This is what I use sometimes.

February 04, 2012 05:13PM
It used to be more sophisticated, making the text yellow and stuff. But this still does it. For this to work <> needs to be set to eval. But here's the doodad.

#alias prepsub {#PROMPT PrepName {Enter the TEXT for the Prep};#PROMPT PrepEffects {Enter the EFFECTS of the prep};#trigger {<@PrepName>} {#sub " <@prepname> ~[<@PrepEffects>~]"} {PrepSubs} "PrepSubs"}

Essentially what this does is it creates a set of prompts where you copy/paste/type in the text from lore/id. Then you type in the text you want subbed afterwards. It will create a trigger that substitutes the entire string of words in the variable @prepname with @prepname + @prepeffects.

So you copy the text from the ID and them type in prepsub and it brings up a dialogue box that you then paste the text from the id (the name part. Trust me, use the id/lore long name.) Then you hit enter/ok and it pops up another dialogue box. This is where you type in what you want to come afterwards. Then it does its magic.

So it would be like

@prepname = a potion of return
@prepeffects = Word of Recall

end result:

A potion of return [Word of Recall]
A potion of return [Word of Recall] is here.
A Stupid Bard brandishes a potion of return [Word of Recall] stupidly towards you.

You can use this for other things like

@prepname = bashes you
@prepeffects = Oh Shit!!!

Warrior bashes you [Oh Shit!!!] and sends you flying!
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Zmud - how do you trigger an echo to the end of that line

NbM(VIP) January 23, 2012 06:47PM

Re: Zmud - how do you trigger an echo to the end of that line

asthiss January 25, 2012 01:56AM

How would you do multiple words?

TripHitNdip February 02, 2012 01:25PM

This is what I use sometimes.

trewyn February 04, 2012 05:13PM

Dude, thank you so much, I need a bit of tweaking though.

TripHitNdip February 05, 2012 10:28AM


trewyn February 05, 2012 02:24PM

Actually just saw you said <> needs to be set to eval. Once I figure this out I'm sure I'll be golden! (n/t)

TripHitNdip February 05, 2012 10:44AM

And I'm having no luck :P if you see this, I sure would appreciate a PM or elaboration... I'll buy you a PBF :P (n/t)

TripHitNdip February 05, 2012 11:33AM

Bump! (n/t)

TripHitNdip February 03, 2012 10:08AM

I just now saw this, Thank You! (n/t)

NbM(VIP) February 02, 2012 01:17PM

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