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RULES (1 Posts) - NbM(VIP) three years ago

Art Sticky (106 Posts) - DurNominator(VIP) seven years ago

Batman's book list (12 Posts) - ExPaladin(VIP) ten years ago

CF's Biggest Loser: Re-stickied (72 Posts) - DurNominator(VIP) twelve years ago

So...with this global pandemic CF numbers could spike? - Sam three weeks ago

Wait.. I thought the thing killed off old folks? - Jib two weeks ago

only the really old like bemused are at risk (n/t) - jhyrbian two weeks ago

if I start dying I'll make a character, promise (n/t) - jhyrbian three weeks ago

every breath is one closer to death n/t - jalim three weeks ago

For me it is the opposite - daurwyn three weeks ago

Sort of sounds like nobody is gonna be watching any sportsball, so maybe. n/t - jalim three weeks ago

Wait a minute - deathkitty two weeks ago

How drunk? (n/t) - Frosty two weeks ago

So finally started watching Captain Marvel... - Sam seven weeks ago

Imagine getting this triggered by a movie.. - kadsuane six weeks ago

I was stoned and it was like late and I had no one to mention this to. - Sam five weeks ago

soyboysam - The Forsaken(VIP) five weeks ago

Since I love clusterfucks, let's up the ante a bit further here. - GoldenApple seven weeks ago

Best Michael Jackson song by far. n/t - jalim seven weeks ago

Dude, Norma Jean was a redhead. (n/t) - Frosty seven weeks ago

Finelly :) - mharldarn three months ago

I bet you used chess engine to cheat your ass off - zoskia three weeks ago

That is the weirdest shade of brown, is that normal? - jalim three months ago

Holy. Shit. - GoldenApple seven months ago

Even if its true.. what's the holy shit? - kadsuane seven months ago

He has a muslim fetish - MiyagiYojimbo seven months ago

In psychology, we call this "projection". - GoldenApple seven months ago

She's just intensely dislikeable. - Death_Claw seven months ago

Only to the far-right - GoldenApple six months ago

"very likely the future of the American left" - PaulO six months ago

She polled 9% approval among swing state Democrats. - Death_Claw six months ago

Hey buddy get out of here with that we choose our own truths and feelings over facts round these parts. n/t - jalim six months ago

I love when you talk about facts in this particular spectrum.. - kadsuane six months ago

Not sure what you mean. - jalim six months ago

Mostly that you almost always ignore actual facts and your go to medium for information seems to be memes. - kadsuane six months ago

Excuse me sir, do you have a moment to talk about Pinochet? - MiyagiYojimbo six months ago

As a dirty half-breed mutt - MiyagiYojimbo six months ago

The far left is not the future of anything really - zannon six months ago

It never ceases to amaze me... - Death_Claw six months ago

"People who call everyone else [racist, et al.] see no issue making sweeping ignorant generalizations." - The Faithful of Nazmorghul five months ago

Expanded... - Death_Claw six months ago

I am pretty sure reality has repeatedly shown trickle down economics are a fairytale - Quas six months ago

Somewhat disagree... - Sam seven weeks ago

Ok. - Death_Claw six months ago

Enlighten me. How does it work? - Quas six months ago

Re: Enlighten me. How does it work? - Death_Claw five months ago

Le sigh - Quas four months ago

So help me out here.. - jalim four months ago

Re: So help me out here.. - Quas four months ago

The companies in question.. - jalim four months ago

Re: Le sigh - Death_Claw four months ago

Re: Le sigh - Quas four months ago

Re: Le sigh - Death_Claw four months ago

i think you've had a lot of kool-aid - The Forsaken(VIP) four months ago

RE: Capitalism disproportionately rewards the one with the capital vs. the laborer - jalim four months ago

No I don't - The Forsaken(VIP) four months ago

It comes down to negotiating power - daurwyn four months ago

professional sports - Quas four months ago

You're being simplistic with this argument....and wrong in a lot of ways. - Sam seven weeks ago

They DO have a great deal of leverage. It's just that very few of them know how to use it. (n/t) - Frosty four months ago

Regarding the concentration of wealth in general... - Death_Claw four months ago

Keep repeating the lie often enough... someone eventually will believe it - kadsuane six months ago

