You mean ekirhal is Isildur's troll/catfish account. (n/t)

March 08, 2017 05:35PM
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I figured if anybody knew this it would be you guys

ekirhal March 08, 2017 01:04PM

You came to the right place, apparently.

Jib March 08, 2017 01:35PM

I miss Batman

Kstatida March 09, 2017 03:01AM

I can deliver something to him for you. What do you want him to have? n/t

Stevers March 21, 2017 07:15PM


Matrik March 08, 2017 02:02PM

We finally learn the truth. Isildur is ekirhal's troll/catfish account. It all makes sense. NT

Sam March 08, 2017 04:48PM

You mean ekirhal is Isildur's troll/catfish account. (n/t)

Murphy March 08, 2017 05:35PM

isildur's a dude? (n/t)

jhyrbian March 08, 2017 05:42PM

He is, and I have a picture of him. Strangely, I have a picture of a lot of people on Dios. Was there once a thread where someone asked everyone to post pictures of themselves? Also, why do I have Sam's facebook account? n/t

Stevers March 21, 2017 07:16PM

#triggered NT

Sam March 10, 2017 05:22PM

can be if you want me to be. nt

Isildur(VIP) March 08, 2017 06:42PM

Only Sauron's Cheat Ring knows for sure. (n/t)

Murphy March 08, 2017 06:02PM

Get out. NOW!

Frosty March 08, 2017 04:18PM

Okay, that's it, I'm writing a script to filter out all of your posts which contain youtube links. You have failed to make me laugh with every single post+link combination. n/t

Stevers March 21, 2017 07:12PM

Yeah, he's utterly terrible at it. (n/t)

Murphy March 21, 2017 07:32PM

My bad. I wasn't aware you're only allowed to post youtube links as long as it makes stevers laugh.

Frosty March 21, 2017 07:47PM

Rule 1 of Stevers' Dios Rules is that you should make Me-vers laugh with every single post. If you do not, I will keep prodding you until I get a laugh. n/t

Stevers March 22, 2017 06:53AM

Hey Stevers, this one's gonna make you laugh

Murphy March 21, 2017 09:12PM

Murphy, that made me go "hah" n/t

Stevers March 22, 2017 06:55AM

If I have to click murphy's links to "learn", well...

Frosty March 22, 2017 06:58AM

Re: Get out. NOW!

Murphy March 08, 2017 06:08PM

Nope. Not gunna do it. (n/t)

Frosty March 08, 2017 07:59PM

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