. - trewyn seven years ago

Dude, thank you so much, I need a bit of tweaking though. - TripHitNdip seven years ago

Yeah. - trewyn seven years ago

Actually just saw you said <> needs to be set to eval. Once I figure this out I'm sure I'll be golden! (n/t) - TripHitNdip seven years ago

And I'm having no luck :P if you see this, I sure would appreciate a PM or elaboration... I'll buy you a PBF :P (n/t) - TripHitNdip seven years ago

Bump! (n/t) - TripHitNdip seven years ago

I just now saw this, Thank You! (n/t) - NbM(VIP) seven years ago

CMUD Echoes - TJHuron seven years ago

Re: CMUD Echoes - jebikoje seven years ago

I'm still not getting it to work. - TJHuron seven years ago

Re: I'm still not getting it to work. - jebikoje seven years ago

I got it now. - TJHuron seven years ago

Zmud: Removing Highlights - Rogue seven years ago

I use this. It's not what you want, but it works if you start using it. - trewyn seven years ago

You're right. - Rogue seven years ago

Cmud aliases deactivating - daurwyn(VIP) seven years ago

Yes - The Baron seven years ago

Thanks - daurwyn(VIP) seven years ago

MUSHclient Tips and Tricks - joecloud seven years ago

Re: MUSHclient Tips and Tricks - sketch219 seven years ago

Unlimited targeting system - joecloud seven years ago

My MUSHclient triggers and aliases are these - DurNominator(VIP) seven years ago

Posting my autoexplore here since I can't get a plugin to work - reject-o seven years ago

Speedwalk/run in any direction until you cannot - joecloud seven years ago

Improved Exits Line - joecloud seven years ago

*No way! You are still fighting! - joecloud seven years ago

Timer safeguard (recommended addition) - joecloud seven years ago

Recommended becomes somewhat required - joecloud seven years ago

Prefix any command by where - joecloud seven years ago

Add target to any command (single targetting system) - joecloud seven years ago

Important fix - joecloud seven years ago

Digit Aliases for Quick Shortcuts - joecloud seven years ago

Small bug fix - joecloud seven years ago

Heh I've actually been working on some stuff for MUSHClient - reject-o seven years ago

I'd like to see some of this... - joecloud seven years ago

Here ya go.. - reject-o seven years ago

Use Directions as Aliases - joecloud seven years ago

Better Command Stacking (Support Aliases) - joecloud seven years ago

OK, the forums stripped the space out of "space star." Don't miss the space. (n/t) - joecloud seven years ago

Look and Consider - joecloud seven years ago

I use something similar to this - careful if you're playing a transmuter! - Coumidin seven years ago

Yeah. I popped out deep in Aran-Gird's dungeon - daurwyn(VIP) seven years ago

Slap Self Solution - joecloud seven years ago

Just use Send instead of Execute to avoid other aliases firing, it takes less script execution time too (n/t) - Mort seven years ago

Good point -- I'm just in the habit of using Execute because I usually want other aliases to fire. In this case you don't. (n/t) - joecloud seven years ago

Quick Look/Scan/Unlock/Open - joecloud seven years ago

Combo Unlock and Open - joecloud seven years ago

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