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Forum Rules:

1) All rules on this page apply to all of the pages on this site.

2) Violation of these rules will result in the deletion of your posts by the VIP staff. Repeated or intentional abuse of the Forums may lead to a ban from this site.

3) All posts should pertain to Carrion Fields, and should be posted on the relevant forum. Logs and their discussion go on the Log Board. Character discussions, farewell notes, backstories, and the like go on the character board. Other posts should be placed on the main CForum.

4) Do not post information about who is playing what character, or what characters are being played by the same player. THIS INCLUDES IMMORTALS

    4a) Do not post with the handle of an active character.

5) Malicious character assassination will not be tolerated. Use discretion when posting about other active characters.

6) If you suspect another player of a Carrion Fields rules violation (multi-charring, scouting, illegal name, etc.), report to an IMM in the game, and do not bring it here.

7) Personal attacks which become disruptive to the Forum will be deleted. These include, but are not limited to, repeated slander of individuals with no reference to their ideas or the game in general.

    7a) This includes, but is not limited to, posts made to boards and PMs sent to users.

8) Certain topics should not be discussed on the Forum, as they are considered game secrets. These include, but are not limited to: Quests, locations and properties of powerful items not found on Item Search (wands, haste potions, etc.), areas listed under "Areas Explore" (including all of Hell), shrine locations, the powers of any cabal not listed in the sidebar, tattoo effects, and stats on any item flagged "nolocate".

Thanks for your cooperation.

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