2019 calling the 1980s...still waiting for that trickle down (n/t) - HairyOrangutan six months ago

I'll respond just for fun. - zannon six months ago

I agree with nearly everything you've said except for that slander against Cocaine Mitch - Sam seven weeks ago

Re: I'll respond just for fun. - Death_Claw six months ago

This is hilarious. - Frosty six months ago

It's over, we're done. - MiyagiYojimbo six months ago

Well at least we know. Not knowing is the worst! (n/t) - Frosty six months ago

Did CF see an uptick from this stream? - Gabe(VIP) eight months ago

my favorite (link) - The Forsaken(VIP) eight months ago

CHALLEN COME BACK, CF NEEDS YOU nt - The Forsaken(VIP) eight months ago

nice (n/t) - starbright eight months ago

Wishful thinking. (n/t) - zoskia eight months ago

So...I'm writing a mud. - (vಠ_ಠ)> AngryFatKid eight months ago

+1 for asyncio - starbright eight months ago

Liverpool getting their sixth Champions League (European Cup) title on June 1st! Fuck yeah! - Dalbrin ten months ago

I'm drunk! Yeaaaaaaàaaah (n/t) - Dalbrin ten months ago

This is why most people fecking hate Liverpool fans. Comments like this. - abernyte ten months ago

Number six!!! - Dalbrin ten months ago

I can't believe what I'm seeing. - MiyagiYojimbo ten months ago

Re: Liverpool getting their sixth Champions League (European Cup) title on June 1st! Fuck yeah! - Kstatida ten months ago

I'm not a kid, I'm a man! - Flipside Oreo ten months ago

Are you suggesting that Arnold Schwarzenegger is not a man? - Dalbrin ten months ago

Anyone fancy playing RAID Shadow Legends - abernyte ten months ago

I was going down the rabbit hole on YouTube last night and came across a video that had a pretty great segue to an ad for this game (n/t) - TJHuron ten months ago


Re: FINISH, THE FUCKING, STORY MAN. WHAT WAS THE VIDEO?! - MiyagiYojimbo six months ago


W-what? It was... randomly! (n/t) - MiyagiYojimbo six months ago

Sorry about Liverpool, Sam - HairyOrangutan ten months ago

Well, this aged well. - Sam ten months ago

COYS!! - abernyte ten months ago

Graduated today :D - legobelt ten months ago

Congrats dude. - PaulO eight months ago

Dude, what? You're still 12 years old dammit. - (vಠ_ಠ)> AngryFatKid nine months ago

I may cry I'm so proud. - Sam ten months ago

Congrats man. Good luck with your upcoming college experience. n/t - jalim ten months ago

Re: Congrats man. Good luck with your upcoming college experience. n/t - legobelt ten months ago

Javascripting for autofill form function - uerlante eleven months ago

Still need help with this? - (vಠ_ಠ)> AngryFatKid nine months ago

Seems like you need a PROfessional. (n/t) - Blackstar eleven months ago

You are correct - uerlante eleven months ago

What does the QH in qhcf stand for?~ (n/t) - ekirhal eleven months ago

Im not 100% sure, but I belive its Quasar Hosting? Or something like that. (n/t) - Cerunnir eleven months ago

you got it (n/t) - jhyrbian eleven months ago

No one knows. - K-B eleven months ago

Re: No one knows. - jhyrbian eleven months ago

Quality Handjobs (n/t) - wrathpuppet eleven months ago

If anybody knows this it'll be you guys... - ekirhal last year

I thought that was from “The State” - HairyOrangutan last year

K I did a search for you and this is what came up. - Frosty last year

Thanks, Sweetie.~ (n/t) - ekirhal eleven months ago

Sorry, the purpose of the post was to see if anyone knows where I can find that skit?~ (n/t) - ekirhal last year

EVIL! EVIL! IMPOLITE AND EVIL! - Frosty last year

took me 5 mins to find it, even with you providing the wrong show name - jhyrbian last year

Re: If anybody knows this it'll be you guys... - Frosty last year

Vaguely. Love those guys. (n/t) - wrathpuppet last year

WTF drugs are these two on - Tolnum last year

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