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November 05, 2019 05:22AM
Let's unpack this.


It is firmly settled that trickle down economics as a general principle does not rise all boats. That’s according to all the actual experts.

^--- Appeal to authority. Completely ignores what I posted.

**this should be the end of the conversation. I ignore what you posted because it is gibberish. Which I suppose I will need to point out.**

How do you wager that elimination of > 50% of the world's poverty "isn't all boats rising"? How can you argue that home size of Americans increasing by > 30% "isn't all boats rising"? How can you argue that prices lowering in just about every consumer product "isn't all boats rising"? You have more, it costs you less and countries abroad are raised out of poverty and in your mind this is all "the concentration of wealth"?

**how are you arguing that those things were caused by trickle down? You have picked a big expanse of time that covers many different policy paradigms, you then globalize the argument bringing in even more complexity. **

As a specific remedy to specific economic conditions tax cuts can increase revenue but those conditions just aren’t there presently.

^--- No mention of the conditions, no mention of where you're referring to, no mention of what the conditions are, no mention of whom is proposing further tax cuts which would be ineffective (I'm not suggesting we cut taxes further for instance)

** you can read up on this from the experts you seem to casually dismiss **

If you cut taxes you essentially give businesses/people an extra pool of money. What they choose to do with that extra pool is what would rise all tides.

IF they commonly chose to invest in expanding operations that would be good. But as we saw with the recent tax cut most chose to put the extra money into investor pockets. This was done through stock but backs frequently and you can find a lot of material both predicting that would happen and verifying it after the fact.

^---- What do the investors then do with this money? If I'm a business who has money which I see no opportunities to spend in a smart way and then I buy back my stock to use up that money and regain ownership over my company - isn't that money flowing from me - who can't use it - to investors - who presumably are free to invest it elsewhere?

** the challenge is what is defined as “a smart way”. What’s good for capital is not necessarily good for society. **

At the end of the day “trickle down” economics is not meant to rise the tide. It’s meant to consolidate wealth and the accompanying power.

^---- Appeal to emotion and not only that but your own example - a company buying back its own stock - is an example of the money diffusing away from a central location (the company) into more hands.

**power consolidation is the goal and outcome of the application of trickle down. It’s literally moving resources from a decision making body that is intrinsically tied to society by the government process to private groups and individuals. And it’s a relatively small group.
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Holy. Shit.

GoldenApple August 27, 2019 11:02AM

Even if its true.. what's the holy shit?

kadsuane September 04, 2019 03:24AM

He has a muslim fetish

MiyagiYojimbo September 04, 2019 09:29AM

In psychology, we call this "projection".

GoldenApple September 05, 2019 12:25AM

She's just intensely dislikeable.

Death_Claw September 05, 2019 05:17AM

Only to the far-right

GoldenApple September 05, 2019 06:33AM

"very likely the future of the American left"

PaulO September 10, 2019 05:42AM

She polled 9% approval among swing state Democrats.

Death_Claw September 06, 2019 02:35AM

Hey buddy get out of here with that we choose our own truths and feelings over facts round these parts. n/t

jalim September 06, 2019 03:26AM

I love when you talk about facts in this particular spectrum..

kadsuane September 09, 2019 05:00AM

Not sure what you mean.

jalim September 09, 2019 05:25AM

Mostly that you almost always ignore actual facts and your go to medium for information seems to be memes.

kadsuane September 09, 2019 08:52AM

Excuse me sir, do you have a moment to talk about Pinochet?

MiyagiYojimbo September 09, 2019 08:27AM

As a dirty half-breed mutt

MiyagiYojimbo September 05, 2019 08:42AM

The far left is not the future of anything really

zannon September 05, 2019 08:27AM

It never ceases to amaze me...

Death_Claw September 06, 2019 07:04AM

"People who call everyone else [racist, et al.] see no issue making sweeping ignorant generalizations."

The Faithful of Nazmorghul October 26, 2019 02:13PM


Death_Claw September 06, 2019 07:17AM

I am pretty sure reality has repeatedly shown trickle down economics are a fairytale

Quas September 06, 2019 05:02PM

Somewhat disagree...

Sam February 09, 2020 06:42PM


Death_Claw September 06, 2019 07:50PM

Enlighten me. How does it work?

Quas September 07, 2019 02:19AM

Re: Enlighten me. How does it work?

Death_Claw November 04, 2019 12:06PM

Le sigh

Quas November 05, 2019 02:45AM

So help me out here..

jalim November 05, 2019 05:29AM

Re: So help me out here..

Quas November 06, 2019 02:40AM

The companies in question..

jalim November 06, 2019 04:34AM

Re: Le sigh

Death_Claw November 05, 2019 03:52AM

Re: Le sigh

Quas November 05, 2019 05:22AM

Re: Le sigh

Death_Claw November 05, 2019 07:02AM

i think you've had a lot of kool-aid

The Forsaken(VIP) November 21, 2019 04:33PM

RE: Capitalism disproportionately rewards the one with the capital vs. the laborer

jalim November 22, 2019 06:48AM

No I don't

The Forsaken(VIP) November 22, 2019 07:12AM

It comes down to negotiating power

daurwyn November 22, 2019 09:38AM

professional sports

Quas November 22, 2019 12:24PM

You're being simplistic with this argument....and wrong in a lot of ways.

Sam February 09, 2020 06:52PM

Re: You're being simplistic with this argument....and wrong in a lot of ways.

Quas April 25, 2020 05:20AM

They DO have a great deal of leverage. It's just that very few of them know how to use it. (n/t)

Frosty November 22, 2019 03:06PM

Regarding the concentration of wealth in general...

Death_Claw November 05, 2019 04:11AM

Keep repeating the lie often enough... someone eventually will believe it

kadsuane September 10, 2019 09:20AM

2019 calling the 1980s...still waiting for that trickle down (n/t)

HairyOrangutan September 06, 2019 07:36PM

I'll respond just for fun.

zannon September 06, 2019 10:01AM

I agree with nearly everything you've said except for that slander against Cocaine Mitch

Sam February 09, 2020 06:54PM

Re: I'll respond just for fun.

Death_Claw September 06, 2019 08:26PM

This is hilarious.

Frosty September 05, 2019 08:13AM

It's over, we're done.

MiyagiYojimbo September 05, 2019 08:20AM

Well at least we know. Not knowing is the worst! (n/t)

Frosty September 05, 2019 08:56AM

Sorry, you do not have permission to post/reply in this forum.