My Recent Cmud Lessons...Tips and Questions

January 10, 2013 06:50AM
I went ahead and purchased Cmud (I was someone else who could never get Zmud running on my install of Win7 64bit). Here's a few tricks I started using after reading through the helpfiles. I'm not suggesting they're especially brilliant or even different from what Zmud has always had...they're just things I wasn't using before and I thought other new Cmud users might like the notes. I was already using aliases and the occasional trigger, but I found these cool.

Once I got a hang of the syntax, this is pretty cool because you can easily record in game and save it. As a side note, I guarantee you these are going to get me killed...I'm just lazy enough not to care.

Let's say you want to make yourself a remembered path from the northern road to the rim next to arial city...

To make it...
-walk to the room you want to start your path in (you'll need to remember this in the future)
-enter on the command line: #MARK
-walk in the mud as far as you want your path to be, wherever you want it to go. Every direction (n, s, e, u, etc.) will be remembered and nothing else will be remembered (so feel free to eat and spam 'where' all you want...won't affect this)
-once you've arrived type: #PATH northxtoarial <- where "northxtoarial" is whatever you want the path name to be

To use it...
-get to the same starting room
-type: .northxtoarial (what will execute is every direction you entered in the above making process, don't forget the period at the start)

-want to walk it in reverse? Get to the ending room (ie, where ever in arial city this path dumps you out) and type: ..northxtoarial (notice the double makes everything go in reverse. "nnnwssue" will become "wdnnesss"

-did you misstep when you were creating the path? #BACKUP erases the last room you entered when marking the path and backs your character up. If you typed n and there wasn't a northern room so you got a 'you can't go that way' then rest, type #BACKUP, and stand up and keep going.

This is how to create a delayed trigger. Mmmm...yummy spell botting goodness.

Consider this...
#ALARM *5:00 {st;where;#20 c 'teleport';sl}

What this does is every 5 minutes it sends that string of commands to the mud. If you want to get crazy with it, here's a link to more info:

And, on the gripe side of things...

Am I the only one that suddenly is having problems with super simple triggers? If I type #TRIGGER {You are hungry.} {eat bread;drink skin} into my command prompt it doesn't work. I've gone into the trigger wizard windows and compared it side by side to triggers that do difference. I've tried creating fresh ones...nothing.

I do LOVE that Russian CFers color package. Are we sharing updates anywhere for different classes, etc?
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My Recent Cmud Lessons...Tips and Questions

JimmyDean January 10, 2013 06:50AM

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